Author Index 'O'

O'BRIEN, Conor


Yacht Gear and Gadgets ...A collection of O'Brien's best home-made cruising devices., 119 pp, --Pub# 0196 


Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails ...The great O'Brien explains the construction and use of sundry small craft., 181pp, 13pl, --Pub# 0279 



Out of the Fog ...A volume of nautical fiction., 28 pp, --Pub# 0760 



Inexpensive Little Cruising Sloop of 21' LOA, An ...A small sloop, large enough to accomodate two on cruises of two-weeks duration, and four for afternoon sails., 19pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5376 



Make a "Throwaway" Duck Boat ...No thing of beauty is this little bucket--she's all practicality. But you'll never beat her price tag., 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5734 


Mounting Hardware on Fiberglass ...Monting hardward on fiberglass requires special know-how for a perfect jog. To be an expert, just read this., 8pp, --Pub# 5735 



Gentleman--A Romance of the Sea, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., 220 pp, --Pub# 0788 

OPTIC, Oliver


Boat Club, The ...or The Bunker's of Rippleton. Another Optic Classic., 201 pp, --Pub# 0059 


Outward Bound or Young America Afloat ...A lot like The Lord of the Flies; but in politics and mutiny. Another Optic great!, 381 pp, --Pub# 0067 


Yacht Club, The ...Another Optic classic. We can all root for the young boat builder., 240 pp, --Pub# 0072 


Sailor Boy or; Jack Somers in the Navy, The ...A Story of the Great Rebellion., 288 pp, --Pub# 0116 


All Taut ...The rigging volume of the Boat Builder series, 339 pp, --Pub# 0102 


All Aboard or Life on the Lake ...A sequel to The Boat Club and number two of the six title series, 199 pp, --Pub# 0112 



World of Waters, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., 220 pp, --Pub# 0693 

OTIS, James


Cruise with Paul Jones, A ...The great American officer and his exploits in the English Channel., 262 pp, --Pub# 0065