Title Index 'B'

B-29--Racing-Cruiser Sloop ...By any standards, this sleek 29-footer must be considered a fine yacht. (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 11pp, 4pl, --5721 
Baby Blue--A Fast Outboard ...Designed expressly for rough-water use., Tarbox, Luther H.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5505 
Baby Buzz--An Outboard Runabout ...A design for a fast little boat suitable for family service and purposes other than racing., Johnson, L.J.---, 7pp, 4pl, --5389 
Baby Killdeer--A 12 ft Plywood Runabout ...Convenient in size for easy trailing is "Baby Killdeer", just under 12' long and with about 57" of beam., Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 3pl, --5677 
Badger ...No small vessel can top the Gloucester dory as a boat able to take punishment and ask for more!, Farmer, Weston---, 9pp, 1pl, --5729 
Balance of Sailing Boats, The ...A rough method of determining proper location of the sails in small boats., 2pp, --7712 
Balboa--A 17 1/2 ft Pacific Dory ...This staunch dory is a good model for the amateur to build because of the flat bottom and straight sides., 12pp, 3pl, --5028 
Bambino--A version of the Louisiana Piroque ...Because they are light and easily handled, pirogues have been used by hunters, trappers, and fishermen for generations., 8pp, 1pl, --5049 
Banta-- A 12-ft Plywood Outboard Runabout ...If you want a lightweight utililty boat with a nice turn of speed and easy handling, build "Banta"., 4pp, 2pl, --5057 
Bantam ...A 141/2 footer wonderful for racing or day-sailng., Bailey, Leslie E.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5177 
Barbara-Q--A 15-Ft. Utility Outboard ...This V-bottom boat is designed primarily as a utility type for knockabout work, fishing, camping and carrying a good load., Waudin, Edward F.---, 16pp, 4pl, --5212 
Bargain Guage for Gas Consumption ...Ease your outboard's offshore energy crisis with this $3.00 jug test., Stearns, Robert D.---, 2pp, --7871 
Barnaby--A 16-Ft Cabin Cruiser ...The cabin sleeps two adults plus a child. The wheel and controls in the cabin are for use in wet weather., Clark, Henry---, 12pp, 8pl, --5687 
Barnacle--An 11-Ft. Rowboat or Outboard ...Rides in your car trunk...quickly assembles to form an 11-ft. rowboat or outboard., 9pp, 4pl, --5344 
Barnegat Bay Sneakbox-- History and Constr., The ...A large collection of information about this fascinating, unique and highly useful little boat., 93pp, --4902 
Barnegat Bay Sneakbox--Its Racing History, The ...All the information that's fit to print about this famous little boat., Dale-Lucke, Orton-Charles---, 36pp, 2pl, --5576 
Barracuda ...She can be used as a sport fisherman, a grand vacation cruiser for two, or a day cruiser for a larger party., Tarbox, Luther H.---, 16pp, 5pl, --5200 
Basement Boat ...The beam enables her to fit between the fender wells of pickups, station wagons and vans., Whittier, Robert J.---, 3pp, --7885 
Basic Electrics ...An easy step-by-step guide to Basic Electrics., 3pp, --7739 
Basic Navigation for the Beginner ...Coastal Piloting Primer., Robberson, Elbert---, 20pp, --5193 
Basic Principles of Sails and Rigging ...A primer on sails and rigging., 24pp, 4pl, --5532 
Basic Sailing Rig You Can Make ...Inexpensive, serviceable sailing rig that can be added to almost any small boat with a minimum of tools and skill., Stanwood, Les---, 3pp, --7884 
Basics of Brazing, The ...When solder won't stick it but you or your equipment aren't up to welding, you can braze., Capotosto, John---, 4pp, --7925 
Bayou Belle ...Another Bayou Belle, this 24-foot outboard river cruiser boasts the comforts of home., Beach, David---, 8pp, 5pl, --5152 
Bayou Belle--Sport Utility Fisherman or Houseboat ..."Bayou Belle" is a 25' scow that can be built as a sports utility, a fishing boat, or a houseboat., 6pp, 5pl, --5059 
