Title Index 'C'

Caballero ...A true sportsman's boat with good looks and top performance-yet designed for the amateur builder working on a modest budget., Ungerbuehler, Charles M.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5232 
Can't Sink ...Here's the sturdy, lightweight, fishing dinghy you've been looking for., Allen, C.T.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5822 
Cannon You Can Make, A ! ...Get a bigger bang out of your boating days and nights and be the hit of any boat parade--construction time --three hours!, Kelly, Hal---, 2pp, --7940 
Canoe & Camera ...A Two Hundred Mile Tour through the Maine Forests in 1888., Steele, Thomas Sedgwick---, 126pp, --0170 
Canoe Aurora--From Adirondacks to the Gulf, The ...Neide's famous canoe cruise., Neide, Dr. Charles A.---, 211pp, --0084 
Canoe Built from Siding ...Two cedar clapboards and a panel of plywood are the major materials for this floating beauty., Daniels, George---, 12pp, 1pl, --5457 
Canoe Errant ...A foremost propundent of canoe cruising in the 1930's, this is Hart's first "Canoe Errant" book, Raven-Hart, Major R.---, 356pp, --0276 
Canoe Errant on the Mississippi ...Hart's cruise on the Mississippi--the Nile of America, Raven-Hart, Major R.---, 352pp, --0278 
Canoe Errant on the Nile ...Hart's second cruise, this time on the Nile, Raven-Hart, Major R.---, 326pp, --0277 
Canoe Handling ...History, uses, limitations and varieties, practical management and care and relative facts, Vaux, C. Bowyer---, 185pp, --0257 
Canoe Mates in Canada ...--or, Three Boys Afloat on the Saskatchewan., Rathborne, St George---, 238pp, --0235 
Canoe Travelling ...The log of a cruise on the Baltic and practical hints on building and fitting canoes., Baden-Powell, W.---, 186pp, --0280 
Canoe Yawls ...A history and several designs of the famous Mersey Canoe Yawls., Kemp, Dixon---, 40pp, 16pl, --5537 
Canoe and Boat Building for the Amateur ...Stephens' masterwork on small boat building., Stephens, W.P.---, 241pp, --0146 
Canoe and Boat Building for the Amateur-Plates ...Plates for Stephen's book (Not in the original edition.), Stephens, W.P.---, 0pp, 50pl, --0147 
Canoe, Le ...The French equivelant of Vaux's Canoe Handling with chapters on canoeing the rivers of France., Leygues, Charles---, 167pp, --0258 
Canoeing ...An extract of the last chapter of Dixon Kemp's massive work, "A Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing.", Kemp, Dixon---, 168pp, 17pl, --0098   with plates
Canoeing ...The Art and practice of canoeing on English rivers, navigations and canals with description and tables of distances., Bliss, William---, 288pp, 1pl, --0327 
Canoeing Sailing and Motor Boating ...A comprehensive guide to building, cruising, camp cruising and operation of all the above., Miller, Warren H.---, 351pp, --0040 
Canoeing and Camping Adventures ...An Account of Three Cruises in Northern Waters, Anderson, F.R.G.S., R. C.---, 192pp, --0342 
Canoeing in the Wilderness ...An essential companion to "Paddle & Portage" and the usual tour de force by a great American writer., Thoreau, Henry David---, 191pp, --0286 
Canoeing with Sail and Paddle ...A work to equal Vaux's in its scope with the added zest of a wry writing style., Hayward, M.D., John D.---, 198pp, 1pl, --0297 
Canoes Dinghies & Sailing Punts ...A fine collection of 11 traditional English small craft., 229pp, --0238 
Canvas Kayak ...This 10-footer not only has Vee-bottom stability, but also a wider-than average beam., Sibley, Hi---, 4pp, 2pl, --5191 
Canvasback--A Canvas Kayak ...Build this kayak in your bedroom with hand tools and C-clamps., Smith, S. Calhoun---, 8pp, 3pl, --5688 
