Title Index 'H'

H-28, The ...Living is easy and sailing is fun when you head out to sea aboard this 28-foot auxiliary cruising ketch., Herreshoff, L. Francis---, 24pp, 3pl, --5167 
Ha'Penny--Midget Express Cruiser ...Here are plans for a pint-sized V-bottom express cruiser that will really get up and go., Kingdon, John G.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5042 
Half-Pint--A small simplified sea sled ...A little plywood and a lawn-mower engine are all you need to build Half-Pint., 3pp, --7808 
Handy Andy--A 10' Folding Boat ...This portable folding boat provides a lifetime of usage, under conditions unapproachable by conventional craft., 12pp, 2pl, --5524 
Handy Andy--A 13-Ft. Power Scow ...An inexpensive 13-ft. power scow with an air-cooled engine; for hunting, fishing or use as a workboat., Sibley, Hi---, 4pp, 2pl, --5345 
Handy Andy--A versatile craft ...Two methods of construction are possible; the choice may be made by the builder., 14pp, 1pl, --5024 
Handy--An 11 Ft 6 Inch Skiff in Plywood ...A plywood skiff ideal for all types of rugged row-boating., 4pp, --7817 
Handyman's Yacht Book, The ...Innovative, clever and absorbing., Lewis, C.E. Tyrrell---, 227pp, --0134 
Happy--An 18-Ft. Outboard Auxiliary ...Many desireable features are compressed within the eighteen feet of this able little craft., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5397 
Harbor Master, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Roberts, Theodore Goodridge---, 0pp, --0754 
Hardening and Tempering Steel in Model Making ...Here's how to do it !, , ---, 8pp, --5914 
Hardening and Tempering Steel in Model-Making ...Not hard to do. Here's how, , ---, 8pp, --5927 
Heart of England by Waterway--The ...A canoeing chronicle on river and canal, Bliss, William---, 184pp, 1pl, --0334 
Heart of Scotland by Waterway--The ...A canoe adventure by river and loch, Downie, R. Angus---, 164pp, --0337 
Herculette--A Mini Tug ...Chrome lovers and speedsters, steer clear of this jaunty craft--a good hones boat with character., Beach, David D.---, 11pp, 5pl, --5808 
Here's Dolphin ...This trailer boat, the "Dolphin", is the answer to low-cost travel over protected waters., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5550 
Here's Falcon--A 14-Ft. Sailboat ...If you want an unusually sturdy and fancy sailboat, try building this 14-footer. Costs are quite low too., Jackson, William D.---, 10pp, 3pl, --5358 
Heron ...Since Heron was designed to be a backyard project, construction has been kept simple., Garden, William---, 4pp, 3pl, --5248 
Heron Class--A 12-Ft. Sloop, The ...This design is a blending of the best qualities of three different types of boats., Webber, Edward R.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5407 
Hi-Ho--A 14 ft Family Outboard Runabout ..."Hi-Ho" makes a nice little all-purpose boat which you can build during the winter months., 16pp, 4pl, --5062 
High-Speed Runabout ...This plywood 15-footer is designed to handle big outboards., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5749 
Hilaria--A 24-Ft. Cruising Auxiliary ...A design for an attractive auxiliary sloop arranged for simple construction and the use of plywood., Crosby, William F.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5394 
Hints Tips and Gadgets ...Another great collection from Cooke., Cooke, Francis B.---, 294pp, --0240 
Hints to Young Yacht Skippers ...Advice for beginning cruisers by an old master, Day, Thomas Fleming---, 130pp, --0294 
Historical Cat Boat Rigs and Lines ...A variety of examples of the traditional rigs and lines of Eastern Cat Boats., 3pp, --7713 
History of the Navy of the USA (Two Volumes) ...Cooper's history of the Navy from 1607 to 1815., Cooper, James Fenimore---, 837pp, --0095 
Hitch-Hiker--A Running Board Boat ...A saw, hammer, a plane, tin snips and a soldering iron are all the tools needed to build this useful little boat., Beater, Jack---, 16pp, --5412 
Hoke Method in Practice, The ...A useful method of compass adjustment., Hemingway, U.S.C.G., Lieut. Commander H.G---, 14pp, --5877 
Holiday--A 20' Runabout/Cruiser Combination ...Twenty ft. runabout and cruiser combination is made of plywood., Deed, William J.---, 8pp, 6pl, --5671 
Holiday--A Twenty-Foot Runabout or Cruiser ...Here is a small craft offering two boats in one design--an open runabout and a cruiser for weekends., Deed, William J.---, 4pp, 5pl, --5853 