Beaver--An All-Purpose Skiff ...The American skiff is probably the most popular type of small boat in this country today., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 3pp, --7062 
Bebop ...For a little money for materials, you can build this midget version of a classy runabout for your youngsters., 10pp, 4pl, --5104 
Benchtop Vise for Tricky Holds ...A pair of pipe clamps and scrap material make this super holder., Gutter, Richard M.---, 2pp, --7933 
Bilgeboard Scows ...The development of these very fast and specialized sailing craft., Chance, Edwin M. and T.M.---, 24pp, --5714 
Bingo--A Lightweight 11' 4" Plywood Dinghy ...With an overall length of 11 feet 4 inches and a weight of only 85 pounds, Bingo is an ideal type of boat for auto-topping., 5pp, 3pl, --5309 
Binky--An All-Around Tender ...Added pleasure in gunning or fishing on your next cruise can be yours with this specially designed little craft., Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 2pl, --5845 
Black Arrow--A 13-Ft. Outboard Racing Runabout ...The boat is a development from the Flyer Racing Runabout which set many runabout class records., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5384 
Blackfish & Tautog--2 Cruisers ...This round bottom, 22 ft. express cruiser is inexpensive to build. The alternate plan features a vee bottom hull., Mason, Al---, 31pp, 10pl, --5672 
Blitzen--A Utility or Racing Boat ...This "Blitzen" design makes either an ideal fast utility boat or a racer hydroplane for Class B competition., Jackson, William D.---, 16pp, 1pl, --5298 
Blood Ship, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Springer, Norman---, 166pp, --0718 
Blue Bill--A 13' Kayak/Canoe ...Combining the features of both kayak and canoe, "Blue Bill" is offered to those out-of-doors men who hunt., 8pp, 1pl, --5521 
Blue Bird is a Sailer ...Here is a small, fast traveling dinghy that can be equipped with sails, oars or motor., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5269 
Blue Fin--A Steel 31-Ft. Sport Fisher Cruiser ...The Blue Fin was designed primarily for sport fishing, yet she will be suitable for cruising., Mason, Al---, 4pp, 2pl, --5695 
Blue Streak ...Prop riding on her hydro-conic bottom, Blue Streak takes Class "B" outboard motors for a merry spin in stock utility races., 8pp, 2pl, --5069 
Bluefish--A 21-Ft. Motor Cruiser ...There's plenty of room aboard this trim little cruiser, and she's fast and stable too., Rabl, Sam---, 7pp, 7pl, --5318 
Boat Building Simplified ...A guide to the Ashcroft method of building, rowing, sailing and motor boats, Ashcroft, Herbert J.---, 76pp, --5702 
Boat Building and Boating ...How to build everything from a log raft on up, with many camping tips., Beard, D.C.---, 219pp, --0245 
Boat Club, The ...or The Bunker's of Rippleton. Another Optic Classic., Optic, Oliver---, 201pp, --0059 
Boat Sailing Fair Weather and Foul ... A gem based on real experience with boats, their rigging, their equipment and their sailing., Keneah, Capt. A.J.---, 238pp, --0185 
Boat Sailor's Manual, The ...A complete treatise on the management of sailing boats of all kinds and under all conditions of weather, Qualtrough, U.S.N., E.F.---, 249pp, --0272 
Boatbuilding Principles ...Anything that you understand thoroughly is always fairly simple. This is true of boatbuilding., Farmer, Weston---, 13pp, 2pl, --5834 
Boats of the Glen Carrig, The ...Hodgson's beautifully written fantasy of the wreck of the Glen Carrig and the weed people that attempt to devour survivors., Hodgson, William Hope---, 246pp, --0110 
Boats, Airplanes and Kites ...An excellent collection of designs and building articles for the model builder., LaBerge, Armand J.---, 132pp, --0325 
