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I have only just discovered your collection of books. What a goldmine!
Guy, Bergen Norway.
[A note on sailing canoes]

Thank you for preserving and making available a treasure trove of information and literature that would not be acessable.
Barry, Jacksonville, Florida

"Our postie just delivered my book (Common Sense of Yacht Design) and it is a gem. Thank you so much for your dedication and sheer perseverance to getting it bound and on its way. I really like the "lay-flat" binding and all around it is a first-rate job. So many thanks from way out on the "Left Coast".
Much aloha always,
Oscar, Port Townsend, Washington" 07/22/2020

"I am interested if you still have copies of your Sax Rohmer reprints published by your The Press at Toad Hall imprint. These were beautiful editions and I would love to complete my collection of them."
William, 07/06/2020

"Dear Mr. Goodchild,
Today I received the books I ordered. They are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL...
I would not hesitate to recommend your bookstore to anyone in need of hard-to-find quality books. Thank you so much for the completion of our order. It sure is a very nice packet presentation one receives from The Press at Toad Hall for a boat plan! Really appreciate your efforts and production.

"Dear David. First, thank you for the booklets and information sheets which I received yesterday. I don't know the size of your publication and book business, but whatever the size I am impressed with the "Quality and Presentation of your Products". I have got three or four, thirty five years old plus PM's and in the original the product was not as "Readable and clear as yours" I have no hesitation in recommending the service which you provide to anyone. Thanking you once again for your product.
Regards John S."

"Thank you for your recent additions to my library, L.F. Herreshoff s "The Commonsense of Yacht Design". The book, is really quite beautiful... beyond expectation. The two booklets I ordered with it are no less well done. I really appreciate the work you are doing. I didn't know what to expect, really, when I ordered from you. I'm sure I didn't expect the quality you provide. I'm a hobbyist letterpress printer (when my equipment is not in storage) and I was delighted with the work you do."

"Dear David,
I received the Kunhardt book. Nobody can have a good nautical library without this book. I just read some of the writing, and as you said on your web page not only the plates are important but the writing too. A very good look at 19th century yachting and of course the treat to have the Madge drawing and scantling description. And all these little cutters; they are a great source of inspiration. Thank you again for reprinting these treasures. This book is really magnificent."

"I received my order and I could not be more pleased. I was hoping for at least a decent paper back. Instead I received a wonderful hardcover book with excellent reproduction value!!! Thank you very much"

"Hello, I wish to thank you so very much for the sailboat plans. I had this plan set for many years from the magazine article, but in the years of moving about and damage, the plans were lost. I have done some searches on line for this sailboat to no avail until I found your plans list. I was honestly expecting a xerox copy of the magazine article and that would have been great, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the plans booklet that you have taken the time to make up. It is a very nice booklet that I will hang to. Thank You!"

"Dear David: I received the Yacht Cruising book and look forward to reading it. I saw that you protected the picture with a transparent page, I haven't seen that for ages, it is a very nice feature. The book in it's whole is very classical, practical, with a sense of luxury, Thank you again for your wonderful work."

"Dear Mr Goodchild: I just received the Griffith's book, Dream Ship. What a lovely book and a very interesting book. I knew the work of Maurice Griffith but I never had the opportunity to see this book, so I am very eager to read it. I really enjoy the red book mark. A very nice touch and the book looks like a real collectible! Very beautiful paper, with a smooth and agreeable surface. The off-white will not tire the eyes and give the drawing a warm effect. Beautiful publishing work. Thank you so much."

"Dear Mr Goodchild: My boat plans arrived today and I have to say that I'm absolutely astounded by the quality of your product not to mention the manner of professionalism you show in your business dealings. It is treat to receive something from overseas but there is always a percentage of risk involved. This transaction has proven to be both great and risk free! Thank you once again and please be assured I will not hesitate to deal with you again."

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