Title Index 'S'

Sabot ...There's eight feet of fun and usefulness packed into this sturdy plywood pram dinghy., 8pp, 2pl, --5160 
Safe Moorings for the Boat Afloat and How to Build ...Every boat, regardless of how small or inexpensive it is, deserves a safe mooring of some kind., Jackson, William D.---, 3pp, --7826 
Sail Planning for the Amateur ...Whether you own a rowboat, a canoe, or motorboat it can be made to sail., 4pp, --7835 
Sail Skimr--A 14 Ft Sailboard/Day Sailer ...Well designed and easy to build; here is fun sailing at its best!, Smith, Donald H.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5279 
Sailing ...Knight's classic text on basic sailing and cruising., Knight, E.F.---, 204pp, --0041 
Sailing Across Europe ...A sail across Europe via canals and rivers in a small yawl in 1925 with intimations of the coming fascist disaster., Farson, Negley---, 399pp, --0239 
Sailing Alone Around the World ...A great cruising story, Slocum, Joshua---, 200pp, --0776 
Sailing Boat--The ...A major work! An essential encyclopedia of sailing boats emphasizing smaller craft. An great companion to Kemp., Folkard, Esq, Henry Coleman---, 547pp, --0322 
Sailing Canoes: A Brief History ...A fine little book outlining the history of various types of sailing canoes., Mills, Warsutta---, 86pp, --0304 
Sailing Dinghy of Plyfoam ...With lightweigh plyfoam, the home builder's task and tools are minimized, Bell, Charles---, 4pp, --7010 
Sailing Dinghy--Snowbird ...Snow Bird is a smart sailing dinghy of a type similar to those used in "Frostbite" racing in the winter season., Mower, Charles D.---, 2pp, --7844 
Sailing Kayak, A ...This 16' sailing kayak with lateen rig is one of the fastest boats on water, yet it is a safe sailer., 20pp, 2pl, --5095 
Sailing Pram, A ...This boat is suitable for construction by boys of high-school age., Schock, Edson I.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5772 
Sailing Scow, A ...Three boys working together can construct it in a single day., 4pp, --5111 
Sailing Ships and Their Story ...An excellent ship reference for the days under sail., Chatterton, E. Keble---, 556pp, --0175 
Sailing Ships at a Glance ...A Pictorial Record of the Evolution of The Sailing Ship from the Earliest Times Until To-Day., Hobbs, Edward W.---, 113pp, --0162 
Sailing and Small Craft Down the Ages ...Full descriptions and accurate drawings of the ships and small craft that sailed the seas from ancient Greece to the present., Bloomster, Edgar L.---, 293pp, --0292 
Sailmaking Simplified ...A Practical Manual for the Amateur., Gray, Alan---, 170pp, --0155 
Sailor Boy or; Jack Somers in the Navy, The ...A Story of the Great Rebellion., Optic, Oliver---, 288pp, --0116 
Sailor Boy with Dewey, A ...--or Afloat in the Philippines., Bonehill, Captain Ralph---, 250pp, --0069 
Sailor Talk ...All the colloquilisms that inhabit our daily language and their derivation from sailor talk., Downing, Bear---, 64pp, --5542 
Sailor's Knots ...The great knots of seamanship clearly illustrated by photographs., Day, Cyrus Lawrence---, 149pp, --0178 
Sails and Sailmaking ...With Draughting and the Centre of Effort of the Sails, also, weights and sizes of ropes, mating, rigging, etc., Kipping, Robert---, 328pp, --0140 
Sailski--A 27' Racing Catamaran ...A beautiful Herreshoff creation., Herreshoff, L. Francis---, 24pp, 7pl, --5666 
Sandpiper--A 22-Foot Shoal Draft Runabout ...An attractive design and specifications for a shallow water craft of excellent appearance and a fine turn of speed., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 10pp, 5pl, --5424 
Sandpiper--Auxiliary Schooner for Two ...Every inch a little ship and will catch the eye in any company., Garden, William---, 8pp, 4pl, --5204 
Sandspur, A Garvey ...A very traditional shape but still good today., Grandy, Gidge---, 2pp, --7796 
Sandy--A Double-Ended 18 ft. Sharpie ...Down on Chesapeake Bay these sharpies have the reputation of being "slippery as an eel.", 8pp, 6pl, --5615 
Sassy--A Rough Water Runabout ...Construction is on the fairly heavy side and her lines have been worked out to produce an easy-running boat., Ungerbuehler, Charles M.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5198 
Saunterer--A 12' Rowboat ...A boat that is dry and buoyant., 12pp, 3pl, --5545 
Saved at Sea ...A volume of nautical fiction., Walton, Mrs. O.F.---, 39pp, --0761 