Boatswain's Art, or Complete Boatswain, The ...Rigging ships in 1670 -" the masting, yarding and rigging of any ship whose length, breadth and depth is known.", Fisher & Hayward, Wm & Henry---, 105pp, --0284 
Bonni II ...This sturdy, 18-foot auxiliary sloop features seaworthiness and comfort., Donahue, J.A.---, 20pp, 5pl, --5163 
Bonnie an 18 ft Plywood Cabin Sloop ...About everything anyone could wish for in a small boat., Cueva, Roland---, 20pp, 7pl, --5604 
Book of Canoeing, The ...How to buy or make your canoe and where to take it in England. Includes eight pocketed maps of English waterways., Ellis, Alec R.---, 260pp, --0271 
Book of Knots, The ...The first knot book!, Bowling, Tom---, 63pp, 4pl, --0246 
Book of Old Ships, The ...A superb collection delineating sailing ships from the Viking long ship to the "modern" five-masted barque., Culver, Henry R.---, 272pp, --0043 
Boot-Tops and Boat Stripes ...A boottop is the traditional stripe at a craft's waterline., 4pp, --7770 
Bottom Painting ...Before getting into painting a boat's bottom, it is useful to know how bottom, or anti-fouling, paint works., 3pp, --7769 
Bouncer--A Fish Class Sailboat ...An improved version of the famous Annisquam "Fish" Class Marconi rigged catboat., Miller, Warren H.---, 16pp, 1pl, --5127 
Bouncing Betty--A Round-Bottom Lapstrake Pram ...This pram is constructed of white oak, cedar and mahogany., 8pp, 2pl, --5036 
Boy Cruisers--or Paddling in Florida, The ...Two boys in sailing canoes cruising in Florida meet Neide on his way in Aurora., Rathborne, St. George---, 264pp, --0180 
Boy Life in the United States Navy ...A good exposition of the life of boys in the Navy in the days of the Ironclads., Clark U.S.N., H.H.---, 369pp, --0149 
Boy's Book of Canoeing, The ...Not just for boys; an excellent canoe text., Jessup, Elon---, 190pp, --0009 
Boy's Book of Model Boats ...How to build a variety of model boats and even the steam engines which can power them., Yates, Raymond F.---, 196pp, --0060 
Boy's Own Book of Boats, The ...with Complete Instructions How to Make Sailing Models., Kingston, William H.G.---, 334pp, --0103 
Breaking in of a Yachtsman's Wife, The ...A highly amusing and slyly written book by the noted early feminist and activist., Vorse, Mary Heaton---, 254pp, --0208 
Brenda--A 9-Ft. Yacht Tender ...Round bottom but no bent ribs!, 9pp, 1pl, --5319 
British Fleet, The ...The Growth, Achievements and Duties of the Navy of the Empire., Robinson, Commandr Charles N.---, 722pp, --0081 
Broad Bill--A Sword Fisherman ...Complete plans and specifications for the construction of a typical and popular craft among New England fishermen., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 10pp, 4pl, --5432 
Broad Bill--An easily built Duck Boat ...An easily built boat that is sturdy and may be carried about on top of any auto., 8pp, 3pl, --5088 
Broadbill--A 33-Ft., 9-Ton Tancook Schooner ...Tancook Island in beautiful Mahone Bay is the home of the little Tancookers; schooner-rigged boats from 25 to 50 feet., Emmett, J.A.---, 22pp, 6pl, --5310 
Broncho, A Hand 29 foot Cruising Runabout ...A husky runabout with exceptional seaworthy qualities., Hand, Jr., William H.---, 10pp, 6pl, --5052 
Bubbles ...Here is a dinghy which should meet the requirements of most yachtsmen who want a light but stable dinghy. (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 4pp, --7001 
Buddy--A 13 Foot Uitlity Boat ..."Buddy", a general utility boat, was designed to meet the greatest possible variety of purposes., 16pp, 1pl, --5549 
Buddy--An 18' Tabloid Auxiliary Cruiser ...Designed by S.S. Rabl as a sequel to his famous "Picaroon"., Rabl, Sam---, 16pp, 5pl, --5109 
Budget Houseboat, A ...The Budget Houseboat is like a camper that goes on the water., Kelly, Hal---, 12pp, 4pl, --5463 
