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FANTA, J. Julius


Panda a 15 ft ILYA Cub ...By virtue of its stability, the Cub sail boat is especially adapted for "cub" sailors, youngsters under 16., 12pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5596 Add to Basket

Frosty a 9 ft Sailing Dinghy ...A fast sailing dinghy suitable for pleasure as well as utility purposes., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5601 Add to Basket

Seaward--A 30 ft. Power Cruiser ...She's a fast, seaworthy craft, with commodious quarters fulfilling family requirements., 14pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5611 Add to Basket

Quad--A 4-Runner Ice Boat ...Four runner's are generally considered to be more stable for the beginner., 10pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5621 Add to Basket

Honker--An Outboard Motor Hunting Skiff ...Here is a highly serviceable hunting and fishing skiff ., 11pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5214 Add to Basket

Sea Rover--A 24-Ft. Auxiliary Cruiser ...The advantage of this size and type of craft is chiefly roominess and rugged seaworthiness., 12pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5216 Add to Basket

Its Easy to Make Your Own Sails ...Sailmaking isn't a difficult craft. For the cost of materials alone you can fit your boat with a suit of well-cut sails., 2pp, --Pub# 7836 Add to Basket

How to Build Frisky--A 17-Ft. Racing Sloop ...A jib-headed racer that meets the popular demand for a racing craft combined with a knockabout., 13pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5314 Add to Basket

Build Mercury--A Hudson River Iceboat ...A handsome, streamlined and very fast ice boat., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5488 Add to Basket

Build Ice-Sprite--A Four-Runner Ice Boat ...The most up-to-date innovation in this thrilling sport., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5489 Add to Basket

Tiny Bear--A Junior Moth built of Plywood ...A scow-type sailboat that is about the easiest craft to build., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5495 Add to Basket

Building Patty--8.5 foot Convertible Sailing Skiff ...A beautiful little skiff for rowing or sailing., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5497 Add to Basket

Silver Bird--A Speedy Icemobile ...An air boat for ice!, 4pp, --Pub# 7913 Add to Basket


Cappy--A 20' Cabin Sloop ...A very gr aceful and adaptable day sailer with a small cabin., 10pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5490 Add to Basket

FARMER, Weston

Baby Killdeer--A 12 ft Plywood Runabout ...Convenient in size for easy trailing is "Baby Killdeer", just under 12' long and with about 57" of beam., 8pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5677 Add to Basket

Build a Dock Yacht ...More properly, a dock yacht is a pontooned platform which forms an extension to a pier-and-plank dock when not in use., 11pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5681 Add to Basket

Dolly Varden ...A Strip-Planked boat that can be built in two lengths., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5081 Add to Basket

Cockeybird ...Cockybird's hull is simple to build, orthodox in construction below the sheer., 20pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5116 Add to Basket

How to Build Mayfay ...Mayfay is designed to carry a large outboard, utilize its power efficiently, and to carry at least two people., 9pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5117 Add to Basket

Katusha--A Classic Inboard Cruiser/Runabout ...Another design by Weston Farmer who has turned out a most interesting little tabloid cabin cruiser. A real sweetheart!, 12pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5118 Add to Basket

Sez You! ...And does she go! Say, mister-like a hot penny on a greasy pan says me!, 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5119 Add to Basket

Whizzer--A Hydroglider ...Here's the air-drive speeder which our shoal draft boat bugs have been looking for., 4pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5122 Add to Basket

Fold-Tite--A Portable Duck Boat ...Because of its simplicity, it is less difficult to build than most boats., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5205 Add to Basket

Hoocares--A Tabloid Houseboat ...Plans for a miniature floating home which is driven by an outboard motor and which can cruise safely where the water is thin., 16pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5414 Add to Basket

Sure Mke--A New Idea in Cruisers ...Design and specifications for a rough-water hydroplane for big outboards which carries a shelter cabin., 20pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5391 Add to Basket