Home as Found (Sequel to Homeward Bound) ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Cooper, James Fenimore---, 362pp, --0676 
Homeward Bound--or The Chase ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Cooper, James Fenimore---, 400pp, --0675 
Honker--An Outboard Motor Hunting Skiff ...Here is a highly serviceable hunting and fishing skiff ., Fanta, J. Julius---, 11pp, 2pl, --5214 
Hoocares--A Tabloid Houseboat ...Plans for a miniature floating home which is driven by an outboard motor and which can cruise safely where the water is thin., Farmer, Weston---, 16pp, 3pl, --5414 
Horizon--A 24 Ft Family Auxiliary ...This sleek 24 Ft. family auxiliary is perfect for weekend cruises., Statile, Peter J.---, 4pp, 4pl, --5283 
Hot Foot--A Speedy Outboard V-Bottom Pram ...For the chap who desires to build a high-performance, V-bottom outboard., Tarbox, Luther H.---, 12pp, 4pl, --5225 
Hotei--A Family Boat ...Here's a 23-ft. family boat with three bunks, two cockpits and all conveniences., Kelly, Hal---, 20pp, 2pl, --5324 
Houdini--A Take-Apart Skiff ...This 111/2-ft. skiff can be taken apart and stacked to fit into a compact station wagon., Monk, Edwin---, 8pp, 4pl, --5326 
How I Built an Aluminum Canoe ...Aluminum and small boats are made for each other--and it's no mystery material to use either., Brodbeck, Emil E.---, 12pp, --5804 
How I Rigged the Canoe "Frolic" ...Rigging a small sailing canoe., Brattiscombe, Major---, 8pp, 1pl, --5655 
How Much Does She Weigh ...Plotted curves for weights of average boats without engines or equipment., Cary, George L.---, 1pp, --7857 
How Prams are Built--With Plans for an 8 ft. Pram ...You see prams everywhere. They are numerous as lily pads. Here is the dope on them with plans for a good one., Farmer, Weston---, 12pp, 3pl, --5843 
How To Build the 36-Footer Sea Dawn ...At 36-ft length and 11 ft width, she is for deep waters but she's good for L.I. Sound, the Great Lakes or similar areas., Crocker, Jr., Daniel S.---, 15pp, 5pl, --5452 
How To Use Waterproof Plywood in Boat Construction ...Only resin-bonded plywood should be used for boat building., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 4pp, --7048 
How to "Glass" a boat ...All you need to know about fabrics, resins and application techniques to turn out a perfect job, Emory, George---, 8pp, --5476 
How to Build Amigo Mio ...This high-performance runabout will take seas or heavy wakes without spine-jarring pounding., Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5858 
How to Build Boats ...A very fine basic book on boat building with many useful illustrations., Hauber, Widd---, 90pp, --4906 
How to Build Channel Cat ...Like to relax when you're on the water and do your cruising at a leisurely pace? Then this catamaran is for you., Beach, David D.---, 15pp, 6pl, --5756 
How to Build Consort II ...The article is how to bild a small, raised-deck cruiser, that was designed primarily with the idea of being easily built., 38pp, 3pl, --5418 
How to Build Convertible Berth-to Seat Stowage ...Almost any boat, no matter how well-designed, can be improved to meet the special needs of its owner., 4pp, --7750 
How to Build Dockside-Too--A Split-Level Houseboat ...This houseboat is a veritable home afloat--designed for real livng--for fishing--or for parties on the upper deck., Beach, David D.---, 11pp, 5pl, --5855 
How to Build Dorothy--An Economical 24 ft Cruiser ...Here is a little cruiser that uses simplicity and economy in building, yet is a real 100 per cent boat., Hanna, John G.---, 24pp, 5pl, --5031 
How to Build Fiberglass Boats ...A manual of Fiberglass boatbuilding techniques, with complete information on how to improve and repair any boat., Bell, Charles---, 221pp, --0295 
How to Build Frisky--A 17-Ft. Racing Sloop ...A jib-headed racer that meets the popular demand for a racing craft combined with a knockabout., Fanta, J. Julius---, 13pp, 4pl, --5314 
How to Build Gannett- 1 and 2 ...Among the hundreds of designs printed in the past in How To Build 20 Boats, one of the all-time favorites is "Gannet",, Hall, Charles H.---, 48pp, 7pl, --5043 
How to Build Gemini ...This creator of advanced designs comes up with a 21-ft. catamaran powered by two big outboards., Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5763 