Scamper ...How to build a strip-planked boat., Farmer, Weston---, 10pp, 4pl, --5839 
Scaup--A Wildfowler's Dream Come True ...This design has one purpose--taking duck hunters to deep water in 15' of sound, honest boat., Smith, Roger P.---, 14pp, 6pl, --5774 
Scherzo--A 13-Ft. Sailing Canoe ...Sailing this type of canoe is a new and different treat., Webber, Edward R.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5408 
Schizo--A Fifteen-Foot Waterline Catamaran ...A beach cat from the board of one of the greatest of the catamaran designers., Harris, Robert B.---, 6pp, 6pl, --5792 
Scram II--A Flashing 15.5' Runabout ...A revised and up-to-the minute version of the famous speedboat., Johnson, Ernest A.---, 6pp, 3pl, --5498 
Scram III--A 15-Ft. 9" Plywood Speedboat ...No need to say how good a design "Scram" is; the boat has spoken for herself., 8pp, 3pl, --5218 
Scram Pram ...Designed as a utility speeder, this simple craft will prove thrilling to handle when powered by motors of not over 10 hp., Farmer, Weston---, 11pp, 3pl, --5370 
Scram--A flashing 15 1/2 ft Runabout ..."Scram" is a fitting name for a boat that has the flash and sheer brilliancy of performance that this runabout has., 16pp, 6pl, --5032 
Screwball ...Pram type boats are not new, but this version of the type is., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5184 
Scud--A Fast 14-Ft. Outboard ..."Scud" will be as much fun to build as to use. Her construction makes maximum use of plywood., Mason, Al---, 7pp, 3pl, --5501 
Sea Babe--A Lightweight 15 ft Cabin Cruiser ...Cruising comfort plus runabout speed are packed into 15-ft. "Sea Babe"., Jackson, William D.---, 24pp, 3pl, --5078 
Sea Bass ..."Sea Bass" is a double-cabin power cruiser, 30 feet overall length, 9 feet beam and has a draft of 2 feet 3 inches., Crosby, William F.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5568 
Sea Biscuit ...Want a real speed box? You will get it here., Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 4pl, --5886 
Sea Craft-A 25-Ft. Cabin Cruiser ...Ideal for use on large lakes or rivers, and fully seaworth for offshore cruising., 48pp, 8pl, --5250 
Sea Explorer--A 27 Ft. Camp Ketch ...Eight or ten boys could have a wonderful two weeks cruising with such a boat along an interesting coast line., Garden, William---, 8pp, 3pl, --5277 
Sea Fisherman, The ...The Chief Methods of Hook and Line Fishing in the British and Other Seas, and Remarks on Nets, Boats and Boating., Wilcocks, J.C.---, 476pp, --0097 
Sea Flea ...Two plywood panels sandwiching a bare minimum of inner framing make it easy to build., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 1pl, --5187 
Sea Fury-A 15 Ft 3-Pt Hydro Runabout ...With ordinary 35-40 hp motors, "Sea Fury" will begin to plane in her own length., Jackson, William D.---, 13pp, 4pl, --5301 
Sea Gal ...Sea Gal's ample beam and 300 lb. weight make her ideal for the rough waters along the east or west coasts, or inland lakes., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5266 
Sea Glider ..."Sea Glider" is basically a scow or, if you prefer, a pram. She's truly an all-purpose boat., Adams, Joseph---, 8pp, 1pl, --5236 
Sea Gypsy, The ...The story of a Pacific Cruise with a tragic ending., Salisbury & Cooper, E.A. & M.C.---, 331pp, --0099 
Sea Hawk--A 21-Ft. Outboard Cabin Cruiser ...If you're looking for a good, big roomy cabin cruiser for overnight trips on protected waters, this boat's for you., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 6pl, --5823 
Sea Jet--A Hickman Sea Sled Type ...Here's a craft with an underwater form specially designed to move at almost PT boat speeds., Jackson, William D.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5253 
Sea King--African Ski Boat ...Built for salt-water fishing five to seven miles off-shore, "Sea King" is a prime example of the African ski boat., 12pp, 3pl, --5067 
Sea Lions--or The Lost Sealers, The ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Cooper, James Fenimore---, 380pp, --0679 
Sea Mate--A Rugged Sea-worthy Skiff ...The design for this rugged seaworthy boat was taken from proven sea skiffs used by fishermen for generations., Jackson, William D.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5185 
Sea Midge--Snug, Small, Three-way Pram ...May be rowed, sailed, or adapted for use with outboard motors of from 1 to 3 hp., Jackson, William D.---, 5pp, 4pl, --5833 
