Title Index 'K'

Kaniwa-Bune--The ...An examination of ancient birch-bark canoes the world over, Nishimura, Shini---, 60pp, 1pl, --0328 
Katherine, A Hand 30-foot Cruiser ...As complete and able a boat as it is to find on the seven seas., Hand, Jr., William H.---, 12pp, 6pl, --5417 
Katusha--A Classic Inboard Cruiser/Runabout ...Another design by Weston Farmer who has turned out a most interesting little tabloid cabin cruiser. A real sweetheart!, Farmer, Weston---, 12pp, 2pl, --5118 
Kayak to Cape Wrath ...A kayak adventure on the wild north-west coast of Scotland, Henderson, J. Lewis---, 230pp, --0336 
Kedge Anchor or Young Sailor's Assistant, The ...Practical Evolutions of Modern Seamanship, Rigging, Knotting, Splicing, Blocs, Purchases, Running-Rigging, Brady, William---, 400pp, --0096 
Keel Knockabout ...This plywood sailboat is designed for easy building by novice builders, with no sacrifice in appearance., Schock, Edson I.---, 21pp, 2pl, --5884 
Keeping an Old Deck in Good Shape ...How to maintain traditional canvas decks., 4pp, --7814 
King Canvasback--A 15 ft. Plywood Kayak ...Here's a classic kayak easily built in plywood and canvas, Miller Jr., John M.---, 4pp, --7861 
King Kat ...Slung from a bipod mast, this lateen rig gives maximum performance on either tack or reach., Vining, Keith---, 17pp, 2pl, --5165 
King's Cutters and Smugglers--1700-1855 ...Another fine nautical history volume by this well known author, Chatterton, E. Keble---, 290pp, --0668 
Kingfish Class--A 10-FT. Sailing Canoe, The ...The construction is simple and the completed boat should not cost much., Webber, Edward R.---, 7pp, 2pl, --5406 
Kingfisher ...Build her in your garage over one winter. You can trail her anywhere and use her on almost any water., Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 2pl, --5879 
Kingfisher Abroad ...Mr. and Mrs. Rising combine a description of canoeing through Europe in 1939, with the premonitions of the coming darkness., Rising, T. and T.---, 304pp, --0264 
Kingfisher--A 9' Pram ...Exceptionally practical and useful under all conditions., 10pp, 1pl, --5520 
Kitty-Cat--An Easy-to-Build Catamaran ...Leaves little to be desired in the area of snappy performance., Long, John---, 8pp, 6pl, --5237 
Knock-About Boat, A ...Excellent for use as a tender for hunting or fishing, or to take with you on your summer vacation., 8pp, 1pl, --5092 
Knockabout--A 14 Ft Utility Rowboat ...Basic tools are just a saw, hammer and nails and you can build her in two days., Shiner, Don---, 8pp, 1pl, --5288 
Knots Splices and Rope Work ...A Practical Treatis Giving Complete and Simple Directions for Making all the Most Useful and Ornamental Knots., Verrill, A. Hyatt---, 90pp, --0051 
Knotting and Splicing Ropes and Cordage ...Standard knots plus some fancy ones; also hammock making, scaffolding and wire rope work with about 200 Illustrations, Hasluck, Editor, Paul N.---, 155pp, --0298 
Kodiak Kayak ...you don't have to ben an Eskimo to build and enjoy this buoyant little craft., Sibley, Hi---, 4pp, --7007