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Ship Model Building in Cardboard ...How to make models of square rigged ships from common cardboard., 20pp, --Pub# 5564 



Narrative of the Voyage of the HMS Rattlesnake ...A Maritime History volume, 254 pp, --Pub# 0687 



How To Use Waterproof Plywood in Boat Construction ...Only resin-bonded plywood should be used for boat building., 4pp, --Pub# 7048 


How to Build Sabot ...One of the most popular pram dinghies every designed--thousands have been built., 12pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5850 


Goshawk--A Racing Dinghy or Tender ...This boat is within the dimensions of the Class B dinghies., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5849 


Skippy ...A sweet little sailing dinghy., 4pp, --Pub# 7049 


Mackerel--A 16-Foot Family Type Outboard Runabout ...This is a design of a popular type of small family runabout using any one of the small outboard motors., 2pp, --Pub# 7050 


Pioneer ...A trailer cruiser., 4pp, --Pub# 7052 


15-Foot Keel Knockabout--Breeze, The ...A plywood fin-keel sloop suitable for day sailing and racing., 4pp, --Pub# 7054 


Jacana--A Skiff for Racing or Day Sailing ...Jacana is a fine looking, modern boat of nice form, being stable, fast and relatively easily built., 4pp, --Pub# 7058 


Eskimo--A 16-Foot All-Plywood Kayak ...Similar to the hunting type kayak used by the Greenlanders, but all of plywood., 3pp, --Pub# 7059 


Factotum--A Power Skiff ...A handy little packet suitable for a small outboard or air-cooled inboard engine., 2pp, --Pub# 7060 


Skua--An 8-Foot All Plywood Outboard Skimmer ...To those who love the thrills of speed on water we submit here a small outboard skimmer., 4pp, --Pub# 7061 


Beaver--An All-Purpose Skiff ...The American skiff is probably the most popular type of small boat in this country today., 3pp, --Pub# 7062 



Rob Roy on the Baltic, The ...MacGregor's second great book., 312 pp, --Pub# 0011 


Rob Roy on the Jordan, The ...MacGregor's largest and most comprehensive work; a "tour-de-force" in the Holy Land., 490 pp, --Pub# 0012 


Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe, A ...MacGregor's first adventure and still one of the best., 185 pp, --Pub# 0013 


Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy, The ...MacGregor's great single-hander book; from London to Paris and back by Havre, the Isle of Wight and the South Coast., 335 pp, --Pub# 0027 



Proper Design of Sheaves for Use with Wire Rope ...The purpose of this article is to explain how service life may be materially increased by proper design of sheaves., 4pp, --Pub# 7860 

MADSEN, Berthel


Jump'n-Jack--The Jack-Knife Trailer Boat ...Fisherman--Campers! Here is your boat and trailer combined into one easy-to build project., 11pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5830 

MAGAZINE, 1903, Rudder


Cat Book--The ...Designs of cat-rigged yachts from 15 to 28 ft, both the classic jib-less cat, and those with bowsprits and jibs., 72pp, --Pub# 4913 



Life of Nelson--Volume 1, The ...A Maritime History volume, 527 pp, --Pub# 0707 


Life of Nelson--Volume 2, The ...A Maritime History volume, 496 pp, --Pub# 0708 


Interest of America in Sea Power--Present and Futu ...A Maritime History volume, 147 pp, --Pub# 0711 


Major Ops of the Navies in the War of America ...A Maritime History volume, 244 pp, --Pub# 0733 

MAHAN, Alfred Thayer


Influence of Sea Power Upon History--1660-1783, Th ...A Maritime History volume, 479 pp, --Pub# 0742 

MALLET, Captain Thierry


Glimpses of Barren Lands ...Seven stories of the far north gleaned from the author's 20 years of inspecting the Revillon Freres fur trading-posts., 142 pp, --Pub# 0598 

MANGIN, Arthur


Mysteries of the Ocean, The ...from the French of Arthur Mangin, Translated, Edited and Enlarged., 463 pp, --Pub# 0174 

MANNING, Gordon P.