Cap'n Jack ...Every kid's a captain when he takes his turn at the wheel of his very own tugboat to seek maritime adventure., Jackson, William D.---, 10pp, 4pl, --5821 
Caper--A Cape Cod Cat ...Design for the construction of a popular type cat boat of 22 feet overall length., Mower, Charles D.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5398 
Cappy--A 20' Cabin Sloop ...A very gr aceful and adaptable day sailer with a small cabin., Fanta and Christ Sommer, J. Julius---, 10pp, 5pl, --5490 
Captain Blood ...This author is best known for swashbuckling books made into films; The Sea Hawk, Scaramouche, and Captain Blood. Here is one., Sabatini, Rafael---, 263pp, --0797 
Captains Courageous ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Kipling, Rudyard---, 182pp, --0769 
Care and Repair of Inflatables, The ...In the water it is almost impossible to damage an inflatable. It is around shore that problems occur. Here's how to fix'em., 1pp, --7923 
Care and Repair of Sails ...It pays to keep your boat's sails neat, clean, and in good repair., 4pp, --7749 
Care of Batteries ...The storage battery is one of the most abused components on the boat., 4pp, --7743 
Carin--A Fast Auxliary Sloop ...She's a smart little sailer that will prove a source of satisfaction to even the most discriminating skipper, Mason, Al---, 12pp, 6pl, --5233 
Carinita ...No matter what you want in a sail, this 20-foot sloop will fill the bill., Mason, Al---, 21pp, 3pl, --5166 
Cast up by the Sea ...A romance of the sea., Baker, Sir Samuel W.---, 419pp, --0121 
Castabout--A Camping Skiff ...For the begnnng boat builder here's an easy-to-build utility boat which can be equipped with a plastic shelter, Daniels, George---, 12pp, 2pl, --5265 
Casting a Lead Keel and Other Castings ...How to cast a lead keel and some other small parts., 20pp, --5641 
Cat Book--The ...Designs of cat-rigged yachts from 15 to 28 ft, both the classic jib-less cat, and those with bowsprits and jibs., Magazine, 1903, Rudder---, 72pp, --4913 
Cat's Paw ...White, sails, two hulls, and cat-quick speed with this 12-ft. catamaran sailer., Swartout, David M.---, 28pp, 4pl, --5188 
Catboat for the Youngsters, A ...Simple, inexpensive, an ideal project for a father-son sailing crew., Schock, Edson I.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5369 
Caulking ...A good primer on how to caulk wooden boats properly., 36pp, --5642 
Charging the Battery ...Proper means of charging your battery or batteries., 2pp, --7744 
Charlie Codman's Cruise ...One of Alger's few nautical titles but every bit as good., Alger Jr., Horatio---, 276pp, --0062 
Chart Stowage Solutions ...A variety of solutions for stowage of those pesky charts!, 20pp, 1pl, --5075 
Chart for Selecting Size of Pipe Davits ...How to size pipe to build davits., Steward, Robert M.---, 2pp, --7704 
Checking a 12-volt System ...How to check out your entire system., 2pp, --7742 
Chesapeake Bay Skiff, A ...For anyone desiring a light, easily handled rowboat this little flat-bottomed skiff is pretty hard to beat., Meeklin, L.R.---, 20pp, --5096 
Chessy--15-ft Chesapeake Skiff ...This strongly built 15-Ft. Chesapeake skiff may be easily rowed or driven by an outboard motor., 12pp, 1pl, --5038 
Chieftain--Building a 15 ft Canoe ...This splendid little canoe can be built with ordinary tools in a fraction of the time required for conventional canoes., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 1pl, --5107 
Chip--A 7' 8" Plywood Skiff ...Little Chip will be found a very useful boat. She is small and light enough for carrying on your car or on the deck or cabin., 7pp, 1pl, --5305 
Chipmunk ...The average handy man, for a few weeks effort, will gain a very fast hull with a safe 5-ft. 6-in, beam., Clark, Henry---, 8pp, 2pl, --5170 