Bugeye of the Chesapeake, The ...A brief history of the extraordinary evolution of this fascinating craft, Chambliss, Peter C.---, 22pp, --5711 
Buiding a Birch-Bark Canoe ...The almost-lost art of building a true Ojibway canoe is here recorded and preserved for future boatbuilders., Snell, Jr., George F.---, 20pp, --5754 
Build Her on a Sound Foundation ...If you want your boat to be a success, take just as much care in the setting up of roms as you do with the hull., 4pp, --7030 
Build Ice-Sprite--A Four-Runner Ice Boat ...The most up-to-date innovation in this thrilling sport., Fanta, J. Julius---, 8pp, 4pl, --5489 
Build Kingfisher--A Twenty-foot Motor Sailer ...A very comfortable small cruiser wirh charm and appeal., Rabl, Sam---, 12pp, 2pl, --5794 
Build Mercury--A Hudson River Iceboat ...A handsome, streamlined and very fast ice boat., Fanta, J. Julius---, 8pp, 4pl, --5488 
Build Mucho Gusto ...Flashing speed for the hot0rod sailors is provided in this sweet little inboard craft., Beach, David D.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5844 
Build Plyak ...The name Plyak comes from the elision of the two words that describe it--plywood and kayak., Afford, M.E.---, 6pp, 1pl, --5719 
Build Your Boat Right ...An excellent primer on traditional boat building., 40pp, 1pl, --5660 
Build Your Own Bass Boat ...Half the cost! Twice the fun!, Kelly, Hal---, 10pp, 2pl, --5458 
Build Your Own Fiberglass Refrigerator ...Here's a project for the winter months when the boat is in storage., 2pp, --7016 
Build Your Own Fiberglass Sloop ...This boat utilizes a little-known method of fiberglass boat-building that does not require a mold., Whittier, Robert J.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5470 
Build a DN Ice Boat ...Build this speedy winter craft and extend your boating to an all-year sport., Meyer, Charles R.---, 7pp, 6pl, --5870 
Build a Dinghy to fit ...A featherweight plywood dinghy, plans for which can be readily altered to fit individual requirements., 9pp, 2pl, --5788 
Build a Dock Yacht ...More properly, a dock yacht is a pontooned platform which forms an extension to a pier-and-plank dock when not in use., Farmer, Weston---, 11pp, 2pl, --5681 
Build a Fiberglass Sink for Your Boat ...The difference between a boat ana yacht is often in her appointments!, 2pp, --7014 
Build a Fish-Cleaning Table ...A fish-cleaning table that can be set up quickly, takes up little room, and is easy to maintain is a desireable item., 3pp, --7778 
Build a Fishing Speed Guage ...Correct trolling speed can often be a critical factor in fishing success. Here's how to construct a fishing speed guage., 4pp, --7777 
Build a Fishing-Rod Stowage Rack ...One solution to the storage problem is a vertical rod rack with quick-release clips., 3pp, --7779 
Build a Jiffy Skiff ...A great little boat for the kids to use in the backyard swimming pool. Get them started early!, 1pp, --7921 
Build a Lightning Class Racing Sloop ...Simple in construction and very speedy. A well-established class boat., 28pp, 4pl, --5613 
Build a New England Sailing Dory ...These little boats are able to "take it"; to weather mountainous seas., Rabl, Sam---, 6pp, 5pl, --5592 
Build a Permanent Gunwale-Mount Trolling Ctr. ...To construct and install the permanent trolling center follow these steps., 4pp, --7773 
Build a Proper Battery Box ...If a storage battery aboard a boat tips over in rough seas, the cables could tear loose; a dangerous situation., 3pp, --7748 
Build a Real Salt-Water Tackle Box ...Being made of wood it won't rust; and if it should fall overboard it will float., Whittier, Robert J.---, 4pp, --7816 
Build a Removeable Gunwale-Mount Trolling Ctr. ...To construct and install a removeable gunwale-mount trolling center follow these steps., 3pp, --7774 
