About Us


There are over 1,300 reprint nautical publications here. Chart your course thru our site.

We are a small reprint publishing house established in 1998. We offer thousands of books and publications.

Our products are one of three types; bound books, bookleted boat plans or data sheets. Unlike many vendors, we have carefully researched our nautical products and so we can provide a description, often with pictures, of each craft or subject.

Nautical Books

Most books are 12mo (duodecimo)43/4 x 7" except for some music books, which are quarto, (approximately 81/2" x 11", bound on the short side for playing), and some classic nautical texts, in which the plates would suffer from being reduced. These latter are reproduced in elephant folio size (approx. 11" x 17") as were many of the originals. All of our editions, both duodecimo and elephant folio are bound with Bristol(stiff) self-covers with maroon book-cloth spines in the "half-calf" manner. The duodecimo titles are enclosed in a laminated dust jacket. Maps and plates which are oversized are pocketed.

Plan Booklets
Our Booklets offer substantive narratives excerpted from larger well-known works or stand-alone articles from the periodical literature. Booklets measure 5.5"x 8.5" and contain between 4 and 48 pages and most have a number of plates in addition to the text. The plates are printed and contained in their own pocket in the Title Folio so that they can be easily accessed in building. Each Booklet comes enclosed in its own red-sealed Title Folio which maintains our library cover design. 

Data and Plan Sheets

Our Data and Plan Sheet series is made up of informative reference articles from the literature. For a modest price, Data Sheets contain information selected from our classic books or the periodical literature reprinted to provide specific information on a particular subject. Plan Sheets are for boat building projects and contain building plans. These items measure  8.5" X 11" and contain between 1 and 4 pages. Most of the Data Sheets and Plan sheets are illustrated.