Author Index 'L'

LABERGE, Armand J.


Boats, Airplanes and Kites ...An excellent collection of designs and building articles for the model builder., 132 pp, --Pub# 0325

LAKE, Hank

Fit Out for Making Money ...Lower the coil of your metal detector down into the water on an extension cord so that you can look for sunken treasure., 1pp, --Pub# 7934 Add to Basket


Float-A-Home--A 21-Ft Houseboat ...This houseboat is very stable, relatively easy to build and interior arrangement can be varied to suit your needs., 6pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5254 Add to Basket


Reelfoot Boat-A Forward Rowing Boat from Tenn, The ...Once found only in Tennessee, the boat's popularity has spread it around the country., 12pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5678 Add to Basket

LEE, Ida

Logbooks of the Lady Nelson, The ...A Maritime History volume, 198 pp, --Pub# 0697


Automotive Engines go to Sea ...Most marine engines are simply automotive products converted. You can save money by making the change-over yourself., 2pp, --Pub# 7065 Add to Basket


Pilots of Pomona--A Story of the Orkney Islands, T ...A volume of nautical fiction., 192 pp, --Pub# 0723

LEITCH, Albert C.

Miniature Boat Building ...The Construction of Working Models of Racing, Sail and Power Boats., 267pp, 1pl, --Pub# 0159 Add to Basket


Teslin--A Jon Boat ...This 23-ft. Jon Boat is a stable and fast river craft capable of carrying great loads., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5333 Add to Basket

LESLIE, Robert C.

Sea-Boat, The ...An excellent text devoted to Clench (Lapstreak) building, riggings and sailing., 180 pp, --Pub# 0270 Add to Basket

LEVER, d Arcy

Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, The ...The first real seaman's manual., 255 pp, --Pub# 0057 Add to Basket

LEWIS, C.E. Tyrrell

Handyman's Yacht Book, The ...Innovative, clever and absorbing., 227 pp, --Pub# 0134 Add to Basket

LEYGUES, Charles

Canoe, Le ...The French equivalent of Vaux's Canoe Handling with chapters on canoeing the rivers of France., 167 pp, --Pub# 0258

LIE, Jonas

Pilot and His Wife, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., 156 pp, --Pub# 0731


How to Make a Canvas Canoe ...Possesses the important characters of speed, comfort, safety, and fair durability., 12pp, --Pub# 5653 Add to Basket


Rules for the Construction of Wooden Yachts ...Lloyd's Rules., 124 pp, --Pub# 0157 Add to Basket


Cruise of the Snark, The ...Jack's terrific account of building the boat and cruising to the South Seas., 311 pp, --Pub# 0017 Add to Basket

Cruise of the Dazzler, The ...London's only book for young people and a jewel!, 250 pp, --Pub# 0145 Add to Basket

Sea Wolf, The ...One of London's best known sea-works and not to be missed., 366 pp, --Pub# 0164 Add to Basket

Finding One's Way at Sea ...Jack London's treatise on celestial navigation., 8pp, --Pub# 5509 Add to Basket

Building of the Boat-The Snark, The ...Building the "Snark" in which London voyaged to the South Seas., 8pp, --Pub# 5510 Add to Basket

Mutiny of the Elsinore, The ...A Maritime History volume, 255 pp, --Pub# 0793

LONG, John

Kitty-Cat--An Easy-to-Build Catamaran ...Leaves little to be desired in the area of snappy performance., 8pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5237 Add to Basket


Cruising and Ocean Racing ...An ecyclopedaic look at the whole subject in the 1930's. Still great info today for the tradional sailor!, 592 pp, --Pub# 0018 Add to Basket

LOWNDES, Marie Belloc

End of Her Honeymoon, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., 188 pp, --Pub# 0777

LYON, Jean

Our Floating Patio ...Here's a dock with plenty of plusses--it's easy to build and will not wash away., 8pp, --Pub# 5744 Add to Basket