Sea Mite--A 10 ft Sail or Power Catamaran ...A sailer, an outboarder and the all-around shoal-draft utility boat., 16pp, 4pl, --5080 
Sea Rover ...This 3-in-1 ocean-going outboard can be built as a sports, utility or cabin model in either a 15 or 17 ft. length., Jackson, William D.---, 24pp, 6pl, --5183 
Sea Rover--A 24-Ft. Auxiliary Cruiser ...The advantage of this size and type of craft is chiefly roominess and rugged seaworthiness., Fanta, J. Julius---, 12pp, 5pl, --5216 
Sea Scout--A 13-Ft. Inboard Runabout ...Be prepared for fun with this 13-footer., Jackson, William D.---, 7pp, 1pl, --5363 
Sea Skeeter--An Ideal Boat for Young Mariners ...This unique craft is designed for the young skipper who has had no previous experience in marine construction,, 4pp, 1pl, --5125 
Sea Skiff--A 131/2" Fishing Skiff ...Designed for the man who likes to fish., 7pp, 2pl, --5523 
Sea Sled--A Hunting Boat in Masonite, The ...Here is a boat planned for the ordinary fellow not too handy with tools, Meehan, C.L.---, 8pp, 1pl, --5516 
Sea Songs ...Dibdin's great collection; unequaled for completeness of early sailor songs., Dibdin, Charles---, 463pp, --0048 
Sea Surrey--A New Type of Catamaran ...You can have a picnic aboard this 20-ft. pleasure barge., Manning, Gordon P.---, 21pp, 5pl, --5778 
Sea Warfare ...Kipling and his take on "modern" sea warfare., Kipling, Rudyard---, 170pp, --0045 
Sea Wolf, The ...One of London's best known sea-works and not to be missed., London, Jack---, 366pp, --0164 
Sea Wolves of the Mediterranean ...The rise of the Moslem corsairs of the Mediterranean and their eventual defeat., Currey, E. Hamilton---, 361pp, --0217 
Sea, The ...A gorgeously illustrated romance of the sea by the famous French philosopher., Michelet, Jules---, 397pp, --0086 
Sea-Boat, The ...An excellent text devoted to Clench (Lapstreak) building, riggings and sailing., Leslie, Robert C.---, 180pp, --0270 
Sea-Boats, Oars and Sails ...The great O'Brien explains the construction and use of sundry small craft., O'Brien, Conor---, 181pp, 13pl, --0279 
Sea-Hawk, The ...This author is best known for swashbuckling books made into films; The Sea Hawk, Scaramouche, and Captain Blood. Here is one., Sabatini, Rafael---, 271pp, --0798 
Seafoam--A 16 foot LWL Catamaran ...Weight 700 lbs; beam 8'; sail area 157 square feet (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 5pp, 3pl, --5472 
Seajack--A 15' Knockabout Sailer ...A lot of boat for her size but ideal for single-handing., 12pp, 4pl, --5021 
Seal ...There's adventure in every inch of this 16-foot Eskimo kayak., 6pp, 2pl, --5162 
Seaman's Friend, The ...A Treatise on Practical Seamanship; A Dictionary of Sea Terms; Customs and Usages of the Merchant Service; and Laws., Dana, Richard Henry---, 275pp, --0055 
Seamanship for Yachtsmen ...Another great cruising volume by Cooke., Cooke, Francis B.---, 174pp, --0131 
Seaward--A 30 ft. Power Cruiser ...She's a fast, seaworthy craft, with commodious quarters fulfilling family requirements., Fanta, J. Julius---, 14pp, 6pl, --5611 
Secrets of successful Winter layup ...As a head start for trouble-free days afloat, every boat requires tender, loving care during winter ashore., Whittier, Bob---, 4pp, --7937 
Septa--A 12-Footer ...This interesting 12-footer has a novel convertible top and foredeck anchor hatch., Schlieir, Robert and George---, 14pp, 4pl, --5331 
Serene--A Tabloid Houseboat ...For vacationing afloat or for leisurely cruising, this tabloid power houseboat should appeal to many., Tarbox, Luther H.---, 16pp, 6pl, --5201 
Serviceable Nancy Jane, The ...For all-around use, this trim 19-ft. inboard runabout is easily adapted to a converted auto engine., 7pp, 2pl, --5082 
Serviceable Small Boat, A ...All large boats need tenders and the punt described can be easily and quickly built at low cost., Monk, Edwin---, 2pp, --7856 
Setting Up The Frame of a Small Boat ...After assembling the stem, frames and transom of a small boat, setting up is a problem., 2pp, --7829 
Seventeen-Foot Knockabout ...Race it, teach the kids to sail or just knock about in it. Construction is easy., Schock, Edson I.---, 22pp, 3pl, --5738 
Sez You! ...And does she go! Say, mister-like a hot penny on a greasy pan says me!, Farmer, Weston---, 8pp, 1pl, --5119 
