Author Index 'D'



Le Chat du Neptune ...A volume of nautical fiction., 40 pp, --Pub# 0756 

DALE-LUCKE, Orton-Charles


Barnegat Bay Sneakbox--Its Racing History, The ...All the information that's fit to print about this famous little boat., 36pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5576 

DAMPIER, William


New Voyage Around the World, A ...The first circumnavigator, though mostly by accident and maybe a little piracy thrown in., 564 pp, --Pub# 0058 


Voyage to New Holland, A ...A great cruising story, 106 pp, --Pub# 0735 


Continuation of a Voyage to New Holland, A ...A great cruising story, 107 pp, --Pub# 0752 

DANA, Richard Henry


Two Years Before The Mast ...One of the 100 Best Books on the American Sailor (Elbridge S. Brooks)., 474 pp, --Pub# 0005 


Seaman's Friend, The ...A Treatise on Practical Seamanship; A Dictionary of Sea Terms; Customs and Usages of the Merchant Service; and Laws., 275 pp, --Pub# 0055 


To Cuba and Back ...Dana's last book and a good introduction to the history and culture of Cuba, 202 pp, --Pub# 0269 



Castabout--A Camping Skiff ...For the begnnng boat builder here's an easy-to-build utility boat which can be equipped with a plastic shelter, 12pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5265 


Thrifty Cat ...She provides lively action, which means sailing fun of a high order., 10pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5456 


Canoe Built from Siding ...Two cedar clapboards and a panel of plywood are the major materials for this floating beauty., 12pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5457 


Build the Sea- and Skifish ...It is possible to have two different little craft--an iceboat and a sailboat--that use the same rig and sail., 10pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5464 



Motor Canoe, A ...This 16-ft. motor canoe can do everything an ordinary canoe can do and a lot more., 6pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5465 



Model Sailing Craft ...Called by Rudder Magazine--The Dixon Kemp of Model Building--this fine comprehensive work deserves the subriquet., 236pp, 13pl, --Pub# 0352 

DARING, Thomas


Miniature Racing Yachts and How to Build Them ...Extremely comprehensive and complete. Many full-page plates and two pocketed plates, 115pp, 2pl, --Pub# 0353 

DAVIES, G. Christopher


Practical Boat Sailing for Amateurs ...The great Christopher Davies discusses particulars of the most suitable sailing boats and yachts for amateurs,, 198pp, 6pl, --Pub# 0214 

DAVIS, William M.


Nimrod of the Sea--or the American Whaleman ...A Maritime History volume, 319 pp, --Pub# 0669 



Conga a Peppy V-Bottom 12 ft Knockabout ...An ideal boat for the novice, this little 12-foot sloop presents no complications in construction., 7pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5600 

DAY, Cyrus Lawrence


Sailor's Knots ...The great knots of seamanship clearly illustrated by photographs., 149 pp, --Pub# 0178 

DAY, Holman


Skipper and the Skipped, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., 266 pp, --Pub# 0749 

DAY, Thomas Fleming


On Yachts and Yacht Handling ...Another good work from the skipper of "Seabird" and editor of "The Rudder.", 192 pp, --Pub# 0165 


Hints to Young Yacht Skippers ...Advice for beginning cruisers by an old master, 130 pp, --Pub# 0294 

DEED, William J.


Holiday--A 20' Runabout/Cruiser Combination ...Twenty ft. runabout and cruiser combination is made of plywood., 8pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5671 


Crab--A 22-Ft. Shallow Draft Hydro-Jet Cruiser ...It is easy to see why she's named Crab, since, like a crab, she can operate in any direction in shallow water., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5378 


Holiday--A Twenty-Foot Runabout or Cruiser ...Here is a small craft offering two boats in one design--an open runabout and a cruiser for weekends., 4pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5853 



Rigging Techniques--Procedures and Applications ...If you want to learn something well, join the Army. Here's a concise handbook for a variety of rigging techniques., 164 pp, --Pub# 0088 



Wood-Manual for its use as a shipbuilding material ...A veritable encyclopedia of the characteristics of wood in ship and boat building., 405 pp, --Pub# 0296 

DESMOND, Charles


Naval Architecture Simplified ...A text-book of small power boat design, 186 pp, --Pub# 0267 

DIBDIN, Charles


Sea Songs ...Dibdin's great collection; unequaled for completeness of early sailor songs., 463 pp, --Pub# 0048 

DICKENS, Charles


Message from the Sea, A ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, 32 pp, --Pub# 0757 

DICKEY, William


Lark, The ...A particularly shapely plywood utility runabout , 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5812 



Marine ...Diderot's Maritime Volume from the great Encyclopedia of he an d'Alembert. (Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century), 100 pp, --Pub# 0052 



Doane's 40-Mile Hydrobout ...Here are the lines, offsets and specifications for the famous Doane Hydrobout., 12pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5120 



Bonni II ...This sturdy, 18-foot auxiliary sloop features seaworthiness and comfort., 20pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5163 



Crawfish a 21 ft Streamlined Ice Boat ...A really pretty, comfortable and very fast ice boat., 8pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5606 



Year in a Yawl, A ...A true tale of the adventures of four boys in a thirty-foot yawl., 369 pp, --Pub# 0031 


Gunner Aboard the Yankee, A ...A nautical story for boys, 166 pp, --Pub# 0743 

DOWD, Merle E.


Let's Go Barreling ...Nobody goes along just for the ride in a barrel-boat--everybody walks and has a barrel of fun., 4pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5819 

DOWLING, Sherwood


Cruise of the Gray Whale, The ...Young boy's and their own submarine; what could be more exciting., 158 pp, --Pub# 0063 


Gray Whale Flagship, The ...Now there are two submarines; double the excitement and double the fun!, 141 pp, --Pub# 0064 


Gray Whale-Derelict, The ...The last of the "Gray Whale" series and the noble end to both boats., 102 pp, --Pub# 0303 


Grey Whale Warship--The ...The second volume in the submarine chums collection, 115 pp, --Pub# 0343 

DOWNIE, R. Angus


Heart of Scotland by Waterway--The ...A canoe adventure by river and loch, 164 pp, --Pub# 0337 



Sailor Talk ...All the colloquilisms that inhabit our daily language and their derivation from sailor talk., 64pp, --Pub# 5542 



Yacht Voyage-- Letters from High Latitudes, A ...An account of a Voyage in the Schooner Yacht Foam to Iceland, Jan Mayen and Spitzbergen in 1856., 406 pp, --Pub# 0194 



How to Fiberglass a Deck ...The best way to reduce maintenance on a deck is to cover it with a layer of fiberglass--Here's how!, 3pp, --Pub# 7879 

DUMAS, Alexandre


Le Capitaine Paul ...A volume of nautical fiction., 152 pp, --Pub# 0730 



Standard boats of the U.S. Navy, 1900-1915 ...A large collection of boats. Lines given for many, offsets tables for some. A big plate of a 40ft steam cutter is included., 45pp, 1pl, --Pub# 4914 

DYSON, Edward


In the Roaring Fifties ...A volume of nautical fiction., 205 pp, --Pub# 0719