How to Build Gull--A 12-Ft. Glass Racing Dinghy ...Gull is a sweet little 12-foot racing dinghy with plenty of stability and freeboard. (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 21pp, 4pl, --5373 
How to Build Kathy--A 20-Ft. Outboard Runabout ...The arrangement plans reveal full-length berths extending under the forward cockpit, gally, toilet and stowage space., Rodney, Don---, 17pp, 4pl, --5377 
How to Build Kingfisher--An 111/2 Ft. Utility ...Despite its rowboat appearance, Kingfisher rivals speedboats of comparable power., Jackson, William D.---, 4pp, 1pl, --5315 
How to Build Maumee Maid ...This 26-footer has all the essentials that are needed for summer after summer of comfortable family river cruising., Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5871 
How to Build Mayfay ...Mayfay is designed to carry a large outboard, utilize its power efficiently, and to carry at least two people., Farmer, Weston---, 9pp, 2pl, --5117 
How to Build Moppet--A 19-Ft. V-Bottom Cruiser ...A handsome little cruiser with accomodations that are very complete for the size., Foster, N.A., J.L.---, 12pp, 4pl, --5404 
How to Build Morgiana ...This 20-foot is full of design ideas!, Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5807 
How to Build Paramour ...Here's a 22-ft. inboard cruiser that has a lot to recommend it in the way of creative design and unusual features., Beach, David D.---, 12pp, 5pl, --5776 
How to Build Peanut ...Complete instructions for building a lap-streak dinghy., Crosby, William F.---, 3pp, --7701 
How to Build Peetee--A 22' 6" Cruiser ...A smart, economical craft designed to provide good all-around cruising for the small family., Rabl, Sam---, 12pp, 5pl, --5312 
How to Build Picadilli ...This 20-ft. inboard jet day cruiser will provide plenty of room for that afternoon on the water, especially for water skiers., Beach, David D.---, 10pp, 5pl, --5770 
How to Build Pint Size--An Outboard Hydroplane ...An A Class Outboard Stock Hydroplane--Born during the 1951 Motor Boat Show, 8pp, 3pl, --5848 
How to Build Powered Trim Tabs for Your Boat ...Here's an easy way to eliminate the pounding your boat takes in rough water and get a consistently smooth ride., Pierce, Milton---, 2pp, --7887 
How to Build Sabot ...One of the most popular pram dinghies every designed--thousands have been built., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 12pp, 2pl, --5850 
How to Build Sea Deuce ...Stylish 16' cruiser accomodates two comfortably on a weekend boating trip. Unique interior., Beach, David D.---, 10pp, 7pl, --5796 
How to Build Sea Girl ...With this basic 18-ft. hull design, builders are offered a choice of three different topside arrangements., Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 7pl, --5869 
How to Build Sea Scout ...No showroom skiff, this 15-footer will respond ably in just about any kind of water and weather., Winter, Rogers---, 14pp, 5pl, --5777 
How to Build Sea-Star ...Not for skiers and speed deomons, but if you like space, operating economy and sea-kindlness, here's your boat., Winter, Rogers---, 12pp, 6pl, --5773 
How to Build Skat Kat ...This "hot rod" with the hull form of a scow-hydroplane will provide plenty of speed., Winter, Rogers---, 8pp, 4pl, --5859 
How to Build Solari ...The 20-footer describe her is the fifth of a series which extends back about five years., Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 7pl, --5760 
How to Build Solution--A 16' Sailing Scow ...Especially for those who want an unpretentious sailboat which is quickly built., 8pp, 4pl, --5663 
How to Build Su-Lu--A 10' Sailing Dinghy ...A 10-ft. model of a Navy PT hull designed for cold-molding., 19pp, 7pl, --5662 
How to Build Sunfisher ...This fast open fishing boat can be adapted to inboard power., Beach, David D.---, 9pp, 8pl, --5766 
How to Build Water Skis ...All steps for making the skis are shown on these two pages., Sibley, Hi---, 2pp, --7851 
How to Build Whisky--A Car Top Boat ...She's light, and fast, and free running and will be especially good with nominal horespowers., Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 1pl, --5368 
How to Build a 15-ft Outboard ...Designed for strength in open water, it will take a 25 h.p. motor., 16pp, 3pl, --5051 
How to Build a 16 ft Runabout ...If you're a water ski enthusiast, you will enjoy this boat., 12pp, 6pl, --5053 