Sea Surrey--A New Type of Catamaran ...You can have a picnic aboard this 20-ft. pleasure barge., 21pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5778 


Build a Table for Your Boat ...Eating aboard a small boat is just as much fun as eating ashore when you have a table like this one., 2pp, --Pub# 7034 


Double-Duty Cruise Tank ...Expand your effective cruising range with this gasoline-storage unit that also acts as helman's seat., 4pp, --Pub# 7036 

MARKHAM, Richard


Aboard the Mavis ...Five Boys and Five Girls cruise in the Schooner Mavis about the east end of Long Island and learn a lot of history meanwhile., 240 pp, --Pub# 0205 

MARRYAT, Captain Frederick


Phantom Ship, The ...Another great Marryat story., 400 pp, --Pub# 0118 


Newton Foster ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., 314 pp, --Pub# 0724 


Peter Simple and the Three Cutters--Volume 1 ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., 489 pp, --Pub# 0725 


Poor Jack ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., 330 pp, --Pub# 0726 


Masterman Ready ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., 214 pp, --Pub# 0795 


Mr Midshipman Easy ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., 320 pp, --Pub# 0684 


Little Savage, The ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., 239 pp, --Pub# 0796 

MARSHALL, Logan-Editor


Sinking of the Titanic ...A Maritime History volume, 169 pp, --Pub# 0699 

MARSHALL, Percival


Model Steamer Building ...Good information on the endlessly fascinating subject of steam-powered models, 50 pp, --Pub# 0347 


Model Sailing Yachts ...Another of Marshall's competent and comprehensive treatment of the subject, 112 pp, --Pub# 0348 


Model Steamers and Motor Boats ...A variety of fine steam model to build--Screws and Paddles, Engines and Boilers, etc., 126 pp, --Pub# 0349 



Find the Best Prop for Your Boat on Paper--First ...Using two simple rules of thumb I've developed over many years, you can do the experimenting on paper with simple arithmetic., 2pp, --Pub# 7874 


How to Figure Your Planing Speed ...Here is a nomograph that tells you what top speed you can expect from your boat., 2pp, --Pub# 7889 



Tales of the Ocean ...and Essays for the Forecastle: Containing Matters and Incidents Humurous, Pathetic, Romantic, and Sentimental., 456 pp, --Pub# 0158 

MARTYR, Weston


Southseaman, The ...The building of the schooner and its cruise to Bermuda, 310 pp, --Pub# 0291 



Martin Hyde-The Duke's Messenger ...A volume of nautical fiction., 248 pp, --Pub# 0770 



Ensign Knighteey and Other Stories ...A volume of nautical fiction., 200 pp, --Pub# 0750 



Blackfish & Tautog--2 Cruisers ...This round bottom, 22 ft. express cruiser is inexpensive to build. The alternate plan features a vee bottom hull., 31pp, 10pl, --Pub# 5672 


Inland Clipper--A 31' Houseboat ...Exceptionally livable quarters for four people are provided in this comparatively small cruising houseboat., 8pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5674 


Blue Fin--A Steel 31-Ft. Sport Fisher Cruiser ...The Blue Fin was designed primarily for sport fishing, yet she will be suitable for cruising., 4pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5695 


Silver Fin ...This 20-foot day boat may be built of plywood and equipped with twin engines., 5pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5155 


Squall ...Designed for the young-in-heart and built of plywood, this 14-foot runabout can attain speeds of almost 32 miles per hour., 6pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5156 


Carinita ...No matter what you want in a sail, this 20-foot sloop will fill the bill., 21pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5166 


Ostkust ...She's 24 feet from stem to stern, large enough for limited cruises and roomy enough for day sailing., 20pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5168 


Chum--A Flat-Bottom Rowboat ...A 13-ft flat-bottom boat you can build in a weekend., 7pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5076 


Striper--A Shoal-Draft Utility Boat ..."Striper" is a shoal-draft launch only 15 feet long that has all the safety and seaworthiness of a real fishing boat., 12pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5094 


Scud--A Fast 14-Ft. Outboard ..."Scud" will be as much fun to build as to use. Her construction makes maximum use of plywood., 7pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5501 


Carin--A Fast Auxliary Sloop ...She's a smart little sailer that will prove a source of satisfaction to even the most discriminating skipper, 12pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5233 


Lily Pad--A 16.5-Ft. Outboard Cruiser ...Specially designed for amateur builders, this boat is suitable for an occasional overnight cruise., 12pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5246 


Pootzy ...This 6-ft. 6-in. dinghy fills the need for a small, subtantial, easily stored and handled boat., 4pp, --Pub# 7803 



Teacup--A Basic-Basic Sailboat ...Only 9 1/2 feet long, this salty littlepram is small enough for a 10 yr old to handle easily & large enough for dad to enjoy., 15pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5483 

MAYER, Norman


10-Ft. Geodetic Kayak, A ...Something new in kayak construction; the geodetic framework of this little craft gives an amazing strength-weight ratio., 7pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5313 

MCCANN, E. Armitage


Ship Model Making--Clipper-Sovereign ...Detailed information on building this fabulous clipper., 146 pp, --Pub# 0129 


Ship Model Making--Frig.-Constitution ...A detailed manual on building the most famous frigate of them all., 202pp, 2pl, --Pub# 0130 



Convert Your Canoe to Sail ...Few craft are simpler to rig or more adaptable to sailing than a canoe. They are also excellent for learning to sail., 3pp, --Pub# 7888 



