Title Index 'M'

Mackeral: a versatile Sea Skiff ...Combines unusually ample accommodations with seaworthiness for sport and pleasure use., 8pp, 2pl, --5099 
Mackerel--A 16-Foot Family Type Outboard Runabout ...This is a design of a popular type of small family runabout using any one of the small outboard motors., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 2pp, --7050 
Magnet, A Hand 28-foot Cruiser ...For the amateur builder this should be an easy boat to construct, Hand, Jr., William H.---, 13pp, 5pl, --5431 
Major Ops of the Navies in the War of America ...A Maritime History volume, Mahan, A.T.---, 244pp, --0733 
Make Your Boat This Twin-Engine Synchronizer ...You can make a twin-outboard synchronizer for under $10.00., 2pp, --7883 
Make Your Own Fishing "Spoons" ...An expert fisherman tells how to make these sure-fire bass and steelhead lures., Howard, C.L.---, 3pp, --7911 
Make Your Own Hole Saws of Any Diameter ...A description of how to make hole saws from simple parts able to cut holes of any diameter., Youngquist, Alvin---, 1pp, --7708 
Make Your Own Paddles ...You can replace the lost or broken paddle for your kayak or canoe with one or both of the types described here., Richards, William C.B.---, 2pp, --7825 
Make Your Own Sailboat Fittings ...How to make a variety of brass fittings for your boat., Basich, George E.---, 2pp, --7837 
Make a "Throwaway" Duck Boat ...No thing of beauty is this little bucket--she's all practicality. But you'll never beat her price tag., Oertle, V. Lee---, 8pp, 1pl, --5734 
Make the Rabl Simplified Sextant ...How to make your own sextant from common materials., Rabl, Sam---, 12pp, --5196 
Make your own Electronic Fish Sensor & catch more ...Trout by telemetry!, Busse, James C.---, 8pp, 1pl, --5478 
Make your own Take-Along Custom Rod. ...You'll have one that exactly fits your suitcase, and it'll be styled to suit your taste.., Stearns, Bob---, 4pp, --7929 
Making Deadeyes and Lanyards ...How to make model deadeys and lanyards for ship models., 4pp, --7944 
Mallard--A 14-Ft Duck Boat ...Light enough to car-top carry, this 14-foot plywood duck boat will keep you dry on hunting trips and also make a good blind., 12pp, 3pl, --5239 
Manu--A 30 mph Planing Sailboat ...Ever sailed in a planing-type sailboat? No! Here's a real thrill., Jackson, William D.---, 24pp, 9pl, --5300 
Manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing ...The classic text; Kemp, what more is there to say!, Kemp, Dixon---, 648pp, --0008 
Many Cargoes ...A maritime tale from this British writer who also wrote a few short works of horror fiction, like the "The Monkey's Paw.", Jacobs, W.W.---, 237pp, --0763 
Marconi Rigging and Sailmaking ...A companion volume to Gray's Sailmaking Simplified, with more emphasis on Marconi sails and rigging., Gray, Alan---, 143pp, --0254 
Mardi Gras--A midget Class Ocean Racer ...Draft 36" S.A. 266 sq ft. Headroom in main cabin 5'4"--sleeps four to six (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 13pp, 4pl, --5720 
Marianne ...Marianne has a catamaran hull to provide minimum drag and maximum speed with a 75-hp outboard motor., Benze, Ted---, 11pp, 3pl, --5145 
Marine ...Diderot's Maritime Volume from the great Encyclopedia of he an d'Alembert. (Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century), Dideriot and D'Alembert, ---, 100pp, --0052 
Mariner--A Classic 19ft Raised Deck Cabin Cruiser ...Intended as a complete little cruiser for two or three, and containing a large cockpit, berths, galley, and toilet., Monk, Edwin---, 11pp, 2pl, --5506 
Martin Hyde-The Duke's Messenger ...A volume of nautical fiction., Masefield, John---, 248pp, --0770 
Mary Jane ...Measuring 17 feet 7 inches, this round-bottom inboard launch offers the challenge of real boat building., Steward, Robert M.---, 4pp, 2pl, --5157 
Mast and Sail in Europe and Asia ...A vast coverage of the different types of sailing craft from England to China., Smyth, H. Warington---, 371pp, --0053 
Masterman Ready ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., Marryat, Captain Frederick---, 214pp, --0795 
Masting; MastMaking; and Rigging of Ships ...also Tables of Spars, Rigging, Blocks, Chain, Wire and Hemp Ropes, etc., relative to every class of vessel., Kipping, Robert---, 236pp, --0054 
Mate of the Good Ship York, The ...or, The Ship's Adventure., Russell, W. Clark---, 454pp, --0100 
Matey--An 8-Ft. Plywood Dinghy ...Light in weight but built for hard service; ideal as a tender or an all-purpose boat., 8pp, 2pl, --5244 
Maximus--Ski tower ...Outfitted with a 20-hp outboard, it will do 38 mph--perfect for towing water skiers., 4pp, 3pl, --5068 