Shad--An 111/2-Ft. Skiff ...This well-designed skiff is 111/2-feet of functional floatation; a good boat to own and use., Monk, Edwin---, 4pp, 2pl, --5332 
Shallow Draft Bass Boat ...Here is an ideal craft to reach the best bass fishing area;--where they feed in shallow water among the spatter-docks., Sibley, Hi---, 4pp, 1pl, --5270 
Shallow Draft Cruiser, Turtle, The ...An attractive little boat designed for amateur boat builders and arranged to accomodate several persons, Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 10pp, 2pl, --5429 
Shallow-Draft Hunting Kayak ...If you want to explore for game in the shallow back waterways (where noisy motorboats can't go), this two-seater is for you., 11pp, 5pl, --5294 
Shark, A Hand 21-foot Utility Runabout ...Only twenty-one feet long but combining, in a small space, all of the conveniences and utility of a larger boat., Hand, Jr., William H.---, 11pp, 3pl, --5434 
Shark--A 15 ft Racing Sloop ...She was designed for sailing in quite a bit of breeze but responds well in light airs also., 12pp, 2pl, --5030 
Shark--A Deep Water Runabout ...A substantial design and building description for a heavy-duty runabout able to go out to sea with ease., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5425 
Sharon Potts-a 15' Knockabout ...This boat was intended as a one-design class to be built by the owners., Schock, Edson I.---, 8pp, 6pl, --5454 
Sharpenings Secrets of a Pro ...You can get a razor edge on all of your tools and knoves by following these simple steps., Juranitch, John A.---, 4pp, --7930 
Shingle--An Auto Campers Boat ..."Shingle" is a light but sturdy little rowboat which can be carried on top of the car on the hunting or fishing trip., Klust & Kuns, Arthur C. & Ray F.---, 12pp, 2pl, --5129 
Ship Model Building in Cardboard ...How to make models of square rigged ships from common cardboard., MacDougall, Ian---, 20pp, --5564 
Ship Model Making--Clipper-Sovereign ...Detailed information on building this fabulous clipper., McCann, E. Armitage---, 146pp, --0129 
Ship Model Making--Frig.-Constitution ...A detailed manual on building the most famous frigate of them all., McCann, E. Armitage---, 202pp, 2pl, --0130 
Ship Model Mast Making ...Tips on how to make masts for model square riggers., 11pp, --5563 
Ship Modeler's Scrapbook, The ...Many tips and hints for ship modelers; especially square rig., 32pp, --5567 
Ship Models ...A folio of photographs of significant models., Chatterton, E. Keble---, 0pp, 77pl, --0115   with plates
Ship Models Illustrated ...This volume concentrates on the myriad of small details necessary for a finely finished and complete model, Hakman, F. Ward---, 126pp, --0344 
Ship and Shore ...A Journal of a cruise in the frigate Constellation., Colton, Rev. Walter---, 315pp, --0024 
Ship's Chest and First Aid at Sea, The ...A detailed handbook for first aid at sea., US Public Health S, ---, 498pp, --0083 
Ship's Company ...A maritime tale from this British writer who also wrote a few short works of horror fiction, like the "The Monkey's Paw.", Jacobs, W.W.---, 162pp, --0779 
Shipmite--An 81/2-Ft. Plywood Pram ...Shipmite rows easily, has great carrying capacity and is the best behaved tender I ever towed in a following sea., Cross, Leonhard H.---, 25pp, 3pl, --5405 
Ships and Sailors ...A fine collection of sea songs, both war and chantey, with several fine colour illustrations. (Large format), Zogbaum and Barnes, ---, 141pp, --0049 
Ships and Sailors of Old Salem, The ...An exciting history of the great seafaring city when the American Merchant Marine was great! (Comes in two volumes), Paine, Ralph D.---, 668pp, --0117 
Ships and Ways of Other Days ...Chatterton's excellent history of sailing ships., Chatterton, E. Keble---, 449pp, --0046 
Shooting Sun and Stars with a Sextant ...Why get lost? Navigation is really easy to learn and will make you a real sailor. Celestial navigation for a buck!, Rabl, Sam---, 4pp, --7920 
Shore Lark--A Speedy 13 Foot Runabout ...Fast, safe, and seaworthy on almost any waters, this utility runabout will afford long happy hours of sport., 12pp, 1pl, --5566 
Shorebird ...Here's a flat-bottom grain-belt yacht--for those lazy fishing days out for sunfish or yellow perch., Farmer, Weston---, 4pp, --7005 
Short Cruises ...A maritime tale from this British writer who also wrote a few short works of horror fiction, like the "The Monkey's Paw.", Jacobs, W.W.---, 172pp, --0764 