Chippewar--A Plywood Canoe ...Here is the first design ever published for a plywood canoe that has all of the real canoe size and shape., Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 5pl, --5883 
Chubby ...This craft is especially suitable for the use of the water trapper and small-stream fisherman., 12pp, --5097 
Chug-A-Tug--A 21-Ft Little Ship ...This 21' cruiser is a "little ship" with jaunty tugboat lines., Smith, Donald H.---, 7pp, 3pl, --5286 
Chum--A 12' Lapstrake Daysailer ...Twelve feet of sailing boat-and how she can sail! And beautiful to boot!, 28pp, 1pl, --5533 
Chum--A Flat-Bottom Rowboat ...A 13-ft flat-bottom boat you can build in a weekend., Mason, Al---, 7pp, 2pl, --5076 
Chum--Speedy Inboard Runabout ...This speedy inboard runabout is designed for a converted Jeep motor., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5083 
Chunky--A Sailing Dinghy ...An easily built little boat with the advantages of the round bottom type and still simply constructed by the amateur., Monk, Edwin---, 9pp, 3pl, --5419 
Claire, A Hand 36 foot Express Cruiser ...All of the comforts and improvements to be found inon much larger craft., Hand, Jr., William H.---, 12pp, 5pl, --5063 
Coastwise Navigator, The ...An excellent small work for the coastal sailor; no celestial, just good piloting and reckoning tips and help., Tompkins, Warwick M.---, 180pp, --0199 
Cobia ...Abaft the cabin there is more than twelve feet of cockpit, ample space for loafing or fishing., Steward, Robert M.---, 4pp, 4pl, --5158 
Cobra--Fin-Tailed 15-Ft Runabout ...Rides on top of the water with a minimum of disturbance., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 5pl, --5361 
Cockeybird ...Cockybird's hull is simple to build, orthodox in construction below the sheer., Farmer, Weston---, 20pp, 2pl, --5116 
Collapsible Glass-Bottom Boat ...Here's a perfect rig for the junior boatman--novel yet simple., 22pp, 5pl, --5291 
Collapsible Pneumatic Raft ...Make it for the kids and use it for fishing!, Brownold, Bertram---, 2pp, --7914 
Combination Rowing, Sailing and Outboard Boat ...Here is a handsom, heavy-duty service boat that, properly built, will give years of service., Goeller, F.W.---, 3pp, --7804 
Comet--A fast 16 ft Runabout, The ...The Comet has been designed to be used with the conventional outboard motor., 11pp, 3pl, --5090 
Comfort--A Scow Houseboat ...Design and building instructions for a popular type craft adapted to summer service and arranged to accomodate the family., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 6pp, 3pl, --5433 
Common Objects of the Sea-Shore, The ...Including Hints for an Aquarium., Wood M.A. F.L.S., Rev. J.G.---, 230pp, --0139 
Common Sense of Yacht Design, The ...The acknowledged grail for yacht designers and builders., Herreshoff, L. Francis---, 335pp, 17pl, --0312 
Compact--An Outboard Cruiser ...A smart little boat designed for economical driving with the popular outboards for a power plant., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5426 
Compensating the Compass at Home ...Before you install the compass on your boat, you can check its operation indoors., 2pp, --7788 
Complete Shipwright, The ..."Demonstratively teaching the proportions used by experienced shipwrights according to their custom of building.", Bushnell, Edmund---, 140pp, --0285 
Conditioning that Good Engine ...The necessary steps in preparing your motor for the winter lay-up., Peyton, Charles R.---, 3pp, --7919 
Confucius--A 17-ft Auxiliary Sloop ...Plans for a famous 17-foot auxiliary sloop that crossed the Pacific, Borden, Charles---, 20pp, 6pl, --5617 
