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Cruise of the Canoe Club--The ...Four Boys take their canoes on a cruise in New England, 236 pp, --Pub# 0329

WALDRON, Robert E.

Slim--A 14-Ft. Outboard Motor Skiff ...A good skiff makes an excellent all-round craft for service and pleasure., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5215 Add to Basket


Lure of the Labrador Wild...The story of the exploring expedition conducted by Leonidas Hubbard, Jr, 339pp, 1pl, --Pub# 0599


Saved at Sea ...A volume of nautical fiction., 39 pp, --Pub# 0761

WARNER/OBER, Edward P./Shatswell

Aerodynamics of Yacht Sails, The ...Basic understading of how sails work., 31pp, --Pub# 5713 Add to Basket

WAUDIN, Edward F.

Barbara-Q--A 15-Ft. Utility Outboard ...This V-bottom boat is designed primarily as a utility type for knockabout work, fishing, camping and carrying a good load., 16pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5212 Add to Basket


American Expedition--The ...The famous voyage of discovery undetaken by Vitus Bering that established the true position of America in relation to Asia, 232pp, 7pl, --Pub# 0594

WEBBER, Edward R.

Kingfish Class--A 10-FT. Sailing Canoe, The ...The construction is simple and the completed boat should not cost much., 7pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5406 Add to Basket

Heron Class--A 12-Ft. Sloop, The ...This design is a blending of the best qualities of three different types of boats., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5407 Add to Basket

Scherzo--A 13-Ft. Sailing Canoe ...Sailing this type of canoe is a new and different treat., 8pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5408 Add to Basket

Gulf Coast--A 20-Ft. Centerboard Double-Ender ...A centerboard sloop built of plywood. She measures 20' x 15' 6" x 5" draft with 175 sq.ft. of sail., 16pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5393 Add to Basket

Midget--A Boat for the Midget Ocean Racing Club. ...Midget is designed to be one of the smaller boats under the MORC rule, with an overall length of only 20 feet., 15pp, 9pl, --Pub# 5375 Add to Basket

WERBACK, Clarence E.

More About "Developable" Surfaces ...Understanding stresses and curvatures of plywood in boat building., 2pp, --Pub# 7047 Add to Basket

WEYER, JR., PHD, Edward Moffat

Eskimos--The ...A detailed reference book documenting ten distinct geographical environments of the eskimos and their folkways., 483pp, 34pl, --Pub# 0550

WHITE, Gerald Taylor

Spanker--A Racing Runabout ...A boat having extreme speed, yet able to stand a moderate amount of rough water and to carry up to four passengers., 16pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5041 Add to Basket

Restless ...Want speed under sail? Here is your answer, for "Restless" was designed with just that requirement in mind., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5197 Add to Basket

Ishkoodah--An Express Cruiser ...Here is a high-speed cruiser with hull and superstructure of the ultramodern type., 13pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5199 Add to Basket

Imp--A 14-Ft. Utility Inboard ...Powered by a 5-hp aircooled motor, "Imp" will run just about all day on a buck's worth of gasoline and oil., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5228 Add to Basket

Yachts of the Netherlands ...Unique, beautiful and comfortable--the yachts of the low countries, 20pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5712 Add to Basket

WHITE AND ADAMS, Steward Edward and S

Mystery, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., 238 pp, --Pub# 0765


Pram with Wheels, A ...Putting wheels on a Pram won't help it traverse the water but it can help a lot in getting the Pram to water, 1pp, --Pub# 7924 Add to Basket


Secrets of successful Winter layup ...As a head start for trouble-free days afloat, every boat requires tender, loving care during winter ashore., 4pp, --Pub# 7937 Add to Basket


Simple 13 1/2 Ft. Outboard Skiff, A ...It's 131/2 feet long, and is ideal for fishing or cruising., 12pp, --Pub# 5693 Add to Basket