Building with C-Flex ...This Data Sheet gives some tips on using this flexible material., 4pp, --Pub# 7932 



14' Sailing Dinghy and How to Build It, A ...She will sail fast and tramp to windward like a one-rater., 23pp, --Pub# 5647 


10' Sailing Skiff and How to Build It, A ...Very light and fast and easily beached., 24pp, --Pub# 5648 


14' Sailing Sharpie and How to Build It, A ...For sailers, there is no type of craft more admirably suited for their purpose than the sailing sharpie., 20pp, --Pub# 5650 


12' Centreboard Dinghy and How to Build It, A ...This boat is a typical Clyde dinghy, with a standing lug., 28pp, --Pub# 5652 



How to Read and Run a River ...While the emphasis here is on fast water, the principles involved apply to all river boating., 3pp, --Pub# 7872 



Build a simple Sailing Surfboard ...Supporting over 450 pounds, this board can be used for play in the surf or completely rigged for sail in a minute., 16pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5689 


Windmill--A 151/2 Ft. One-Design ...One of the hottest of the one-design sailing classes., 8pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5694 



Down Channel ...The cruises of the first and still one of the greatest of the single-handers., 474 pp, --Pub# 0183 

MCNEIL, Everett


Daniel Du Luth or; Adventuring on the Great Lakes ...A fictional account of the exploits of the "Robin Hood of Canada;" Daniel Greysolon Du Luth., 389 pp, --Pub# 0227 



How to Build a Class E Racing Ice Yacht ...A real speedster., 19pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5852 



Sea Sled--A Hunting Boat in Masonite, The ...Here is a boat planned for the ordinary fellow not too handy with tools, 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5516 



Chesapeake Bay Skiff, A ...For anyone desiring a light, easily handled rowboat this little flat-bottomed skiff is pretty hard to beat., 20pp, --Pub# 5096 

MEESE, George E.


Vixen--A 21-Ft. Runabout ...Here's a craft with an underwater form specially designed to move at almost PT boat speeds., 16pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5243 



Widgeon--A Plywood Sneakbox ...The greatest little boat ever designed for hunting and fishing inland waterways., 15pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5758 



Duckling--An 8-Ft. Duckboat ...This little pond boat can be carred on top of your car, and best of all, it's no sweat to put together., 10pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5767 



Whistler--A 10 ft. Duckboat ...A kissin' cousin of the Barnegat Sneakbox and a whole lot easier to build., 10pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5803 

MEGGY, Gordon


How to Build a Simple 14' Fishing Punt ...The building of a fishing punt is no difficult matter to anyone with a taste for amateur carpentering,, 12pp, --Pub# 5661 



Moby Dick ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, 490 pp, --Pub# 0672 


Redburn--His First Voyage ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, 268 pp, --Pub# 0698 

MEYER, Charles R.


Build a South Bay Scooter ...Originally designed by the Coast Guard as an amphibian, these rudderless ice-boats are sleek racing machines., 6pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5861 


Build a DN Ice Boat ...Build this speedy winter craft and extend your boating to an all-year sport., 7pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5870 



Sea, The ...A gorgeously illustrated romance of the sea by the famous French philosopher., 397 pp, --Pub# 0086 



Cruise of the Kate, The ...One of the first circumnavigations of the British Isles by a small yacht in 1870., 273 pp, --Pub# 0229 



Build the Stiletto ...With sleek SK streamlining and a super-speed bottom, it's 16 feet of high-performance boat that you can build, 10pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5474 


Right Prop for Your Boat, The ...Maybe you can get a boost in performance by switching props. To find out for sure, try this easy test., 15pp, --Pub# 5479 

MILLE, James de


Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, A ...A volume of nautical fiction., 195 pp, --Pub# 0792 

MILLER, Harry J.


Pogo--A Paddle Boat ...This paddle-wheel boat will skim over shallow waters at 9-mph. Uses 3-hp lown mower engine for power., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5328 

MILLER, Warren H.


