Title Index 'O'

Ocean Tragedy, An (2 Volumes) ...According to Kipling: One of the greatest of the sea writers!, Russell, W. Clark---, 415pp, --0035 
Ocean and all its Wonders, The ...A beautiful volume of the life in the sea., Ballantyne, R.M.---, 246pp, --0078 
Ocean's Story--or, Triumphs of Thirty Centuries ...A graphic description of maritime adventures, achievements, explorations & discoveries., Howland, Edward---, 712pp, --0173 
Offshore Outboard ...Here's a 21-footer designed for high speeds in rough water. Plywood constuction makes her easy to build., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 14pp, 3pl, --5745 
Old Merchant Marine, The ...A Chronicle of American Ships and Sailors., Paine, Ralph D.---, 204pp, --0176 
Old Wooden Walls, The ...Their construction, equipment, etc. Being an abridged edition of the Falconer's celebrated Marine Dictionary., Gill, Claude S.---, 241pp, 16pl, --0282 
On Yachts and Yacht Handling ...Another good work from the skipper of "Seabird" and editor of "The Rudder.", Day, Thomas Fleming---, 192pp, --0165 
On the High Seas ...A collection of yarns concerning men, ships and the sea., Chatterton, E. Keble---, 319pp, --0308 
One-Sheet of Plywood (14-ft) Rowboat, A ...This 11-inch hull comes out of a single sheet of 3/8-inch plywood., 16pp, 2pl, --5686 
One-man Car-top Boat loader ...An easy approach to car-topping, 2pp, --7898 
Optimist Pram, The ...Though less than 8 feet long, the Optimist-Pram helps boys and girls develop the qualilties of competent boatmen., 9pp, 2pl, --5789 
Ostkust ...She's 24 feet from stem to stern, large enough for limited cruises and roomy enough for day sailing., Mason, Al---, 20pp, 3pl, --5168 
Our Autumn Holiday on French Rivers ...A most unusual and brilliantly written voyage on the french rivers. The canoe in question is a four-hand outrigger., Molly, J. L.---, 284pp, --0335 
Our Floating Patio ...Here's a dock with plenty of plusses--it's easy to build and will not wash away., Lyon, Jean---, 8pp, --5744 
Our Naval Heroes ...--in Words of Easy Syllables. They are all here from Farragut on!, Pollard, Josephine---, 228pp, --0077 
Our Sea Saga;The Wood Wind Ships ...Story of the Packets and Clippers, their Builders and Masters who Carried the Stars and Strips on Seven Seas., Sawyer Jr., Edmund Ogden---, 340pp, --0197 
Our Week Afloat ...--or How We Explored the Pequonset River in New Jersey., Stanley, Wallace P.---, 392pp, --0092 
Out of the Fog ...A volume of nautical fiction., Ober, C.K.---, 28pp, --0760 
Outboard Racing Runabout ...A One-Design outboard racer., Crosby, William F.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5851 
Outward Bound or Young America Afloat ...A lot like The Lord of the Flies; but in politics and mutiny. Another Optic great!, Optic, Oliver---, 381pp, --0067 
Ozark John Boat ...Natives of the Razorback country have developed these remarkable boats to float down their sparkling smallmouth bass rivers., Godsey, Townsend---, 8pp, 1pl, --5726