Build a Removeable Railing-Mount Trolling Ctr. ...Boat owners can elect to mount a removeable trolling center that is clamped to the metal railing., 2pp, --7775 
Build a Removeable Wooden Trolling Ctr. ...Here is a method that does not damage a nice teak railing., 2pp, --7776 
Build a South Bay Scooter ...Originally designed by the Coast Guard as an amphibian, these rudderless ice-boats are sleek racing machines., Meyer, Charles R.---, 6pp, 4pl, --5861 
Build a Split-Screen Snorkel Box ...With this secret weapon you can shoot photos over and under water at the same time, the way the pros do., Sander, Neil---, 3pp, --7880 
Build a Super Sunray ...An all time favorite with amateur boat fans., Rabl, Sam---, 8pp, 7pl, --5599 
Build a Surf-Sail-Ice Boat ...Use it as a sailboat, paddleboard, sunbathing raft, aquaplane and even as an Iceboat,, Allen, C.T.---, 16pp, 5pl, --5190 
Build a Table for Your Boat ...Eating aboard a small boat is just as much fun as eating ashore when you have a table like this one., Manning, Gordon P.---, 2pp, --7034 
Build a Towboat for Solo Water Skiing ...A control stick replaces the towrope to put you in charge of both the steering and the speed of this midget outboard., Tabor, C. Claude---, 7pp, 3pl, --5451 
Build a Winning Model Yacht ...A comprehensive treatise on the building, and more importantly, the designing of model yachts, both sail and power., Moore, Thomas---, 238pp, 2pl, --0316 
Build a simple Sailing Surfboard ...Supporting over 450 pounds, this board can be used for play in the surf or completely rigged for sail in a minute., McMillen, Winton P.---, 16pp, 4pl, --5689 
Build the Crosby 16 ...So simple to build that almost anyone can do it with a minimum of tools and cost., Crosby, William F.---, 12pp, 2pl, --5202 
Build the Famous Seabird ...A comfortable, seaworthy cruiser of moderate draft. The original sailed from New York to Rome., 28pp, 6pl, --5667 
Build the Hobby Kat ...She can run in very shallow water and the rudders kick up for beaching., Kelly, Hal---, 9pp, 3pl, --5462 
Build the Jumper Sailboard ...It's small and easy to build, but this 13.5 footer is a giant of a boat in the fun department., Brannen, G.K.---, 6pp, 3pl, --5485 
Build the Mountain Lake Skiff ...It weighs only 100 pounds, and can accommodate three persons., Sibley, Hi---, 6pp, 3pl, --5222 
Build the Quacker ...Duck hunters have long sought a duckboat of a particular kind--one that can be used in shallow, shallow water., Kelly, Hal---, 2pp, --7895 
Build the Scottish Schooner ...It's fine for offshore fishing and wil troll for hours for mere pennies., Kelly, Hal---, 7pp, 3pl, --5460 
Build the Sea- and Skifish ...It is possible to have two different little craft--an iceboat and a sailboat--that use the same rig and sail., Daniels, George---, 10pp, 2pl, --5464 
Build the Spencer 23--Inboard/Outboard Cruiser ...Seaworthiness, ample strength, attractive modern styling and beam within the limits for trailer clearance., Brandlmayr, John---, 16pp, 3pl, --5691 
Build the Spencer 26 ...She is a fast, seaworthy cruiser with all the style of a fine custom product., Brandlmayr, John---, 10pp, 3pl, --5692 
Build the Stiletto ...With sleek SK streamlining and a super-speed bottom, it's 16 feet of high-performance boat that you can build, Mikesell, Art---, 10pp, 3pl, --5474 
Build this 14-foot Canoe for Little Money ...Of the numerous techniques I know for building a canoe, this one described here is by far the easiest., Beeching, Jr, Roy W.---, 6pp, 1pl, --5484 
Build this 15.5 ft Sportsman's Canoe ...This developable-surface design for the first time, permits the amateur builder to construct a canoe from plywood., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 12pp, 4pl, --5797 