Shoveller ...This 13-foot 8-inch duck boat is perfect for the man who is both hunter and amateur boat builder., Steward, Robert M.---, 4pp, 1pl, --5154 
Showboat a 16.5 ft Bicycle Powered River boat ...This miniature "Showboat" is an ideal camp afloat for those who like to spend vacation days on lake or river., Rolfe, Douglas---, 10pp, 5pl, --5608 
Silas a 15 ft Utility Skiff ...The very name implies strength and sterling old-fashioned qualities-all of which this design has., Emmett, J.A.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5609 
Silent Fishing Partner ...An electric trolling motor you can build yourself., Strand, Harold P.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5355 
Silver Bird--A Speedy Icemobile ...An air boat for ice!, Fanta, J. Julius---, 4pp, --7913 
Silver Fin ...This 20-foot day boat may be built of plywood and equipped with twin engines., Mason, Al---, 5pp, 3pl, --5155 
Silverfin--A 20-Ft. Sailboat ...This fast-saililng 20-ft. plywood sailboat has nice lines, was designed for a crew of three., Burgess, C.P. and E.D.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5330 
Simple 13 1/2 Ft. Outboard Skiff, A ...It's 131/2 feet long, and is ideal for fishing or cruising., Whittier, Robert J.---, 12pp, --5693 
Simple Boat Building ...One of the best small boat building books with a particularly good section on design., Prout, Geiffrey---, 134pp, --0248 
Simple Little Sailing Skiff, A ...Easy to build and fun to sail., Gorenflo, L.J.---, 2pp, --7846 
Simple Simon ...With a 3-hp. air-cooled inboard engine, this attractive 15-foot plywood utility boat will do 10 mph., 12pp, 4pl, --5203 
Simple Steam Box for Amateur Builders ...A simple steaming rig that will be very helfpul for all builders., Root, Hinman R.---, 1pp, --7706 
Simplex--A Military Type Outboard Cruiser ...She is built of plywood, and will build for very little money in materials., Farmer, Weston---, 9pp, 3pl, --5846 
Simplifying Boat Plans for Amateur Builders ...How to better understand designers drawings prior to building., Rabl, Sam---, 10pp, 3pl, --5657 
Simplifying Short-Handed Sailing ...Good ways to make it easy for the single-handed or short-handed sailor., 17pp, --5631 
Sinbad--An Auxiliary Cutter ...A 29-ft. auxiliary cutter that's fast and seaworthy, has berths for five, full headroom., Crosby, William F.---, 16pp, 5pl, --5346 
Single-Handed Cruising ...A valuable book for the single-hander by one of our favorite cruising writers., Cooke, Edward---, 187pp, --0313 
Sinking of the Titanic ...A Maritime History volume, Marshall, Logan-Editor---, 169pp, --0699 
Sitka ...Sitka, is the quaint old Russian capital where the history of the Northland was made., Willoughby, Barrett---, 248pp, --0592 
Sixteen Foot Half-Cabin Cruiser, A ...This V-bottom cruiserette has been a choice of the amateur builder in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific for some time, 9pp, 5pl, --5482 
Skate--An 8' Utility Skiff ...Versatile small skiff designed expressly for the rank amateur., Rolfe, Douglas---, 5pp, 5pl, --5705 
Skeeter--A Fishing Skiff ...Design, specifications and building instructions for a most useful shallow-draft, economical tunnel-stern utility boat., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5421 
Skeeto--A Ski Boat ...Water-Ski enthusiasts, who rate their pleasure in mph will like this boat., Jackson, William D.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5256 
Skimabout ...Designed and built for a family, Skimabout is as big a runabout as anybody could want., 12pp, 3pl, --5173 
Skimen Mimi ...Designed for simplicity of construction, is Mimi, a flashy little lady at home in fast company., Beach, David D.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5727 
Skimmer--A Sturdy Plywood Kayak ...This kayak is staunch and seaworthy because it's built of waterproof plywood over a conventional frame., 2pp, --7822 
Skinney--An 17-Ft. Sailing Canoe ...A clever design for an attractive and popular style of sailing craft which will furnish thrilling sport., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 12pp, 2pl, --5396 
Skipper and the Skipped, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Day, Holman---, 266pp, --0749 
