Title Index 'A'

A Model Lake Freighter ...A Big Mamoo! Over 4 feet long., , ---, 8pp, --5923 
A Model Slide-Crank Steam Engine ...How to make the simplist of steam engines. Ideal for a first project, , ---, 8pp, --5910 
A Model Submarine with Radio control ...Big--8 ft long and 175 pounds, , ---, 10pp, --5925 
A Model Twin-Cylinder Marine Engine ...An elegant and powerful engine, , ---, 8pp, --5916 
A Model Twin-Cylinder Steam Engine ...Speedy, powerful and reliable, , ---, 8pp, --5911 
A Record-Breaking Model Hydroplane ...Over 30 MPH, , ---, 8pp, --5922 
A Sharpie-Type Model Boat ...Fast, sleek and easy to build, , ---, 8pp, --5924 
A Single-Cylinder Steam Engine ...The Grand-Daddy of model steam engines, , ---, 8pp, --5912 
Aboard the Mavis ...Five Boys and Five Girls cruise in the Schooner Mavis about the east end of Long Island and learn a lot of history meanwhile., Markham, Richard---, 240pp, --0205 
Accessories for Your Boat ...Illustrations of a number of commonly used pieces of equipment, all inexpensively carved, cast or otherwise fabricated., Sibley, Hi---, 4pp, --7831 
Ace--A Speedy 2-Cockpit Outboard Runabout ...Hi-lift bottom design and high-strength longitudinal beam construction make "Ace" years ahead., Jackson, William D.---, 20pp, 3pl, --5297 
Across the Sub-Arctic of Canada ...An extremely well-documented journey of 3,200 miles by canoe and showshoe., Tyrrell, J.W.---, 280pp, 1pl, --0575 
Add a Cabin to your Boat ...You can save yourself a lot of grief from the weather by adding a permanent cabin to your runabout for very little money., Clark, Henry---, 4pp, 1pl, --7703 
Adding Grab Rails to the Cabin Top ...Adding grab rails to the roof of a boat's cabin is not a difficult job and it can literally be a lifesaver., 4pp, --7728 
Adding Height to the Transom of a Power Boat ...When changing motors, this is sometimes necessary. Here's how to do it., 2pp, --7733 
Adding a Fused Terminal Block ...The electrical system of any boat should be protected with fused circuits., 3pp, --7740 
Adventures in Southern Seas ...A Tale of the Sixteenth Century, Forbes, George---, 287pp, --0032 
Adventures of Captain Horn, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Stockton, Frank Richard---, 305pp, --0691 
Aerodynamics of Yacht Sails, The ...Basic understading of how sails work., Warner/Ober, Edward P./Shatswell---, 31pp, --5713 
Afloat and Ashore ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Cooper, James Fenimore---, 445pp, --0673 
Alert ...This row-or-go plan features self-bailing bait bin for fishing forays., Kelly, Hal---, 8pp, 2pl, --5144 
All Aboard or Life on the Lake ...A sequel to The Boat Club and number two of the six title series, Optic, Oliver---, 199pp, --0112 
All Purpose Knockabout ...No-nonsense, workady skiff will support three children, one adult. Takes only 11 hours to build., Sibley, Hi---, 2pp, --7031 
All Sails Set ...A romance of the great clipper, "Flying Cloud.", Sperry, Armstrong---, 175pp, --0068 
All Taut ...The rigging volume of the Boat Builder series, Optic, Oliver---, 339pp, --0102 
All Weather Boat Shed ...Build and store your boat in this dual-use structure., Jackson, William D.---, 1pp, --7043 
All purpose 11 1/2 ft Boat, An ...Designed for use with oars, sails, or outboard motor., 6pp, 3pl, --5699 
All-Purpose Portable Boat in Frame and Canvas, An ...Well-adapted to home workshop construction., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 2pl, --5517 
Alone in the Caribbean ...Being the Yarn of a Cruise in the Lesser Antilles in the Sailing Canoe "Yakaboo.", Fenger, Frederic A.---, 330pp, --0166 
Amateur Boat Building ...Another fine book by William F. Crosby on small boat building., Crosby, William F.---, 237pp, 1pl, --0237 
Amateur Seaman, The ...A yachtsman's "bible" treats every aspect of the rigging, handling and navigation of small vessels., Smith, H.S. Skipper---, 298pp, --0216 
American Cat Boats ...An interesting overview of that uniquely American design--the Cat Boat, Schoettle, Edwin J.---, 24pp, 6pl, --5710 
American Clyde, The ...The 1870's Scottish Clyde, the famous ship-building area and its American, arguably more inventive, counterpart., Harpers Magazine, ---, 28pp, --5422 
American Expedition--The ...The famous voyage of discovery undetaken by Vitus Bering that established the true position of America in relation to Asia, Waxell, Sven---, 232pp, 7pl, --0594 