How to Build a 16' Sailing Punt ...A punt is so easily constructed that anyone with but the slightest knowledge of boat-building can fashion one., Hobden, H.F.---, 24pp, --5649 
How to Build a 20 ft Cabin Cruiser ...There is full sitting head room in the cabin, while the galley, two berths and head are compactly designed., 12pp, 11pl, --5054 
How to Build a 20-Foot Knockabout ...When working up the design of this little craft, the intention was to produce a capable seaworthy boat for bad weather., 25pp, 4pl, --5438 
How to Build a 20-Foot Monoplane ...Two arrangements are shown; one open, with seating capacity for six or eight persons, the other a regular auto runabout., 7pp, 6pl, --5435 
How to Build a 22-Foot V-Bottom Runabout ...A sweet little runabout complete with a whistle and a search-light., 16pp, 5pl, --5437 
How to Build a Boat Landing on a Muddy Shore ...Rot-proof fiberglass sandbags and logs of Styrofoam provide a solution., 2pp, --7018 
How to Build a Boat Trailer ...Actually, three boat trailers; complete plans for all., Jackson et al, William D.---, 36pp, 3pl, --5527 
How to Build a Bubble System for In-Water Storage ...Why pay for dry storage during the winter when for little money you can make your own portable wet-storage system, Palmer, Raymond A.---, 2pp, --7891 
How to Build a Class E Racing Ice Yacht ...A real speedster., Mead, T.E.---, 19pp, 3pl, --5852 
How to Build a Cruising Yawl ...Three Yawls-The Famous SeaBird and its enlarged versions, SeaGoer and Naiad, Rudder Magazine, ---, 50pp, --4912 
How to Build a Diving Raft ...No fancy materials are needed. It can be built of scrap pieces of lumber easily obtained., 1pp, --7812 
How to Build a Duckboat ...Sharp all over, including both ends, is this he-man's rugged duckboat., Schock, Edson I.---, 4pp, --7849 
How to Build a Fiberglass Icebox ...It is relatively easy for the average boat owner to build some of his interior accomodatsions., 4pp, --7015 
How to Build a Fishing Machine ...Anyone with the skill to use very basic woodworking tools can., Stearns, Bob---, 4pp, --7938 
How to Build a Fold Boat ...It is quickly assembled or taken apart, it can be stored in any automobile compartment out of sight., 28pp, 2pl, --5700 
How to Build a Kyack ...For the man who likes his cruising on rough water and does not want to wait for his weather this kyack will find appeal., Rabl, Sam---, 6pp, 2pl, --5128 
How to Build a Quahogger: A Narragansett Bay Type ...An extremely useful and practical shoal draft working utility., Smith, Michael P.---, 4pp, --7066 
How to Build a Sectional Canoe ...A twelve-footer that can be made to take to pieces and pack up into one parcel of, say, five feet by two feet six., Pontin, George---, 7pp, 1pl, --5654 
How to Build a Simple 14' Fishing Punt ...The building of a fishing punt is no difficult matter to anyone with a taste for amateur carpentering,, Meggy, Gordon---, 12pp, --5661 
How to Build a Snipe ...Among the world's largest classes of one-design sailboats., 16pp, 5pl, --5046 
How to Build a Swim Platform ...It is not too difficult to build a swim platform for your boat and you can save a great deal of money., 4pp, --7724 
How to Build an Easy-Access Cupboard ...A useful cupboard for use on any boat., 3pp, --7753 
How to Build the Boy's Own Sailing Skiff ...A Classic Thames Sailing Skiff., Hobden, H.F.---, 24pp, --5651 
How to Design and Build Berths and Dinettes ...A variety of ideas for berths for new boats and conversions., 36pp, --5639 
How to Fiberglass a Deck ...The best way to reduce maintenance on a deck is to cover it with a layer of fiberglass--Here's how!, Duggan, Bill---, 3pp, --7879 
How to Figure Your Planing Speed ...Here is a nomograph that tells you what top speed you can expect from your boat., Martenhoff, Jim---, 2pp, --7889 
How to Fish with a Sky Hook ...Kite fishing is an ancient Asian art that's catching on here. With kits you can 'cast' as far as you want if the wind's right, Anderson, Kenneth A.---, 2pp, --7909 
How to Get "Finish" on Ship Models ...The proper way of finshing a fine model., 8pp, --5562 
How to Get Close to the Dam Fish ...If you're not allowed near the turbines, or if the fish lie beyond casting range, try this technique of "motor casting.", Transue, Warren---, 2pp, --7892 
How to Keep an Old Deck in Good Condition ...Canvas decks take a lot of punishment--here's how to keep them in tip-top shape., 4pp, --7916 