Mayflower and Her Log, The ...A Maritime History volume, Ames, Azel---, 248pp, --0799 
Measuring Propeller Pitch ...Two methods for measuring the pitch of your own propeller., 1pp, --7717 
Mechanical Properties of Wood, The ...A three part study of the properties of wood and the affects of stress, defects and damage when used for specific tasks., Samuel J., Record, M.A., M.F.---, 199pp, --0299 
Medical Compend for Commanding Officers ...For Officers of Naval Vessels to which no Member of the Medical Department is attached., Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, ---, 171pp, --0022 
Mehitabel--An 18' Plywood Cruiser ...She is 18 feet 8 inches overall, 16 feet 9 inches on the water, 7 feet 6 inches beam, 1 foot 2 inches draft., Beach, David---, 8pp, 4pl, --5669 
Men-Women and Boats ...A volume of nautical fiction., Crane, Stephen---, 187pp, --0775 
Meow--A Plywood Catskiff ...A plywood cat-rigged skiff that can be rowed, sailed, or powered with an outboard motor., Johnson, Ernest A.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5224 
Merry Maid--A 15-Ft. Plywood Runabout ...Designed as a roomy little runabout capable of good speed and having rough-water ability., Ungerbuehler, Charles M.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5227 
Message from the Sea, A ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Dickens, Charles---, 32pp, --0757 
Meteor Class Knockabout ...A vee-bottomed boat suitable for two or three when racing and the same number when just knocking around., Mower, Charles D.---, 2pp, --7793 
Method of Determining Balance in Sailing Hulls, A ...The "Metacentric Shelf System," and how it works., 4pp, --7718 
Midge--A 7.5-Ft. Roped Dinghy ...Of the simplest design possible, yet it will carry three grown persons and is very seaworthy., Rabl, Sam---, 8pp, 2pl, --5209 
Midget Skiff ...Two week-ends' work and this pram is yours. High freeboard and a true bow make her able for her size., Schock, Edson I.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5751 
Midget--A Boat for the Midget Ocean Racing Club. ...Midget is designed to be one of the smaller boats under the MORC rule, with an overall length of only 20 feet., Webber, Edward R.---, 15pp, 9pl, --5375 
Midshipman Stuart--or The Last Cruise of the Essex ...A fictionalized account of the last cruise of the famous Salem privateer., Munroe, Kirk---, 329pp, --0244 
Midshipman--Marmaduke Merry My Early Years, The ...Undoubtedly a source for Hornblower., Kingston, William H.G.---, 298pp, --0034 
Miniature Boat Building ...The Construction of Working Models of Racing, Sail and Power Boats., Leitch, Albert C.---, 267pp, 1pl, --0159 
Miniature Racing Yachts and How to Build Them ...Extremely comprehensive and complete. Many full-page plates and two pocketed plates, Daring, Thomas---, 115pp, 2pl, --0353 
Minimax ...Most popular of all S&M; boat plans., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5820 
Minuteman ...Here is a fast cruising catamaran. (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 8pp, 4pl, --5448 
Mirror of the Sea, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Conrad, Joseph---, 209pp, --0768 
Missile--A 19 ft Racing Sailboat ...Small craft designed for the backyard boatbuilder who wants competition or just plain speedy sailing., 24pp, 5pl, --5103 
Moby Dick ...A combination Dory and Whaleboat., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5258 
Moby Dick ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Melville, Herman---, 490pp, --0672 
Model Boat Building ...A small book but packed with some really unique stuff !, Camm, E.J.---, 144pp, --0360 
Model Boat building for Boys ...From a simple rubber-band stern-wheeler to a 36 inch sailing yacht, here is a good progressive manual to interest kids., Cavileer, John W.---, 72pp, --0355 
Model Boats for Juniors ...This volume contains a variety of different types of models arranged by their building difficulty., Horst, Claude William---, 122pp, --0318 
Model Boiler Fittings ...Every Boiler need valves and other fittings. Here's how to make them, , ---, 8pp, --5921 
Model Engines and Sail Boats ...Coverage of the direct-acting screw-type engine & a unique system for making small cylinders & boilers without special tools, Hopkins, Nevil Monroe---, 74pp, --0350 
Model Hydroplane Skims the Water ...Pusher prop spun by model-plane engine gives high performance. Construction is easy and fast., Clough, Jr., Roy L.---, 3pp, --7875 
Model Power Boats ...This book aims to explain the entire art of model power boat design and construction, Hobbs, Edward W.---, 297pp, --0345 
Model Sail and Power Boats ...A quite rare example of an excellent model boat building book. Includes 16 large plates, Horst, Claude William---, 132pp, 16pl, --0301 