Build this Carbon Arc Welder for Little Money ...Actually it's hard to tell for just how little you can build this useful tool., Scott, Paul---, 2pp, --7907 
Build this Cockpit Galley ...Put that wasted space beneath the seat to work., 2pp, --7893 
Build this Double-Deck boat port ...Here's a idea for a project that can be done in several ways depending on location, boat type and available money, Clark, Henry---, 2pp, --7903 
Build this Floating Lawn Chair ...Mount a patio chair between pontoons and you have the perfect rig for escaping the heat. For more fun, attach a fishing motor, 3pp, --7899 
Build this Low-Cost Aquaplane ...Why not an aquaplane--a trailer to hitch behind your outboard boat., 3pp, --7917 
Build this Miniature 3-Pt. Hydroplane ...How about an exciting new, easy-to-build boat for the younger set?, 8pp, 2pl, --5459 
Build this Model Walking-Beam engine ...Actual working model requires no castings, features semi-rotary, glandless valve., Kouhoupt, Rudy---, 11pp, 1pl, --5481 
Build this Olympic Monotype Sailboat ...An ideal craft for home building., Schock, Edson I.---, 17pp, 2pl, --5124 
Build this Plywood Kayak ...This tough little lightweight is fun to paddle or sail. Steered by a novel kick-up rudder controlled by foot pedals, Emory, George---, 6pp, 2pl, --5477 
Build this Pontoon Boat ...For water fun, safety and economics, a pontoon boat is a hard craft to beat., Wicks, Harry---, 3pp, --7894 
Build this Sailing Surfboard ...Planing along close to the water on this sailing surfboard will give you the thrill of a lifetime., Sibley, Hi---, 3pp, --7046 
Build this Simplified Canvas Kayak ...A speedy, light kayak with convenient arrangements., Sibley, Hi---, 4pp, --7918 
Build this Surf-N-Sailboat ...Sponsored by an active class organization, the high performance Australian Sailfish is cheap and easy-to-build., Carroll and Associates, John---, 14pp, 1pl, --5359 
Build this Underwater Aquaplane ...This sleek underwater sled is a lot like water skiing, but with more thrills., Morris, Walter---, 2pp, --7886 
Build this White-Water Riverboat ...A rugged, beefy craft for the wildest rapids but tame enough to slip quietly into a shallow fishing inlet under oars., Hull, Clinton R.---, 5pp, 2pl, --5480 
Build your own Canoe ...A Canadian Style Wood and Canvas Model., 16pp, --5020 
Building Boats with Fiberglass ...A basic text on using fiberglass to build one-off designs., 30pp, --5055 
Building Docks-Slips and Floating Docks ...Now you can build that summer home dock you have always wanted!, 60pp, --4908 
Building Fiberglass Ruders and Spinnaker Poles ...The use of fiberglass in boat construciton is not limited to hulls and superstructures., 4pp, --7013 
Building Model Boats ...including sailing and steam vessels, Hasluck, Paul N.---, 208pp, --0256 
Building Patty--8.5 foot Convertible Sailing Skiff ...A beautiful little skiff for rowing or sailing., Fanta, J. Julius---, 8pp, 4pl, --5497 
Building Popular Flyer A Racing Hydroplane ...Speed is the outstanding feature of the "Popular Flyer.", 16pp, 3pl, --5556 
Building Riptide--A 13-Ft. Outboard Fishing Skiff ...She's a practical, roomy boat with a bow that's 24 in. high; she is a very steady boat to fish from., Whittier, Robert J.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5226 
Building Roamer and Rambler ...Two boats, dry, safe, fast and comfortable-with the tang of the sea and a blue sky, what more could any man desire?, 63pp, --4904 
Building Rocket--A 15 Foot Inboard Hydroplane ...A boat designed for those who like their boats fast and sporty but still inexpensive to build and operate., 8pp, 2pl, --5557 
Building Rod-Holders ...How to install rod holders on your current boat., 16pp, --5634 
Building Trolling Centers ...How to outfit your boat with convenient and efficient trolling centers., 22pp, --5633 
