Title Index 'N'

N.J. Seabright Skiff (Lines Only) ...The lines were taken off an actual Seabright skiff by the naval architect, Roger M. Haddock., 1pp, --7807 
Nanook of the North ...The well-know and widely lauded true story of eskimo hunters, Bilby, Julian W.---, 318pp, --0565 
Naomi--A 22-Ft. Hooper's Island Skiff ...Beautiful and fast as well!, Rabl, Sam---, 8pp, 7pl, --5208 
Narrative of a Voyage to Senegal in 1816 ...A Maritime History volume, Savigny and Correard, J.B. Henry and Alexa---, 182pp, --0688 
Narrative of the Voyage of HMS Rattlesnake ...A great cruising story, Curwood, James Oliver---, 254pp, --0747 
Narrative of the Voyage of the HMS Rattlesnake ...A Maritime History volume, MacGilivray, John---, 254pp, --0687 
Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy Between ...A Maritime History volume, Gilly, William O.S.---, 280pp, --0738 
Nathaniel Bowditch--America's Navigator ...A brief biography of the most famous navigator., Paine, Ralph D.---, 28pp, --5507 
Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca ...A Maritime History volume, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Vaca---, 160pp, --0781 
Naval Architecture Simplified ...A text-book of small power boat design, Desmond, Charles---, 186pp, --0267 
Naval Pioneers of Australia, The ...A Maritime History volume, Becke and Jeffery, Louis and Walter---, 195pp, --0734 
Navigation Dictionary ...A complete dictionary of navigation from the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Service., Hydrographic Office, U.S. Navy---, 253pp, --0253 
Navigation of Small Yachts, The ...A navigation volume by one of our favourite cruisers., Irving, John---, 296pp, --0023 
Navy as a Fighting Machine-The ...During his long career, Fiske wrote extensively on technical and professional issues. Here is one of his best., Fiske, Bredley A.---, 274pp, 8pl, --0667 
Ned Myers--or A Life Before the Mast ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Cooper, James Fenimore---, 209pp, --0696 
Negro Explorer at the North Pole--A ...The story of one of the first men to the North Pole with a Foward written Robt E. Perry and Intro by B. T. Washington., Henson, Matthew A.---, 115pp, --0566 
Nereia Pram ...Simple to build, will tow and row easily and will stand up well under hard usage., Herreshoff, L. Francis---, 4pp, --7719 
New Hope--An 8 Ft Weekend-Build Pram ...A handy man in a hurry could finish one of these in a weekend., Kelly, Hal---, 8pp, 2pl, --5287 
New Voyage Around the World, A ...The first circumnavigator, though mostly by accident and maybe a little piracy thrown in., Dampier, William---, 564pp, --0058 
Newton Foster ...A Marryat tale of battles, storms, & shipwrecks from his experience as an naval officer, and hero of the Napoleonic wars., Marryat, Captain Frederick---, 314pp, --0724 
Night Watches ...A maritime tale from this British writer who also wrote a few short works of horror fiction, like the "The Monkey's Paw.", Jacobs, W.W.---, 151pp, --0783 
Nimble ...Want a real boat? Build this sweet and salty 30 ft. schooner!, Crockett, V.B.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5139 
Nimrod of the Sea--or the American Whaleman ...A Maritime History volume, Davis, William M.---, 319pp, --0669 
No Trailer Needed for This Light Garvey ...Built in halves, this Barnegat Bay sneakbox-type craft is easily hoisted up on the car top rack., Sibley, Hi---, 2pp, --7848 
Nor'Wester--A 15.5-Ft. Alaskan Type Kayak ...Anyone handy with ordinary carpenter tools should be able to build this light and sturdy Alaskan Eskimo-type kayak., 4pp, --7882 
Notes on Building Center-Boards & Rudders ...Detailed design information for designing and building centerboards and rudders, 3pp, --7711 
Nugget ...This 24-ft. trimaran can be built at rock-bottom cost., Piver, Arthur---, 8pp, 3pl, --5172