American Merchant Ships and Sailors ...A Maritime History volume, Abbott, Willis J.---, 287pp, --0732 
American Ship Models and How to Build Them ...A great referance manual for those interested in uniquely American sailing craft. 22 large pocketed plates, Grimwood, V.R.---, 180pp, 22pl, --0354 
Amigo--A 23 ft Raised Deck Cruiser ...It's a simple, informal, friendly, dependable little boat., Hanna, John G.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5610 
Anchoring Small Craft ...You'll spend more time aboard your boat and enjoy anchoring with properly selected, low-cost ground tackle., Jackson, William D.---, 4pp, --7841 
Andalusia ...Andalusia is small as yachts go. You'll find her great for northern waters, Farmer, Weston---, 12pp, 4pl, --5885 
Angenette--A Block Island Fisherman ...Plans for a 40-foot general purpose fisherman, intended for swordfishing in the summer and dragging in the winter., 17pp, 4pl, --5811 
Ann Louise ...A three-berth outboard cruiser for family cruising., Rodney, Don---, 12pp, 4pl, --5793 
Annie Marble in Germany, The ...Forester's second voyage in his cutboard camping boat, "Annie Marble.", Forester, C.S.---, 255pp, --0306 
Apache ...Here's a 16-foot plywood outboard runabout that's perfect for skiing, fishing and all-around family fun., Beach, David---, 8pp, 5pl, --5150 
Apple Sauce--A Fast Little Speedster ...A clever design and building instructions for an inexpensive little outboard boat which anyone can build., Irgens, F.T.---, 5pp, 4pl, --5380 
Applying a Boat's Name ...How to apply your boat's name to the hull., 10pp, --5629 
Aquacycle ...Convert that old bicycle into an amphibious craft for fun on both land and water. (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 4pp, --7833 
Aquapram--A simple little 8 ft. utility pram ...A useful little boat that can be built in a single weekend and will give many hours of fun for the family, Kelly, Hal---, 5pp, 1pl, --5473 
Aquasail--A 11.5 Ft. Day Sailor ...This little daysailer with sail and jib is ideal for teaching the beginner the fine points of sailing, Whittier, Robert J.---, 5pp, 2pl, --5471 
Aquascooter-a Sailing Surfboard ..."Aquascooter" is an evolution of the "paddleboard," now so popular on beaches everywhere., Hill, Roland F.---, 4pp, --7834 
Arctic Praries--A Canoe Journey, The ...A Canoeing story, Thompson, Seton---, 189pp, --0670 
Argo A Double-Cabin Outboard Cruiser ...Packed in 22 feet of hull space are the accommodations of a real ship--head, galley, two separate sleeping areas and a salon., Beach, David---, 7pp, 5pl, --5676 
Around the World with the Great Voyagers ...A Record of the Finding of All Lands and Descriptions of the First Visits made by Europeans to the Wild Races of the World., Buel, J.M.---, 544pp, --0156 
Arpeggio--An Outboard Sedan ..."Arpeggio" is nearly perfect for knocking about and cruising on the many lakes, rivers, and bays of our country., 14pp, 3pl, --5040 
Arrow--A Fast Outboard Runabout ..."Arrow" is fun to build and use. Fast, safe, highly maneuverable, and sporty looking., 8pp, 2pl, --5039 
Arrowhead--A fast trim and able 21 ft sloop ...Especially designed for quick maneuvering in difficult waters., 32pp, 10pl, --5070 
As the River Flows ...A record of adventures in a canoe on the rivers and trout streams of southern England. Lovely illustrations--every page a gem, Barnes, Eleanor---, 189pp, --0341 
Atlantic City Catboats, The ...A brief history of that other American cat boat--The AC cat boat., Wood and McNulty, William and Bennet C---, 11pp, --5717 
Atomite ...Here is a fast and furious, but at the same time, highly maneuverabe 9.5 ft. outboard hydroplane., Jackson, William D.---, 10pp, 1pl, --5826 
Australia's Rainbow ...Few boats are easier to build than this 12-foot Rainbow., Hills and Campbell, S.E. and I.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5365 
Auto-Top Size Fisherman's Boat ...An easy-to-build, medium-high-speed, soft-riding utililty designed for low-horsepower outboards., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5863 
Auto/Marine Conversion Question, The ...One of America's most respected naval architects examines the question., Rabl, Sam---, 3pp, --7912 
Automotive Engines go to Sea ...Most marine engines are simply automotive products converted. You can save money by making the change-over yourself., Lehman, Roger---, 2pp, --7065 
Auxiliary Motor Mounts ...Three different types of auxiliary motor mounts for sailboats, 2pp, --7039