Title Index 'I'

Ice Boating ...A brief history of one of the fastest sailing sports on earth., Schoettle, Edwin J.---, 13pp, --5718 
Ice-House you can Build, An ...Build a ice fishing house., Ehlert, John---, 1pp, --7942 
Iceboat Scoot, The ...The unique arrangement of the sail and rigging plan of "Scoot" make her useable in water or on ice., 16pp, 6pl, --5252 
Icicle--A speedy 2-seat Ice Boat ...Here's an ice boat in which you can take a crew member., 6pp, 4pl, --5025 
Ideal Scooter for Hire ...There's good money to be made in the renting of boats and here's a good candidate., Jackson, William D.---, 6pp, 1pl, --5271 
Imada and How I Made Her, The ...A good English boat!, Bailey, G.H.---, 8pp, --5646 
Imp--A 14-Ft. Utility Inboard ...Powered by a 5-hp aircooled motor, "Imp" will run just about all day on a buck's worth of gasoline and oil., White, Gerald Taylor---, 12pp, 3pl, --5228 
Improving Economy and Performance of Power Boats ...What every power boatman needs today; better performance and economy., 28pp, --5632 
In Canada's Wonderful Northland ...A story of 8 months travel by canoe, motorboat and dog-team on the northern rivers and along the Quebec coast of Hudson Bay., Curran & Calkins, W.Tees & H. A.---, 336pp, 1pl, --0331 
In Northern Mists Vol 1 ...A detailed monumental work on the history of arctic exploration in two volumes of which this is the first., Nansen, Fridtjof---, 384pp, --0586 
In Northern Mists Vol 2 ...A detailed monumental work on the history of arctic exploration in two volumes of which this is the second., Nansen, Fridtjof---, 396pp, --0587 
In Quest of the Sun ...Gerbault's second story of the "Firecrest"-this time a cruise to the South Seas., Gerbault, Alain---, 189pp, --0307 
In Tidal Waters ...Another collection of cruising yarns by one of our favorite cruisers., Francis B., Cooke---, 241pp, --0311 
In the Roaring Fifties ...A volume of nautical fiction., Dyson, Edward---, 205pp, --0719 
In the Sargasso Sea ...A volume of nautical fiction., Janvier, Thomas A.---, 229pp, --0785 
In's and Out's of Electric Starting, The ...If your electric starting system is acting up, chances are the starer itself isn't to blame. Know what can go wrong., Notrom, Henry B.---, 3pp, --7904 
Inboard or Outboard Camper, An ...Either way, this 21-footer is ideal for the week-end or overnight cruise., Schock, Edson I.---, 17pp, 3pl, --5742 
Inexpensive Little Cruising Sloop of 21' LOA, An ...A small sloop, large enough to accomodate two on cruises of two-weeks duration, and four for afternoon sails., Oehrle, Wm. H.---, 19pp, 4pl, --5376 
Influence of Sea Power Upon History--1660-1783, Th ...A Maritime History volume, Mahan, Alfred Thayer---, 479pp, --0742 
Ingenious Main Halyard Latch Locks Sail Aloft ...Highly ingenious, quite simple and as far as we can see, absolutely foolproof. Operated entirely by the main halyard., 2pp, --7863 
Inland Clipper--A 31' Houseboat ...Exceptionally livable quarters for four people are provided in this comparatively small cruising houseboat., Mason, Al---, 8pp, 6pl, --5674 
Inland Voyage, An ...Stevenson at his best; canoeing through France and Belgium., Stevenson, Robert Louis---, 266pp, --0010 
Install Power in your Canoe ...This arrangement is light in weight, doesn't occupy much space, and best of all is relatively inexpensive., Sibley, Hi---, 2pp, --7815 
Installing Built-in Fuel Tanks ...Extend the range of your small cruiser., 2pp, --7041 
Installing Cleats-Winches-Rails and Pulpits ...Various methods of mounting deck fittings on fiberglass decks with foam cores, solid decks and wooden decks., 4pp, --7726 
Installing Steerers and Controls ...A project most often undertaken by boaters; the installation of motor controls for remote steering, throttle, etc, Whittier, Robert J.---, 16pp, --5353 
Installing Transducers for Depth Sounders ...A variety of methods for installing depth sounder transducers in a variety of hull materials., 22pp, --5630 
Installing Trim Tabs ...Trim tabs can make an unruly planing power boat behave with more docility., 2pp, --7732 
Installing a Battery Selector Switch ...This project outlines an arrangement that permits you to charge both batteries from a common source of power., 2pp, --7741 
Installing a Small Air-Cooled Inboard Engine ...How to install and maintain a Briggs & Stratton type inboard., Emmett, J.A.---, 8pp, --5219 
Installing a Sonar-Type Depth Sounder ...Being able to know what lies submerged beneath the surface of the water brings great peace-of-mind., 3pp, --7745 
Installing a Surface Thermometer ...The relation of water temperature to successful fishing is key. Here how to install a remote-reading surface thermometer., 4pp, --7780 
Installing a Through-Hull Mounted Depth Transducer ...Better high-speed performace of the depth sounder is one important advantage of through-hull mounting., 4pp, --7747 
Installing a Transom-Mounted Depth Transducer ...A transom-mounted transducer for a depth sounder is the most popular because it does not require cutting holes in the hull., 2pp, --7746 
Installing a Windlass ...A windlass, depending on its location, poses a different installation problem for boat owners., 4pp, --7727 
Installing an Inside-Mounted Depth Transducer ...The inside-hull mount avoids the need to cut a hole in the bottom of the boat, and nothing hangs down to create drag., 3pp, --7752 
Interest of America in Sea Power--Present and Futu ...A Maritime History volume, Mahan, A.T.---, 147pp, --0711 
International Star Class--A Brief History, The ...History of one of the world's most popular one-design classes., Elder and Ratsey, G.W. and Ernest---, 19pp, --5709 
Introduction to Plywood Boatbuilding ...Basic rules for the building of a successful plywood boat., 41pp, 1pl, --5786 
Ishkoodah--An Express Cruiser ...Here is a high-speed cruiser with hull and superstructure of the ultramodern type., White, Gerald Taylor---, 13pp, 5pl, --5199 
It's Really Easy to Square-Stern Your Canoe ...Here is a way to square the stern of your Canadian-type canoe to better accept an outboard., Gartner, John---, 2pp, --7038 
Its Easy to Make Your Own Sails ...Sailmaking isn't a difficult craft. For the cost of materials alone you can fit your boat with a suit of well-cut sails., Fanta, J. Julius---, 2pp, --7836