Pop Gun--An Air-Cooled Inboard Motor Boat ...A sweet little motorboat with air-cooled inboard power. A fine fishing boat, especially for trolling., 10pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5367 Add to Basket

How to Build Whisky--A Car Top Boat ...She's light, and fast, and free running and will be especially good with nominal horespowers., 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5368 Add to Basket

Scram Pram ...Designed as a utility speeder, this simple craft will prove thrilling to handle when powered by motors of not over 10 hp., 11pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5370 Add to Basket

Sundance--An Outboard Cruiser ...The basic function of any cruiser is to go places, and this technically excellent little cruisemite will do just that., 12pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5371 Add to Basket

Poor Richard--A 21-Ft. Skipjack-Type Power Cruiser ...A skipjack with yachty lines. On one basic hull you can select an arrangement of your choice., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5372 Add to Basket

Shorebird ...Here's a flat-bottom grain-belt yacht--for those lazy fishing days out for sunfish or yellow perch., 4pp, --Pub# 7005 Add to Basket

Whistler ...Light enough to go on a trailer with ease, her simple-to-build strip construction makes Whistler fast and inexpensive., 7pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5724 Add to Basket

Sure Mike II ...Down the skidways iwht a splash of champagne and salt spray comes Sure mike II--a family boat built for the largest outboards, 11pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5725 Add to Basket

Badger ...No small vessel can top the Gloucester dory as a boat able to take punishment and ask for more!, 9pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5729 Add to Basket

Robinson Crusoe ...Here's a boat for the skipper who wants a bottom that can take it. She's a 26-foot, 16-mph, storm-taming sea skiff., 6pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5731 Add to Basket

Tintillee ...Hot off the drawing board is this saucy little steel 18-footer, designed for the man who would rather work metal than wood., 6pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5732 Add to Basket

Wanigan, The ...A Garvey design. These shoal-draft work horses combine super-simplicity with rugged carrying ability., 9pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5740 Add to Basket

Trumpet ...A revolutionary new handling of an old principle makes this design the one for the skipper looking for performance., 15pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5743 Add to Basket

Boatbuilding Principles ...Anything that you understand thoroughly is always fairly simple. This is true of boatbuilding., 13pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5834 Add to Basket

Piute ...Complete plans for a sensible deep sea runabout., 11pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5835 Add to Basket

Rob Roy--A Combination Canoe-Kayak ...She's a combination boat. You'll use her as a one- or two-man canoe, a one-man rowboat, or as a large kayak., 13pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5836 Add to Basket

Sun Dog ...She's handy and fast, safe in big water, economical to own., 11pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5837 Add to Basket

Scamper ...How to build a strip-planked boat., 10pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5839 Add to Basket

Yo Ho!--A Plywood Cartopper ...Designed with easy bends in her planking, this boat is light enough to be tossed atop your car., 4pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5841 Add to Basket

How to Understand a Boat Plan ...A man builds his own boat for two reasons; to save money and have fun dong it. Here's some help!, 9pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5842 Add to Basket

How Prams are Built--With Plans for an 8 ft. Pram ...You see prams everywhere. They are numerous as lily pads. Here is the dope on them with plans for a good one., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5843 Add to Basket

Binky--An All-Around Tender ...Added pleasure in gunning or fishing on your next cruise can be yours with this specially designed little craft., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5845 Add to Basket

Simplex--A Military Type Outboard Cruiser ...She is built of plywood, and will build for very little money in materials., 9pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5846 Add to Basket

Model Your Own Dream Boat ...Dreaming of that boat that you hope to build? This shows you how to make certain that you'll get the boat you want. , 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5847 Add to Basket

Quicksilver ...Although she is easy to build, she will do a lot of things most prams won't do, 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5878 Add to Basket

Kingfisher ...Build her in your garage over one winter. You can trail her anywhere and use her on almost any water., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5879 Add to Basket