Conga a Peppy V-Bottom 12 ft Knockabout ...An ideal boat for the novice, this little 12-foot sloop presents no complications in construction., Dawes, C.B.---, 7pp, 6pl, --5600 
Construction of Comus--A 14ft Outboard Motor Boat ...Possesses features of safety and efficiency which are unusual in the average boat., 16pp, 2pl, --5085 
Continuation of a Voyage to New Holland, A ...A great cruising story, Dampier, William---, 107pp, --0752 
Convert Your Canoe to Sail ...Few craft are simpler to rig or more adaptable to sailing than a canoe. They are also excellent for learning to sail., McGirr, Clint---, 3pp, --7888 
Convert to a Cruiser with Canvas ...Put a top and curtains on any boat, and you've added a cabin--the best season stretcher around., 2pp, --7936 
Converting a Rowboat to Sail ...If you have a rowboat and want to turn it into a sailboat, the job is fairly easy., Jetter, Albert S.---, 4pp, --7926 
Cooking for Fun Afloat ...How to find yet another one-dish-meal out of leftovers!, Baker, Jr., Charles---, 34pp, --5444 
Coot a 22 ft Sharpie ...A boat that's different--one which will attract attention in any anchorage., Emmett, J.A.---, 12pp, 6pl, --5594 
Cork-- A fishing Auto-Topper ...A real fisherman's boat, "Cork" has end seats just the right distance apart for two anglers., Jelliff, Charles---, 16pp, 2pl, --5084 
Corky--A Sailing Speedster ...A V-Bottom speedster that is great for day-sailing and racing., 12pp, 5pl, --5491 
Corky--A Simple Pram ...Anyone can make this simple pram for very little money and from a single sheet of exterior plywood., Clark, Henry---, 7pp, 2pl, --5329 
Corsair--A Gloucester Schooner ...A 42-ft. schooner that is fast and seaworthy, offers comfortable accomodations and is low in building cost., Chapelle, Howard I.---, 25pp, 5pl, --5335 
Cost of Speed, The ...A chart which illustrates the increase in power required, fuel consumption, etc., 1pp, --7716 
Courage of Captain Plum, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Curwood, James Oliver---, 185pp, --0786 
Covering Decks with Fiberglass ...How to cover your old decks with fiberglass and reducing leaking and rotting., 12pp, --5785 
Crab--A 22-Ft. Shallow Draft Hydro-Jet Cruiser ...It is easy to see why she's named Crab, since, like a crab, she can operate in any direction in shallow water., Deed, William J.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5378 
Crack--An Outboard Runabout ...Here is a double cockpit runabout, which, given a suitable motor, will perform in a smother of spray., 20pp, 6pl, --5551 
Crawfish a 21 ft Streamlined Ice Boat ...A really pretty, comfortable and very fast ice boat., Doty, E.A.---, 8pp, 6pl, --5606 
Crawfish--A Tunnel Stern Motorboat ...This little boat is designed for protected waters where the bottom is close to the top., Crosby, William F.---, 4pp, --7056 
Cresent--A 15.5 Ft. Centerboard Sailboat ...Crescent is the ideal sailboat for day sailing on a small lake, river, or protected waters of a bay., Allen, C.T.---, 23pp, 10pl, --5827 
Crisis of the Naval War, The ...A Maritime History volume, Jellicoe, John Rushworth---, 202pp, --0791 
Cruise of the Albatross, The ...A story of the South Pacific., Allen, Grant---, 129pp, --0242 
Cruise of the Black Prince; Privateer, The ...One of the great American privateers, Cameron, Commander V. Lovett---, 323pp, --0120 
Cruise of the Cachalot, The ...Round the world after Sperm Whales. This is the classic whaling story and a good companion to the fiction of Moby Dick., Frank T., Bullen---, 362pp, --0001 
Cruise of the Canoe Club--The ...Four Boys take their canoes on a cruise in New England, Walden, A. L.---, 236pp, --0329 
Cruise of the Dazzler, The ...London's only book for young people and a jewel!, London, Jack---, 250pp, --0145 
