Title Index 'G'

Gadgets and Gilhickies ...A great collection of gadgets and ideas for both sail and motor boats., Fontaine, Ham de---, 102pp, --4910 
Gemini Cat--A 14 Ft Fiberglass Catamaran ...A catamaran you can build with fiberglass & polyester resin., Vetrosky, S.T.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5284 
General Concepts of Ballasting ...How much ballast to use and where., 16pp, 2pl, --5638 
General Utility Rowboat ...Here is a rowboat which is the final development of a long line of forerunners., 10pp, 3pl, --5002 
Gentleman--A Romance of the Sea, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Olivant, Alfred---, 220pp, --0788 
Ghost Pirates, The ...Another great piece of nautical fantasy from Hodgson., Hodgson, William Hope---, 268pp, --0220 
Glass-Bottom Boat ...Underwater fun can be yours when you build this glass-paneled gadabout or add glass "windows" to your present boat., Jackson, William D.---, 20pp, 3pl, --5295 
Glide-Easy ...A rugged, quickly built canoe., Jackson, William D.---, 10pp, 4pl, --5832 
Glimpses of Barren Lands ...Seven stories of the far north gleaned from the author's 20 years of inspecting the Revillon Freres fur trading-posts., Mallet, Captain Thierry---, 142pp, --0598 
Glimpses of Ocean Life-Rock Pools and the Les . . ...An essential volume for the rock-pool investigator and collector., Harper F.R.S.S.A., John---, 371pp, --0087 
Glouchester Fisherman's Dory ...The most universally used small boat for ocean work is without doubt the fisherman's dory., 2pp, --7806 
Goshawk--A Racing Dinghy or Tender ...This boat is within the dimensions of the Class B dinghies., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5849 
Gozo--A Petite Sloop ...A smart little design for a cruising sloop which will furnish much sport for a pair of healthy boys., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 9pp, 4pl, --5395 
Graefin-10 ...Sailing pram ideal for learning the basics of sailing, is also fun for more experienced sailors., Graef, Will---, 8pp, 4pl, --5354 
Grand Banks 22, The ...Personality plus, and performance too--you'll find both when you take the helm of this salty ketch., Brewer, Edward S.---, 14pp, 7pl, --5810 
Gray Whale Flagship, The ...Now there are two submarines; double the excitement and double the fun!, Dowling, Sherwood---, 141pp, --0064 
Gray Whale-Derelict, The ...The last of the "Gray Whale" series and the noble end to both boats., Dowling, Sherwood---, 102pp, --0303 
Great Pelican ...Big brother of the famous San Francisco one-design, this Pelican uis suited for cruising rough waters., Short, William H.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5469 
Grey Whale Warship--The ...The second volume in the submarine chums collection, Dowling, Sherwood---, 115pp, --0343 
Guenther Garvey, The ...The Garvey is styled somewhat along the lines of the Barnegat Sneakbox, favoured by clammers and duck hunters for generations, Nowling, J.R.---, 2pp, --7878 
Guide to Sandpaper and other Coated Abrasives ...Coated abrasives--All boat-builders use them., Hill, Ray---, 2pp, --7928 
Gulf Coast--A 20-Ft. Centerboard Double-Ender ...A centerboard sloop built of plywood. She measures 20' x 15' 6" x 5" draft with 175 sq.ft. of sail., Webber, Edward R.---, 16pp, 2pl, --5393 
Gulfweed ...Anyone building "Gulfweed" may be certain of getting a boat of thoroughly proven merit., Hanna, John G.---, 28pp, 5pl, --5263 
Gull--A 16-Foot Runabout ...An attractive design for a small vee-bottom runabout which has been simplified to permit construction by amateur builders., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5420 
Gunner Aboard the Yankee, A ...A nautical story for boys, Doubleday, Russell---, 166pp, --0743 
Gunning Skiff Ranger, The ...The gunning skiffs are often highly specialized craft, suitable only for hunting purposes., Chapelle, Howard I.---, 16pp, 5pl, --5240 
Guppy--A 5-ft Sailor ...It's a youngster's sailboat that Dad can build in a week end with two panels of fir plywood and help from the kids., Burroughs, John---, 8pp, 3pl, --5130 
Gypsy a 15 ft Strip-Built Canoe ...You don't have to steam bend any ribs to build this sturdy, light-weight canoe., 10pp, 3pl, --5605 
Gypsy--A 24' Motor Sailer ..."Gypsy" is a proven motor sailer that will outweather the best of the ordinary large or small cruisers., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 5pl, --5522