Skipper--Low-cost Outboard Runabout ...Ideal for river or lake use, yet big enough to ride rough water., 24pp, 2pl, --5061 
Skipper-A Simple 12-Foot Skiff ...This handy twelve-foot skiff is a refinement of larger, heavier boats., 14pp, --5033 
Skippy ...A sweet little sailing dinghy., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 4pp, --7049 
Skippy--A 11-ft 8 inch Plywood Sailboat ...A plywood sailboat 11 feet 8 inches long., Muir, George---, 2pp, --7840 
Skippy--A 9-Ft. Junior Sailor ...A junior sailor with big-boat safety and performance; V-bottom-hull has all-plywood construction., 12pp, 4pl, --5340 
Skippy--The 8' Boat ...This boat is a simply constructed, flat bottom craft, designed for easy rowing qualities., 12pp, 2pl, --5105 
Skua--An 8-Foot All Plywood Outboard Skimmer ...To those who love the thrills of speed on water we submit here a small outboard skimmer., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 4pp, --7061 
Skubadoo--A Styrofoam and Fiberglass Submarine ...Here's a skin diver's dream sub you can build., Steiniger, William---, 12pp, 2pl, --5281 
Skylark--A Sea Skiff ...A 13-ft. sea skiff with an easily-built plywood hull that can be sailed or driven by an air-cooled engine., 8pp, 3pl, --5350 
Slim--A 14-Ft. Outboard Motor Skiff ...A good skiff makes an excellent all-round craft for service and pleasure., Waldron, Robert E.---, 8pp, 4pl, --5215 
Slippery--A 135-Class Hydroplane ...The design of Slippery is based on numerous successful small hydroplanes in these several classes., Hacker, John L.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5403 
Small Boat Building ...The famous text on "traditional" boat building., Patterson, H.W.---, 124pp, 10pl, --0006 
Small Boat Building (Monk) ...Some really nice looking boats with complete building instructions., Monk, Edwin---, 137pp, 3pl, --0119 
Small Boat Planking ...Durability, seaworthiness, and appearance depend more than you may realize on this vital step in boatbuilding., Schock, Edson I.---, 15pp, 5pl, --5873 
Small Boat Sailing ...Knight's other classic text, but this time with the emphasis on small boats., Knight, E.F.---, 318pp, --0042 
Small Boats for Big Water ...What kinds of power boats to use in what kinds of waters., Benjamin, John L.---, 20pp, --5680 
Small Box Masts Can be Made of Plywood ...A light, hollow mast makes an ideal spar for any boat, and these can be quite easily made from plywood., Crosby, William F.---, 2pp, --7055 
Small Cruising Sloop, A ...You'll have a lot of fun at the helm of this smart-looking auxiliary, Schock, Edson I.---, 16pp, 5pl, --5775 
Small Sailing Craft ...Written for the amateur and covering problems which arise on producing a boat of one's own., Sutton, John F.---, 191pp, --0259 
Small Sailing Dory, A ...Generations of lobstermen and commercial fishermen have proved the seaworthiness of the dory., Schock, Edson I.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5805 
Small Yachts--Their Design and Construction ...Kunhardt's massive work on early American Yachting., Kunhardt, C.P.---, 393pp, --0161 
Smallboat Offshore Fishing Rigs ...Offshore fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna and amberjack once limted to larger boats are fair game for small boats now., 12pp, --5351 
Snorky a 14 ft Cat-Rigged Scow ...In "Snorky" we are offering one of the simplest of sailing boats., 8pp, 4pl, --5595 
Snowbird--A 12-Foot Catboat ...Shock brings up to modern standards of construction and rig the famed Olympic Monotype designed by his father., Schock, Edson I.---, 16pp, 4pl, --5840 
Snowboat--A Water/Snow/Ice/Air Boat ...Powered by a 125-hp aircraft engine, this convertible summer and winter craft traverses water, ice or snow., Adams, Joseph---, 20pp, 2pl, --5278 
Snubby--A Floating Bungalow ...One does not have to be a carpenter in order to build a houseboat such as "Snubby"., 12pp, 1pl, --5029 
Snuffy An All-Purpose 11 ft Car Top Boat ...Proportions are small but compact for ample accommodations., Jackson, William D.---, 12pp, 2pl, --5589 
Snuffy--A 12-Ft. Utility Boat ...A 12-ft. utility craft that's light enough for one man to lift yet ruggedly built for rough going. A simple plywood hull., 8pp, 2pl, --5347 
So He Built a Houseboat! ...A 30-ft houseboat with its own boathouse., Godsey, Townsend---, 12pp, 2pl, --5683 
Soft and Hard Soldering for the Model Maker ...Silver-soldering and brazing for the beginning Modeler, , ---, 8pp, --5913 