Canoeing Sailing and Motor Boating ...A comprehensive guide to building, cruising, camp cruising and operation of all the above., 351 pp, --Pub# 0040 


Bouncer--A Fish Class Sailboat ...An improved version of the famous Annisquam "Fish" Class Marconi rigged catboat., 16pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5127 



King Canvasback--A 15 ft. Plywood Kayak ...Here's a classic kayak easily built in plywood and canvas, 4pp, --Pub# 7861 



Danube-From the Black Forest to the Black Sea, The ...A canoe voyage down the entire length of the Danube., 233 pp, --Pub# 0288 

MILLS, Warsutta


Sailing Canoes: A Brief History ...A fine little book outlining the history of various types of sailing canoes., 86 pp, --Pub# 0304 

MILNE, Peter


Fireball ...The full building instructions of probably the easiet-to-construct, really fast racing machine yet produced, 20pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5364 



Our Autumn Holiday on French Rivers ...A most unusual and brilliantly written voyage on the french rivers. The canoe in question is a four-hand outrigger., 284 pp, --Pub# 0335 

MONK, Edwin


Small Boat Building (Monk) ...Some really nice looking boats with complete building instructions., 137pp, 3pl, --Pub# 0119 


Mariner--A Classic 19ft Raised Deck Cabin Cruiser ...Intended as a complete little cruiser for two or three, and containing a large cockpit, berths, galley, and toilet., 11pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5506 


Stubby--An Elegant Punt ...Stubby has proven quite popular and quite a number have been built., 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5543 


11 Ft 3 Inch Outboard ...The answer for all `round boating--a trim speedster that's a fishing, family and sports boat., 12pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5131 


13 Ft. 4 Inch Outboard ...A true sportsman's boat with good looks and top performance., 12pp, 7pl, --Pub# 5132 


15 Ft. Knockabout ...Generous freeboard and clean lines distinguish this simple, well-designed Knockabout., 12pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5134 


18-Ft. Day Cruiser ...The clean, honest lines of this trim day cruiser will provide exciting new pleasures for the week-end skipper!, 8pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5137 


Sportsman--A 13 Ft Outboard Runabout or Utility ...This 13' 4" outboard can be built as a snappy runabout or utility. Designed to be built by amateurs with modest budgets., 6pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5289 


Sunbeam--An 11 Ft Outboard Runabout ...Here's 11 ft 3 inches of beamy, easy-to-build boating pleasure., 4pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5290 


Serviceable Small Boat, A ...All large boats need tenders and the punt described can be easily and quickly built at low cost., 2pp, --Pub# 7856 


Chunky--A Sailing Dinghy ...An easily built little boat with the advantages of the round bottom type and still simply constructed by the amateur., 9pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5419 


Houdini--A Take-Apart Skiff ...This 111/2-ft. skiff can be taken apart and stacked to fit into a compact station wagon., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5326 


Shad--An 111/2-Ft. Skiff ...This well-designed skiff is 111/2-feet of functional floatation; a good boat to own and use., 4pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5332 



Cruising Canoe and Its Outfit, The ...Early canoeing, canoes and canoe camping gear., 16pp, --Pub# 5511 

MOORE, Frederick Ferdinand


Devil's Admiral, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., 232 pp, --Pub# 0780 

MOORE, Thomas


Build a Winning Model Yacht ...A comprehensive treatise on the building, and more importantly, the designing of model yachts, both sail and power., 238pp, 2pl, --Pub# 0316 

MOORE, Winthrop P.


Yachts Their Care and Handling ...America's answer to Cooke; an excellent volume for the traditional builder and sailor., 395 pp, --Pub# 0206 



Table of Moorings ...This table of mooring and buoy sizes is based on a safety factor of four., 1pp, --Pub# 7862 

MORRIS, Walter


Build this Underwater Aquaplane ...This sleek underwater sled is a lot like water skiing, but with more thrills., 2pp, --Pub# 7886 

MOWER, Charles D.


Petrel an 18-ft Round Bottomed Centerboarder ..."Petrel" is a husky, shapely 18 ft. 9 in. round-bottomed center-board knockabout well adapted to day sailing., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5603 


Sailing Dinghy--Snowbird ...Snow Bird is a smart sailing dinghy of a type similar to those used in "Frostbite" racing in the winter season., 2pp, --Pub# 7844 


Meteor Class Knockabout ...A vee-bottomed boat suitable for two or three when racing and the same number when just knocking around., 2pp, --Pub# 7793 


Swampscott Racing Dory ...The sailing dory, properly designed, makes as fine a boat as anyone could wish., 3pp, --Pub# 7794 


Caper--A Cape Cod Cat ...Design for the construction of a popular type cat boat of 22 feet overall length., 8pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5398 


Pronto--A Half-and-Half (Motor Sailer) ...A happy arrangement of sailing schooner and motor cruiser which will please those who like to sail and arrive on schedule., 15pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5401 

MUIR, George


Skippy--A 11-ft 8 inch Plywood Sailboat ...A plywood sailboat 11 feet 8 inches long., 2pp, --Pub# 7840 



Midshipman Stuart--or The Last Cruise of the Essex ...A fictionalized account of the last cruise of the famous Salem privateer., 329 pp, --Pub# 0244 



Spars and Rigging ...The Spars and Rigging exerpt from the major work--Nautical routine of 1849, 126 pp, --Pub# 0358