Title Index 'E'

Eager Eve ...Eager Eve may be used for extend cruises on inland waterways, or sports use at the home harbor., Jackson, William D.---, 19pp, 6pl, --5831 
Early Ice Boats ...A History of the Ice Boat, Kemp, Dixon---, 40pp, 2pl, --5503 
Easy Method of Making A Grooved Spar, An ...Making grooved spars usually requires special tools; the method described here shows how to use simple tools., 1pp, --7709 
Easy-To-Make Solar Cooker ...This solar stove is practical. Its boils enough water for a cup of coffee in a few minutes., 4pp, --7941 
Easy-to-Build Pier, An ...No pile driver is needed to build this inexpensive pier with its high-and-low tide float., Sibley, Hi---, 2pp, --7850 
Ebb-Tide, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Stevenson and Osbourne, Robert Louis and Llo---, 161pp, --0771 
Eclipse, A Hand 40-foot Express Cruiser ...In 40 feet of length, Mr Hand has succeded in securing every desirable advantage of much larger boats., Hand, Jr., William H.---, 15pp, 4pl, --5343 
El Cid ...Build thus sportboat in days. It'll provide hours of safe fun for youngsters of all ages., Kelly, Hal---, 10pp, 2pl, --5114 
El Cid--Mini inboard Hydro ..."El Cid" is a mini inboard hydro that's powered with a 4 H.P. air-cooled engine., 12pp, 2pl, --5065 
Electric Power Aplenty for the Small Boat ...The best solution is to install a ship's-generator system driven by a small auxiliary engine--build one out of junk parts., Hensley, William L.---, 3pp, --7873 
Electric Remote Helmsman, An ...Remote-control steering lets you go up forward to pilot or scout fish without giving up the helm., 2pp, --7790 
Electro-Plating in Model Work ...Not that hard to do--and here's how to make and use a small electro-plating outfit, , ---, 8pp, --5909 
Electrolysis--Causes and Prevention ...Common causes of electrolysis and its elimination., 30pp, --4907 
Elements of Navigation for the Beginner ...Most of the problems can be worked with simple addition and subtraction., Farr, John---, 4pp, --7839 
Elements of Navigation, The ...A short, complete explanation of the standard methods of finding the position of a ship at sea and the course to steer., Henderson A.M., W.J---, 234pp, --0020 
Elizabethan Sea Dogs ...A Chronicle of Drake and his Companions., Wood, William---, 245pp, --0168 
Ella-Mae--A 17-Ft. Outboard Cruiser ...Economical and easy to build, this tough little craft answers the need for a comfortable cabin boat on a very small budget., 8pp, 4pl, --5304 
Ellen Ann--A Fast 10-Ft. Runabout ...Small enough to be a really cool dinghy!, Schleir, George and Robert---, 12pp, 1pl, --5690 
Ellenda--A 22.5 Ft Sedan Cruiser ...Here's an economical little cruiser designed for family picnics and fishing parties., Glassman, N.S.---, 18pp, 4pl, --5245 
End of Her Honeymoon, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Lowndes, Marie Belloc---, 188pp, --0777 
England's Naval Exploits Against Spain--Volume 7 ...A Maritime History volume, Hakluyt, Richard---, 244pp, --0686 
English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century ...Froude's exciting lectures of that most remarkable period of English maritime history., Froude, James Anthony---, 250pp, --0044 
English Voyages of Adventure and Discovery ...Retold from Hakluyt: The core of America., Bacon, Edwin M.---, 402pp, --0230 
Ensign Knighteey and Other Stories ...A volume of nautical fiction., Mason, A.E.W.---, 200pp, --0750 
Eskimo--A 16-Foot All-Plywood Kayak ...Similar to the hunting type kayak used by the Greenlanders, but all of plywood., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 3pp, --7059 
Eskimos--The ...A detailed reference book documenting ten distinct geographical environments of the eskimos and their folkways., Weyer, Jr., PhD, Edward Moffat---, 483pp, 34pl, --0550 
Ethel--A 27-Foot Trunk Cabin Cruiser ...You and your friend can build this one., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 12pp, 4pl, --5428 
Eventful History of the Mutiny and piratical Seizu ...A Maritime History volume, Barrow, Sir John---, 253pp, --0737 
Evolution of the American Fishing Schooner ...The American fishing schooner from the early to the late nineteenth century., Collins, Joseph William---, 24pp, --5664 
Experimenting with Yacht Lines ...A practical article on testing and towing models to determine the best forms of underwater body., Vincent, S.A.---, 3pp, --7865 
Factotum--A Power Skiff ...A handy little packet suitable for a small outboard or air-cooled inboard engine., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 2pp, --7060