Some Basic Paddle Boats ...Five easy to build and fun-to-own paddle boats for the kids., 8pp, --5112 
Some Designs for a Galley ...How to get the most out of small galley space on small boats., 30pp, --4905 
Some Handy Ways to Stow Anchors ...You can save yourself some embarrassment and prevent damage to your craft by carrying an anchor in a handy place., 4pp, --7736 
Some Principles of Maritime Strategy ...According to the author, it is of little use to approach naval strategy except through the theory of war., Corbett, Julian Stafford---, 266pp, --0712 
Southseaman, The ...The building of the schooner and its cruise to Bermuda, Martyr, Weston---, 310pp, --0291 
Southward by the Inside Route ...A cruising manual from 1901 from New York to Florida via what would become the Intracoastal Waterway., Rudder Magazine, ---, 109pp, --0025 
Southwind--A 22-Ft. Dory Sharpie ...Here's a small, shallow-draft sailing craft which combines sea-worthiness with economy., Chapelle, Howard I.---, 24pp, 3pl, --5235 
Spanker--A Racing Runabout ...A boat having extreme speed, yet able to stand a moderate amount of rough water and to carry up to four passengers., White, Gerald Taylor---, 16pp, 3pl, --5041 
Spars and Rigging ...The Spars and Rigging exerpt from the major work--Nautical routine of 1849, Murphy and Jeffers, John McLeod & W.N.---, 126pp, --0358 
Speedo--A Novel Outboard Boat ...A sixteen foot outboard-engined runabout with the engine mounted amidships., Tapken, N.A., Harold---, 16pp, 5pl, --5413 
Speedy Kayak ...An excellent model because the construction is simple and inexpensive., 8pp, 1pl, --5060 
Spell of the Caribbean Islands, The ...A romantic view of the history of the Lesser Antilles., Bell, Archie---, 356pp, --0050 
Spindrift--A 30 ft. Auxiliary Cruiser ..."Spindrift" is a yacht modification of the skipjack type., Emmett, J.A.---, 12pp, 8pl, --5487 
Splinter a 20 ft Sailing Toothpick ...A design which utilizes a principle employed by some of the old-time French racing canoes., 4pp, 4pl, --5598 
Spooker--A Sailing Paddleboard ...Aerodynamically speaking, the rig shown here is the latest word., 11pp, 2pl, --5045 
Sport--A V-Bottom, Air-Cooled, Inboard in Plywood ...A V-bottomed inboard ideally designed for fishing on bays, lakes or streams. Uses an air-cooled engine., 4pp, --7818 
Sportsman--A 13 Ft Outboard Runabout or Utility ...This 13' 4" outboard can be built as a snappy runabout or utility. Designed to be built by amateurs with modest budgets., Monk, Edwin---, 6pp, 2pl, --5289 
Sportster--A Speedy 12.5-Ft. Outboard Runabout ...Here is an outboard runabout especially adapted to plywood fabrication. Construction is simplified and easy and costs are low, 10pp, 1pl, --5306 
Squall ...Designed for the young-in-heart and built of plywood, this 14-foot runabout can attain speeds of almost 32 miles per hour., Mason, Al---, 6pp, 2pl, --5156 
Squid--A 32' Power Boat ...Though inexpensive to build, this handsome 32-ft. power boat proves both seaworthy and comfortable., 12pp, 4pl, --5673 
Standard boats of the U.S. Navy, 1900-1915 ...A large collection of boats. Lines given for many, offsets tables for some. A big plate of a 40ft steam cutter is included., Durham, Bill---, 45pp, 1pl, --4914 
Starboard and Port-The Nettie Along Shore ...An American cruise in a Schooner along the shores of the Northeastern United States in about 1875., Hepworth, George H.---, 292pp, --0250 
Starting a Stubborn Outboard ...There you sit in the middle of the lake. You've been fishing, it's getting dark but your engine won't start., Notrom, Henry B.---, 3pp, --7910 
Steel's Elements of Mast-Making; Sail-Making . . ...A "must-have" text for the serious modeler and anyone with a ship-of-the-line or a frigate., Gill, Claude S.---, 300pp, --0056 
Stepped Aquaplane for Faster, Smoother Rides ...More fun behind your small runabout., 1pp, --7044 
Stingaree--A speedy 14 ft Outboard ...If you're looking for something that's flashy and fast in an outboard runabout, "Stingaree" is the boat for you., 14pp, 22pl, --5077 
Stormy Petrel--A 26 ft Trailerable Cuddy Cruiser ...Stormy Petrel was designed for the man who has already built his first boat. Designed for plywood planking., Rabl, Sam---, 12pp, 5pl, --5590 