Model Sailing Boats ...One of the most complete volumes on this fascinating hobby that we have yet seen., Hobbs, Edward W.---, 333pp, --0315 
Model Sailing Craft ...Called by Rudder Magazine--The Dixon Kemp of Model Building--this fine comprehensive work deserves the subriquet., Daniels and Tucker, W.J. and H.B.---, 236pp, 13pl, --0352 
Model Sailing Yachts ...Another of Marshall's competent and comprehensive treatment of the subject, Marshall, Percival---, 112pp, --0348 
Model Steamer Building ...Good information on the endlessly fascinating subject of steam-powered models, Marshall, Percival---, 50pp, --0347 
Model Steamers and Motor Boats ...A variety of fine steam model to build--Screws and Paddles, Engines and Boilers, etc., Marshall, Percival---, 126pp, --0349 
Model Yacht Building ...An interesting historical overview of the hobby, including a rare insight into Benjamin Franklin's involvement., Klauder, Charles Z.---, 12pp, --5716 
Model Yachts and Boats ...Grosvenor's very complete and through explaination of how to design, build and sail a variety of model yachts, Grosvenor, J. du V.---, 261pp, --0283 
Model Yachts and Model Yacht Sailing ...The classic work. Idea lfor the man who wants to model a classic cutter yacht, Wlton, V.M.Y.C., james E.---, 127pp, --0363 
Model Your Own Dream Boat ...Dreaming of that boat that you hope to build? This shows you how to make certain that you'll get the boat you want. , Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 2pl, --5847 
Modern Friendship Sloop, A ...Drawings and building specifications for building a popular type of cruising auxiliary., Winslow, Ralph E.---, 15pp, 6pl, --5442 
Modern Ships of War ...A magnificent history of the World's Navies at the end of the nineteenth century., Reed & Simpson, E.J. & E.---, 499pp, --0106 
Mohawk ...16' long, weighs 65 lbs and has 240 lbs of built-in floatation. (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 4pp, --7004 
Moppet--An All Purpose Rowboat ...Row it... Use it with any small outboard.. . Carry it atop your car., Williams, Jack---, 8pp, 1pl, --5019 
More About "Developable" Surfaces ...Understanding stresses and curvatures of plywood in boat building., Werback, Clarence E.---, 2pp, --7047 
Moth Class Racing Skimmer ...This simple little skimmer is about as easy a boat to build as anyone could ask for., Crosby, William F.---, 3pp, --7792 
Motor Boat Boys--A River Chase, The ...Bank robbers; motor boats, a river chase. Great stuff!, Arundel, Louis---, 257pp, --0066 
Motor Boat Building for the Amateur ...Useful suggestions from laying down the lines full size to the correct fiberglass to use., Patterson, H.W.---, 213pp, --0091 
Motor Boats, Hydroplanes and Hydroaeroplanes ...Construction and operation with practical notes on propeller calculation and design, Russell, Thomas H.---, 219pp, --0319 
Motor Canoe, A ...This 16-ft. motor canoe can do everything an ordinary canoe can do and a lot more., Daniels, M.E.---, 6pp, 2pl, --5465 
Mounting Hardware on Fiberglass ...Monting hardward on fiberglass requires special know-how for a perfect jog. To be an expert, just read this., Oertle, V. Lee---, 8pp, --5735 
Mounting an Outboard on a Sailboat ...Many sailors like to add an outboard auxiliary to their daysailers or trailerable cruising boats., 4pp, --7737 
Mr Midshipman Easy ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., Marryat, Captain Frederick---, 320pp, --0684 
Mr. Trunnell--Mate of the Ship Pirate ...A volume of nautical fiction., Hains, T.Jenkins---, 142pp, --0717 
Mule--A 14-Ft. Sailing Garvey ...A combination work-boat and pleasue-boat and both cheap and easy to build., Chapelle, Howard I.---, 24pp, 4pl, --5241 
Multi-Purpose Docks are Easy to Make ...Take a standard-sized piece of plywood, a couple of old 55-gallon steel drums and a few hours of time, and build this dock., Beasley, M. Robert---, 8pp, 1pl, --5872 
Mutineers, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Hawes, Charles Boardman---, 249pp, --0778 
Mutiny of the Elsinore, The ...A Maritime History volume, London, Jack---, 255pp, --0793 
My Canoe ...An almost Balzacian account of canoeing on French rivers, Chenu, Charles Maurice---, 138pp, --0330 
My First Voyage to Southern Seas ...Kingston's story of two young lads at sea for the first time. Not to be missed for lovers of Kingston., Kingston, William H.G.---, 412pp, --0190 
Mysteries of the Ocean, The ...from the French of Arthur Mangin, Translated, Edited and Enlarged., Mangin, Arthur---, 463pp, --0174 
Mystery, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., White and Adams, Steward Edward and S---, 238pp, --0765