Cruise of the Dolphin, The ...A great cruising story, Aldrich, Thomas Bailey---, 14pp, --0758 
Cruise of the Essex, The ...A story for boys on the cruise of the famous Salem privateer., Sheridan, Frank---, 219pp, --0133 
Cruise of the Gray Whale, The ...Young boy's and their own submarine; what could be more exciting., Dowling, Sherwood---, 158pp, --0063 
Cruise of the Janet Nichol, The ...Mrs. Stevenson's diary of one of the last cruises of her husband., Stevenson, Mrs. Robert Louis---, 189pp, --0243 
Cruise of the Kate, The ...One of the first circumnavigations of the British Isles by a small yacht in 1870., Middleton, E.E.---, 273pp, --0229 
Cruise of the Mary Rose, The ...or, Here and There in the Pacific., Kingston, William H.G.---, 300pp, --0154 
Cruise of the O-Moo, The ...An Adventure Story for Girls., Snell, Roy J.---, 148pp, --0107 
Cruise of the Snark, The ...Jack's terrific account of building the boat and cruising to the South Seas., London, Jack---, 311pp, --0017 
Cruise of the Snowbird, The ...A Story of Arctic Adventure., Stables M.D. R.N., Gordon---, 366pp, --0144 
Cruise of the Steam Yacht "North Star", The ...A narrative of the Excursion of Mr. Vanderbilt's Party from England to Madeira., Choules, Rev. John Overton---, 284pp, --0016 
Cruise of the Widgeon, The ...700 miles in a ten-ton yawl, Robinson, B.A., Charles E.---, 286pp, --0255 
Cruise with Paul Jones, A ...The great American officer and his exploits in the English Channel., Otis, James---, 262pp, --0065 
Cruise-Mate--A 19-Ft. Cruiser ...Designed for short cruises on protected waters, the Cruise-Mate is the ideal boat for the man who wants a week-end afloat., Crosby, William F.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5704 
Cruisemite ...Here is simplicity and economy for the backyard boatbuilder! This little cruiser is stout, chunky and fine for the family., Bacon, Douglas---, 7pp, 5pl, --5887 
Cruises and Curses ...An hilarious account of the adventures of a small boat and a small family on the Thames near London., Clough, S.---, 272pp, --0241 
Cruises in Small Yachts and Big Canoes ...Some of the cruises of the inmimmable H. Fiennes Speed, Speed, H. Fiennes---, 314pp, --0273 
Cruisette--A Cabin Outboard Runabout ...Besides utilizing outboard motors, this boat may also be powered with air-cooled inboards., 6pp, 2pl, --5565 
Cruising Among the Caribbees ...Summer Days in Winter Months. A good companion to Paton., Stoddard, Charles Augustus---, 220pp, --0151 
Cruising Apprentice, The ...A cruising manual for the beginning cruiser., Glanville, Alex---, 336pp, --0128 
Cruising Canoe and Its Outfit, The ...Early canoeing, canoes and canoe camping gear., Monthly Magazine, Harper s New---, 16pp, --5511 
Cruising Chats ...A collection of papers with advice drawings and gadgets, written for the author's column in The Yachtsman and Motor Boating., Cooke, Francis B.---, 208pp, --0320 
Cruising Hints-Two Volumes ...A highly detailed and comprehensive work on cruising and fitting out with 15 pocketed plates., Cooke, Francis B.---, 655pp, 15pl, --0124 
Cruising Skiff ...This salty little packet is flat-bottomed for super-easy building and low, low cost., Schock, Edson I.---, 23pp, 5pl, --5747 
Cruising and Ocean Racing ...An ecyclopedaic look at the whole subject in the 1930's. Still great info today for the tradional sailor!, Lonsdale, Earl of---, 592pp, --0018 
Curve Sheet of Rudder Areas ...The area of the rudder must be proportional to the lateral plane., Cary, George L.---, 1pp, --7715 
Cyclone, A Hand 36 foot Auxiliary ...This little sloop is really a little ship,--a sailor's boat, Hand, Jr., William H.---, 18pp, 4pl, --5303