Author Index 'P'

PAINE, Ralph D.


Ships and Sailors of Old Salem, The ...An exciting history of the great seafaring city when the American Merchant Marine was great! (Comes in two volumes), 668 pp, --Pub# 0117 


Old Merchant Marine, The ...A Chronicle of American Ships and Sailors., 204 pp, --Pub# 0176 


Nathaniel Bowditch--America's Navigator ...A brief biography of the most famous navigator., 28pp, --Pub# 5507 


Building of the Essex, The ...The story of the building of the famous "Essex", the U.S. Privateer from Salem, 28pp, --Pub# 5625 

PALMER, Raymond A.


How to Build a Bubble System for In-Water Storage ...Why pay for dry storage during the winter when for little money you can make your own portable wet-storage system, 2pp, --Pub# 7891 

PARRISH, Randall


Wolves of the Sea ...A volume of nautical fiction., 215 pp, --Pub# 0789 



How to Make a Sextant ...How to make a sextant from ordinary materials., 58pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5572 

PATON, William Agnew


Down the Islands--A Voyage to the Caribbees ...A superb "history" of the Caribbean from a cruising perspective. Great writing; fascinating insights., 475 pp, --Pub# 0019 



Small Boat Building ...The famous text on "traditional" boat building., 124pp, 10pl, --Pub# 0006 


Yachtsman's Guide, The ...A three-part text written especially for yachtsmen., 174 pp, --Pub# 0030 


Motor Boat Building for the Amateur ...Useful suggestions from laying down the lines full size to the correct fiberglass to use., 213 pp, --Pub# 0091 



Voyages of the Elizabethan Seamen ...Select Narratives from the Principal Navigations of Hakluyt., 325 pp, --Pub# 0207 



8 foot Sailing Pram ...This little booat is easy to handle and safe for kids of all ages, 4pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5467 

PEARSON, Edmund Lester


Voyage of the Hoppergrass, The ...A great cruising story, 169 pp, --Pub# 0766 



17-Foot Sloop, A ...An interesting design and specifications for a smart little sailing craft., 4pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5423 

PETERSHAM, Maud and Miska


Story Book of Ships and Boats, The ...A fine way to interest a young child in the wonderful world of ships and boats. Good for young readers and parental readers., 30 pp, --Pub# 0263 

PEYTON, Charles R.


Conditioning that Good Engine ...The necessary steps in preparing your motor for the winter lay-up., 3pp, --Pub# 7919 



Surfboard/Wakeboard ...A double-purpose board used to ride the ocean surf or the wake behind a boat., 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5461 



Vamoose II--A Cruiser for Model Builders ...Complete design and instructions from which a smart forty-five-inch gasoline engined model cruiser can be built., 16pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5411 

PIERCE, Milton


How to Build Powered Trim Tabs for Your Boat ...Here's an easy way to eliminate the pounding your boat takes in rough water and get a consistently smooth ride., 2pp, --Pub# 7887 

PIVER, Arthur


Nugget ...This 24-ft. trimaran can be built at rock-bottom cost., 8pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5172 

POLLARD, Josephine


Our Naval Heroes ...--in Words of Easy Syllables. They are all here from Farragut on!, 228 pp, --Pub# 0077 

PONTIN, George


How to Build a Sectional Canoe ...A twelve-footer that can be made to take to pieces and pack up into one parcel of, say, five feet by two feet six., 7pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5654 

PRETTY, Francis


Francis Drake's Voyage Round the World ...A great cruising story, 29 pp, --Pub# 0759 



What the Country Needs: A Good 5c Chisel ...You can make these lathe turning tools from cut nails and pieces of dowel., 3pp, --Pub# 7931 

PROUT, Geiffrey


Simple Boat Building ...One of the best small boat building books with a particularly good section on design., 134 pp, --Pub# 0248