Title Index 'L'

La Mer et Les Marins ...A Maritime History volume, Corbiere, Edouard---, 136pp, --0714 
La Petite--A Plywood Dinghy ...First, it is compact; second, it is light; and third, it is easy to build., 8pp, 3pl, --5008 
Labrador Eskimo--The ...Historical sketchers of the Labador Eskimo, Hawkes, E.W.---, 233pp, 1pl, --0581 
Land Boat, The ...This land boat was designed by Ashley and is an adaptation of his ice boat to land locomotion., 2pp, --7811 
Lark Jr. ...Lark, Jr., is a boy's boat--a 131/2-foot long cabin cruiser for inland and coastal waters., Bosley, Robert---, 10pp, 3pl, --5115 
Lark, The ...The "Lark" is a general purpose utility boat having a tendency towards higher speeds., 18pp, 2pl, --5087 
Lark, The ...A particularly shapely plywood utility runabout , Dickey, William---, 12pp, 3pl, --5812 
Last Cruise of the Electra, The ...Being the Strange Adventures of Two American Lads on Land and Sea and Submarine., Chipman, Charles P.---, 268pp, --0225 
Lathes and Lathe Work for Modelers ...From the type of purchase to uses and housing, 8pp, --5906 
Lazybones ...This comfortable 24-ft. sloop accommodates two., Smith, Donald H.---, 4pp, 4pl, --5174 
Le Capitaine Paul ...A volume of nautical fiction., Dumas, Alexandre---, 152pp, --0730 
Le Chat du Neptune ...A volume of nautical fiction., D'Hervilly, Ernest---, 40pp, --0756 
Leakproof Cockpit of Fiberglass, A ...Are you tired of that leaky cockpit? If so, replace the old dog with a fiberglass cockpit., 2pp, --7017 
Let's Go Barreling ...Nobody goes along just for the ride in a barrel-boat--everybody walks and has a barrel of fun., Dowd, Merle E.---, 4pp, 1pl, --5819 
Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton--Volume 1, ...A Maritime History volume, Nelson, Horatio---, 66pp, --0709 
Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton--Volume 2, ...A Maritime History volume, Nelson, Horatio---, 62pp, --0710 
Lieutenant and Commander, The ...Autobigraphical sketches of the author's own career, from Fragments of Voyages and Travels, Hall, Basil---, 270pp, --0704 
Life & Voyages of Christopher Columbus(2 Vols) ...A unique history from his birth to his death together with all of his voyages., Irving, Washington---, 735pp, --0085 
Life and Adventures of Nansen ...The absorbing story of the best known of the early arctic explorers, Bain, J. Arthur---, 450pp, --0562 
Life of Captain James Cook, The ...A Maritime History volume, Arthur, Kitson---, 220pp, --0694 
Life of John MacGregor ("Rob Roy"), The ...A suberb and most complete biography of the great canoeist., Hodder, Edwin---, 496pp, --0274 
Life of Nelson--Volume 1, The ...A Maritime History volume, Mahan, A.T.---, 527pp, --0707 
Life of Nelson--Volume 2, The ...A Maritime History volume, Mahan, A.T.---, 496pp, --0708 
Life of Thomas Lord Cochrane, The ...A Maritime History volume, Cochrane, Thomas---, 247pp, --0703 
Life of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord Viscount ...A Maritime History volume, Harrison, James---, 241pp, --0705 
Life with the Esquimaux ...A narritive of arctic esperience in search of survivors of Sir John Franklin's expedition, Hall, Charles Francis---, 546pp, 1pl, --0555 
Light-Houses of the United States, The ...A nineteenth century view of the major light houses of the United States., Nordhoff, Charles---, 32pp, --5570 
Lighthouse, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Ballantyne, Robert---, 204pp, --0721 
Lily Pad--A 16.5-Ft. Outboard Cruiser ...Specially designed for amateur builders, this boat is suitable for an occasional overnight cruise., Mason, Al---, 12pp, 4pl, --5246 
Little Bubble--Nine feet of Runabout Fun ...There are 130 pounds of darting delight in only nine feet of boat. And so simple to build., Clark, Henry---, 16pp, 2pl, --5696 
Little Chief-- A 15 Foot Canvas Canoe ..."Little Chief" is a canoe with many virtues, ideally adapted to quick, easy construction., 8pp, 1pl, --5515 
Little Fellow--A Midget Inboard Runabout for Kids ...This midget inboard has an outboard power plant., Ruskauff, Robert---, 4pp, 2pl, --5685 
Little Giant--A 9 foot Portable Pram ...A handsome pram with Norwegian influence that's also easy to build., Temple, J.B.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5493 
Little Harbour Putt-About ...She's far from the fastest thing afloat, but she has style and class. Builer he in your celler--it's easy., Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5746 
Little Injun ...Nonsinkable Planing Sailboat Anyone can Build., Rising, Boardman---, 8pp, 3pl, --5044 
Little Mae Too a Moth Class Sailboat ...The joy and pleasure of sailing can be more than doubled by racing your sailboat., Gintling, Roger---, 12pp, 3pl, --5614 
Little Rogue ...A tabloid auxiliary, just over 19 feet on her water line, this little sloop will really sail., Farmer, Weston---, 10pp, 5pl, --5882 
Little Savage, The ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., Marryat, Captain Frederick---, 239pp, --0796 
Little Ships ...A delightful collection of sea yarns about small boats, cruising and racing., Hughes, John Scott---, 187pp, 3pl, --0198 
Little Star--An All-Purpose Utility Dinghy ...Designed for a variety of uses, this eleven foot pram-type dinghy can be rowed, sailed or driven by an outboard., Rabl, Sam---, 7pp, 2pl, --5706 
Loft Before You Build ...For boatbuilding, don't think you can short-cut by not laying the lines down full size. It's not difficult and it pays off., 4pp, --7024 
Lofting--Making Full-Size Boat Plans ...A simple explanation of lofting--which really isn't difficult!, Jackson, William D.---, 10pp, 2pl, --5276 
Logbooks of the Lady Nelson, The ...A Maritime History volume, Lee, Ida---, 198pp, --0697 
Looking Seaward Again ...A volume of nautical fiction., Runciman, Walter---, 114pp, --0713 
Loon, a 16 ft Cruising Garvey ...A combination of old and the new-the garvey type has proven itself through long years on our inland rivers., Emmett, J.A.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5591 
Loss of the SS Titanic, The ...A Maritime History volume, Beesley, Lawrence---, 173pp, --0773 
Lowering the Transom of a Small Power Boat ...When changing motors, this is sometimes necessary. Here's how to do it., 1pp, --7734 
Lure of the Labrador ...Logs of four cruises aboard the ketch Seacrest to Labrador waters for which her skipper won the blue water medal., Sheldon & his Crew, Dr. Paul B.---, 196pp, --0211 
Lure of the Labrador Wild ...The story of the exploring expedition conducted by Leonidas Hubbard, Jr, Wallace, Dillon---, 339pp, 1pl, --0599