Build a Real Salt-Water Tackle Box ...Being made of wood it won't rust; and if it should fall overboard it will float., 4pp, --Pub# 7816 Add to Basket

Building Riptide--A 13-Ft. Outboard Fishing Skiff ...She's a practical, roomy boat with a bow that's 24 in. high; she is a very steady boat to fish from., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5226 Add to Basket

Build Your Own Fiberglass Sloop ...This boat utilizes a little-known method of fiberglass boat-building that does not require a mold., 12pp, 3pl, --Pub# 5470 Add to Basket

Basement Boat ...The beam enables her to fit between the fender wells of pickups, station wagons and vans., 3pp, --Pub# 7885 Add to Basket

Installing Steerers and Controls ...A project most often undertaken by boaters; the installation of motor controls for remote steering, throttle, etc, 16pp, --Pub# 5353 Add to Basket

Aquasail--A 11.5 Ft. Day Sailor ...This little daysailer with sail and jib is ideal for teaching the beginner the fine points of sailing, 5pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5471 Add to Basket

WICKS, Harry

Build this Pontoon Boat ...For water fun, safety and economics, a pontoon boat is a hard craft to beat., 3pp, --Pub# 7894 Add to Basket


Sea Fisherman, The ...The Chief Methods of Hook and Line Fishing in the British and Other Seas, and Remarks on Nets, Boats and Boating., 476 pp, --Pub# 0097 Add to Basket

WILKES, Captain Charles

Voyage of the U.S. Exploring Squadron ...Together with Explorations and Discoveries made by D'Urville, Ross and other Navigators and an expedition to the Dead Sea., 517 pp, --Pub# 0114 Add to Basket


Down West ...The reminiscences of a single-hander in a canoe yawl on the south-west coast of England, 156pp, 4pl, --Pub# 0339


Moppet--An All Purpose Rowboat ...Row it... Use it with any small outboard.. . Carry it atop your car., 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5019 Add to Basket


Sitka ...Sitka, is the quaint old Russian capital where the history of the Northland was made., 248 pp, --Pub# 0592


Modern Friendship Sloop, A ...Drawings and building specifications for building a popular type of cruising auxiliary., 15pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5442 Add to Basket

WINTER, Rogers

How to Build Sea-Star ...Not for skiers and speed deomons, but if you like space, operating economy and sea-kindlness, here's your boat., 12pp, 6pl, --Pub# 5773 Add to Basket

How to Build Sea Scout ...No showroom skiff, this 15-footer will respond ably in just about any kind of water and weather., 14pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5777 Add to Basket

Flying Dutchman ...Here's a flat-bottomed, shallow-draft boat for sailors who want to get on the water with a fast rig., 7pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5857 Add to Basket

How to Build Skat Kat ...This "hot rod" with the hull form of a scow-hydroplane will provide plenty of speed., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5859 Add to Basket

WLTON, V.M.Y.C., james E.

Model Yachts and Model Yacht Sailing ...The classic work. Idea lfor the man who wants to model a classic cutter yacht, 127 pp, --Pub# 0363


Round-Bottom or Vee? ...The relative merits of the two major types of power boat bottoms., 16pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5302 Add to Basket

WOOD, William

Elizabethan Sea Dogs ...A Chronicle of Drake and his Companions., 245 pp, --Pub# 0168 Add to Basket

WOOD M.A. F.L.S., Rev. J.G.

Common Objects of the Sea-Shore, The ...Including Hints for an Aquarium., 230 pp, --Pub# 0139 Add to Basket

WOOD AND MCNULTY, William and Bennet C

Atlantic City Catboats, The ...A brief history of that other American cat boat--The AC cat boat., 11pp, --Pub# 5717 Add to Basket

WORTH, Claude

Yacht Cruising ...Worth's monumental work on yacht cruising., 468 pp, --Pub# 0186 Add to Basket

Yacht Navigation and Voyaging ...Worth's well-known work on yacht navigation., 293 pp, --Pub# 0187 Add to Basket