Little Rogue ...A tabloid auxiliary, just over 19 feet on her water line, this little sloop will really sail., 10pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5882 Add to Basket

Chippewar--A Plywood Canoe ...Here is the first design ever published for a plywood canoe that has all of the real canoe size and shape., 8pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5883 Add to Basket

Andalusia ...Andalusia is small as yachts go. You'll find her great for northern waters, 12pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5885 Add to Basket

Sea Biscuit ...Want a real speed box? You will get it here., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5886 Add to Basket

Tips on Transporting Your Boat ...Here's some good advice from a renowned naval architect on the best way to transport your boat; car-top or trailer., 8pp, --Pub# 5888 Add to Basket

FARR, John

Elements of Navigation for the Beginner ...Most of the problems can be worked with simple addition and subtraction., 4pp, --Pub# 7839 Add to Basket

FARSON, Negley

Sailing Across Europe ...A sail across Europe via canals and rivers in a small yawl in 1925 with intimations of the coming fascist disaster., 399 pp, --Pub# 0239 Add to Basket

FENGER, Frederic A.

Alone in the Caribbean ...Being the Yarn of a Cruise in the Lesser Antilles in the Sailing Canoe "Yakaboo.", 330 pp, --Pub# 0166 Add to Basket

FINK, Henry

Tales and Traditions of the Eskimos ...Eskimo habits, religion, language and other particulars., 472pp, 2pl, --Pub# 0546


Boatswain's Art, or Complete Boatswain, The ...Rigging ships in 1670 -" the masting, yarding and rigging of any ship whose length, breadth and depth is known.", 105 pp, --Pub# 0284 Add to Basket

FISKE, Bredley A.

Navy as a Fighting Machine-The ...During his long career, Fiske wrote extensively on technical and professional issues. Here is one of his best., 274pp, 8pl, --Pub# 0667

FOLKARD, ESQ, Henry Coleman

Sailing Boat--The ...A major work! An essential encyclopedia of sailing boats emphasizing smaller craft. An great companion to Kemp., 547 pp, --Pub# 0322


Gadgets and Gilhickies ...A great collection of gadgets and ideas for both sail and motor boats., 102pp, --Pub# 4910 Add to Basket

FORBES, George

Adventures in Southern Seas ...A Tale of the Sixteenth Century, 287 pp, --Pub# 0032 Add to Basket


Voyage of the Annie Marble- The ...Yes, C.S. Forester did do some small boat cruising himself and here is the first of his stories of his outboard camping boat, 233 pp, --Pub# 0305 Add to Basket

Annie Marble in Germany, The ...Forester's second voyage in his cutboard camping boat, "Annie Marble.", 255 pp, --Pub# 0306 Add to Basket


How to Build Moppet--A 19-Ft. V-Bottom Cruiser ...A handsome little cruiser with accomodations that are very complete for the size., 12pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5404 Add to Basket


In Tidal Waters ...Another collection of cruising yarns by one of our favorite cruisers., 241 pp, --Pub# 0311 Add to Basket

FRANK T., Bullen

Cruise of the Cachalot, The ...Round the world after Sperm Whales. This is the classic whaling story and a good companion to the fiction of Moby Dick., 362 pp, --Pub# 0001 Add to Basket

FRAZAR, Douglas

Practical Boat Sailing ...A concise and simple treatise on the management of small boats and yachts under all conditions., 142 pp, --Pub# 0075 Add to Basket

FROUDE, James Anthony

English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century ...Froude's exciting lectures of that most remarkable period of English maritime history., 250 pp, --Pub# 0044 Add to Basket

FUTRELL, William

Warrier A 15-Ft. Ouboard Runabout ..."Warrier" is a high-performing runabout of the popular walk-through deck, two-seat type., 16pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5684 Add to Basket

Swell Time ...A speedy but safe 13-foot family runabout that both mom and the kids will love, and dad will want to build:, 11pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5149 Add to Basket