Story Book of Ships and Boats, The ...A fine way to interest a young child in the wonderful world of ships and boats. Good for young readers and parental readers., Petersham, Maud and Miska---, 30pp, --0263 
Story of Rope, The ...Everybody knows what rope is, but everybody does not know how rope is made or what kinds of fibres are used., 16pp, --5708 
Story of the American Sailor, The ...--in Active Service on Merchant Vessel and Man-of-War., Brooks, Eldridge S.---, 417pp, --0171 
Strange Adventures of Captain Quinton, The ...A Truthful Record of the Experiences and Escapes of Robert Quinton among the Cannibals of the South Seas., Quinton, Robert---, 376pp, --0228 
Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, A ...A volume of nautical fiction., Mille, James de---, 195pp, --0792 
Strange but True ...The Life and Adventures of Captain Thomas Crapo and Wife. One of the first Transatlantic crossings in a small boat., Crapo, Captain Thomas---, 195pp, --0182 
Striper--A Shoal-Draft Utility Boat ..."Striper" is a shoal-draft launch only 15 feet long that has all the safety and seaworthiness of a real fishing boat., Mason, Al---, 12pp, 4pl, --5094 
Stubby--A 10-Ft. Plywood Dinghy ...Ten feet of rugged, plywood with a lightweight V-bottom hull that can be rowed, sailed or driven by an outboard., 8pp, 2pl, --5337 
Stubby--An Elegant Punt ...Stubby has proven quite popular and quite a number have been built., Monk, Edwin---, 8pp, 1pl, --5543 
Sturdy 9 ft Pram ...The pram is easily ad cheaply built of ordinary materials available anywhere., 8pp, 2pl, --5012 
Sturdy--A Utility Boat ...Designs and specifications for a most useful type of small boat intended for many kinds of useful service., Nedwidek, Chester A.---, 9pp, 2pl, --5427 
Submarine in a Bottle, A ...Sure to stump your friends as to how it was done, this intriguing novelty makes a never-ending conversation piece., North, Bill---, 8pp, 2pl, --5475 
Summer Cruise on the Coast of New England, A ...A New England cruise in 1858 primarily for the purpose of fishing-and fish there were then!, Crosby and Ainsworth, ---, 178pp, --0302 
Summer Voyage on the River Saone, A ...An absorbing narrative of a cruise on this French river in 1889, partly by Catamaran., Hamerton, Philip Gilbert---, 368pp, --0222 
Sun Dog ...She's handy and fast, safe in big water, economical to own., Farmer, Weston---, 11pp, 3pl, --5837 
Sun Fish ...Novel scow-bow design on this 375-lb., outboard-powered cruiserette permits easy beaching., Jackson, William D.---, 6pp, 2pl, --5182 
Sunbeam--An 11 Ft Outboard Runabout ...Here's 11 ft 3 inches of beamy, easy-to-build boating pleasure., Monk, Edwin---, 4pp, 2pl, --5290 
Sundance--An Outboard Cruiser ...The basic function of any cruiser is to go places, and this technically excellent little cruisemite will do just that., Farmer, Weston---, 12pp, 4pl, --5371 
Sunray Jr.--Nat'l Triangle Class racing Knockabout ...A summer of thrilling sport--sailboat racing--awaits., Rabl, Sam---, 8pp, 2pl, --5707 
Sure Mike II ...Down the skidways iwht a splash of champagne and salt spray comes Sure mike II--a family boat built for the largest outboards, Farmer, Weston---, 11pp, 5pl, --5725 
Sure Mike--A New Idea in Cruisers ...Design and specifications for a rough-water hydroplane for big outboards which carries a shelter cabin., Farmer, Weston---, 20pp, 3pl, --5391 
Surfboard Sailing Boat ...The most fun for your money-don't miss with this slippery little 12' bathing-suit sailer., Schock, Edson I.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5679 
Surfboard/Wakeboard ...A double-purpose board used to ride the ocean surf or the wake behind a boat., Phillips, Norman---, 8pp, 1pl, --5461 
Susan ...This easily-propelled 11-ft. flat-bottom rowboat requires little boat building know-how to construct., Steward, Robert M.---, 2pp, --7802 
Swampscott Racing Dory ...The sailing dory, properly designed, makes as fine a boat as anyone could wish., Mower, Charles D.---, 3pp, --7794 
Swell Time ...A speedy but safe 13-foot family runabout that both mom and the kids will love, and dad will want to build:, Futrell, William---, 11pp, 1pl, --5149 
Swin, Swale, and Swatchway ...This book was the inspiration for Maurice Griffith's "The Magic of the Swatchways" and others of his titles., Jones, MA, H. L.---, 163pp, --0310 
Swordfish--A Racing IceBoat ...Plans and construction details for racers who want to build their own ice craft., 15pp, 4pl, --5073