Building With Annular Ring Nails ...The reasons for their superiority, and how to use them in your boat., Nail Co., Independent---, 33pp, --5261 
Building a 13-Foot Skiff ...This skiff was primarily designed for the person who likes to go out alone and ride the waves when others stay in., 2pp, --7853 
Building a 151/2-Foot Useful Sharpie for Power ...Two-in-one is a practical little boat intended for all-around service., 4pp, --7855 
Building a 19-Foot Tunnel-Stern Boat ...She was designed especially for river use and draws only twelve inches of water., 3pp, --7854 
Building a 22 ft Flying Dutchman ..."Flying Dutchman" is the latest of the "Grey Dawn" designs., 32pp, 6pl, --5047 
Building a 25-Foot V-Bottom Cruiser ...A nice little raised deck cruiser that is not difficult to build., 20pp, 5pl, --5436 
Building a Boarding Stepladder ...The boarding stepladder in this project has only two steps, but can be modified for more or less depending on your boat., 2pp, --7731 
Building a Car-Top Boat ...This light weight car-top boat will permit you to drop a line in any body of water to which your car can take you., 7pp, 1pl, --5548 
Building a Jersey Speed Skiff ...What single design is right for Dad to use for fishing, Sis to use for her water skiing and Big Brother for racing?, Beach, David D.---, 7pp, 4pl, --5880 
Building a Plywood Cabin ...The sides of a light plywood cabin can be built without any separate frame., 2pp, --7029 
Building a Plywood Proa ...This adaption of a South Seas "proa" is simple in construction needing only 3 pieces of waterproof plywood, Siley, Hi---, 3pp, --7945 
Building a Shadow Pelorus and Compensating Compass ...Compass compensating aboard a boat is performed by running reciprocal courses. Here's how to make a home-made Shadow Pelorus., 4pp, --7772 
Building a Stabilizer--A Flopper-Stopper ...For more than a century, various kinds of devices have been used on boats to reduce the rolling action of the waves at anchor, 4pp, --7729 
Building an 18-Foot Runabout ...Construction is so simple that almost any amateur can complete the work with good results, 12pp, 2pl, --5441 
Building an Outboard Ki-yak ...This ki-yak measures twelve feet over all in length, and about 37 inches in beam., 16pp, 2pl, --5086 
Building of the Boat-The Snark, The ...Building the "Snark" in which London voyaged to the South Seas., London, Jack---, 8pp, --5510 
Building of the Essex, The ...The story of the building of the famous "Essex", the U.S. Privateer from Salem, Paine, Ralph D.---, 28pp, --5625 
Building the Cruiser Baby Betty II ...A completely detailed design, specifications and building instructions for an attractive 42-foot V-bottom cruiser, Higgins, Sydney M.---, 40pp, 7pl, --5334 
Building with C-Flex ...This Data Sheet gives some tips on using this flexible material., McKeown, Bill---, 4pp, --7932 
Buzy Bee--A Motorized Glass-Bottom Boat ...Built in a weekend, "Bee" has a built-in viewing window, dead man's throttle and shielded prop for added safety., Kelly, Hal---, 16pp, 3pl, --5293 
Buzz ..."Buzz" is a versatile, planing outboard runabout measuring 11 ft. in length with a beam of almost 56 in., Jackson, William D.---, 6pp, 1pl, --5275 
Buzzer II--a Fourteen-foot Outboard Speedster ...Here is a worthy successor to the famous "Buzzer" that scored a great hit., Johnson, Ernest A.---, 5pp, 3pl, --5499 
By Canoe and Dog Train ...A well-written narrative about a Methodist missionary's journey of hardship and cold among the Cree and Salteaux indians., Young, Rev. Egerton Ryerson---, 267pp, --0333 
By Eskimo Dog-sled and Kayak ...A description of a missionary's experiences and adventures in Labrador, Hutton, M.B., Ch.B.Vict., S.K.---, 219pp, --0554 
By Rock and Pool on an Austral Shore and Other Sto ...A volume of nautical fiction., Becke, Louis---, 150pp, --0748