How to Lay Out Spars for a Marconi Rig ...Masts are calculated as columns, booms as beams; here's how to lay them out., Steward, Robert M.---, 2pp, --7710 
How to Lay and Repair Canvas Decks ...For the traditional boatman who want's to properly lay his canvas-covered deck., 28pp, --5640 
How to Lengthen Your Boat ...You can lengthen your old boat inexpensively and quickly, and you'll gain the comfort a big boat affords., 4pp, --7702 
How to Make No-Spill Lift-and-Pull Drawers ...In rough-water cruising, the drawers of cabinets can open and spill their contents. These draws will stay put., 3pp, --7754 
How to Make Seat Cushions ...The long cushions used on some boat cockpits are unwieldy to handle. Here's how to make zippered smaller cushions., 2pp, --7751 
How to Make a Boat Dock ...Building a dock for your vessel isn't tough, but there are tricks to it., Geerlings, Jerry---, 11pp, --5728 
How to Make a Bulkhead Chart Holder ...Many boats have an outside cabin bulkhead that makes an ideal place to mount a chart holder for the helmsman., 2pp, --7759 
How to Make a Canvas Canoe ...Possesses the important characters of speed, comfort, safety, and fair durability., Littlewood, E.T.---, 12pp, --5653 
How to Make a Dish and Mug Rack ...Here are two simple building projects that help organize the dishes., 3pp, --7757 
How to Make a Folding Galley Shelf ...In the galley of a small craft, any project that uses wasted space and promotes easier cooking helps the cook., 2pp, --7760 
How to Make a Marine Railway ...Here's an effective and easily constructed project for hauling that big boat out of the water., Sibley, Hi---, 3pp, --7045 
How to Make a Race Starting Clock ...The problem of providing a good readable starting clock is a major concern to regatta committees., Ryan, Jack---, 1pp, --7721 
How to Make a Real Ship's Wheel ...Plans to make two ships' wheels; one as a wall decoration (and practice for the real one) and one yacht's wheel for your boat, Selchow, Don---, 2pp, --7705 
How to Make a Removeable Stove-Top Counter Top ...Work space in the galley of a small or medium-size cruiser is always in short supply. Here's a way to extend it a bit., 2pp, --7756 
How to Make a Sextant ...How to make a sextant from ordinary materials., Partridge, W.E.---, 58pp, 1pl, --5572 
How to Make a Vertical Storage Drawer ...In or near the galley of many boats, there often is unused or wasted space between cabinets that can be used with this design, 3pp, --7755 
How to Make an Anchor Line Reel ...Where and how to stow a few hundred feet of nylon anchor line on a small boat is quite a problem. Here's a solution., 3pp, --7725 
How to Make an Overhead Chart Rack ...In a small crusing boat, life is more liveable if good use is made of all available space., 2pp, --7758 
How to Moor the Small Boat ...Insurance statistics of marine casualties show that over forty per cent of damages paid are caused by bad anchor devices., Rabl, Sam---, 3pp, --7922 
How to Plank Small Craft ...A brief course on carvel planking., 8pp, 2pl, --5658 
How to Read and Run a River ...While the emphasis here is on fast water, the principles involved apply to all river boating., McMasters, A.J. (Jib)---, 3pp, --7872 
How to Understand a Boat Plan ...A man builds his own boat for two reasons; to save money and have fun dong it. Here's some help!, Farmer, Weston---, 9pp, 5pl, --5842 
How to Winterize a big Outboard ...Preparing a large outboard motor, 40 hp and up for winter is not as hard as you might think. Here' s how you do it and save $, Notrom, Henry B.---, 2pp, --7901 
How to build a Motor Ice Boat ...Here's something really unique from the early part of the century., 9pp, 1pl, --5697 
How to choose Binoculars ...Good glasses can be highly useful to the outdoorsman and boatman, whether purchased new or second-hand., 4pp, --7927 
Hunter's Duck Boat ...Only ordinary materials are needed and the building need not take more than three working days., 8pp, 1pl, --5006 
Huntsmen of the Sea ...A brief history of whaling., 30pp, --5571 
Hustler ...This speedabout is low in cost, high in performance., Clark, Henry---, 16pp, 1pl, --5171 
Hydro-Kart--A 3 Pt Hydro-Dual Kart Engines, The ...In one week's spore time, you can build this 50-mph competition-type hull., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5299