Title Index 'W'

Waif--A sturdy flat-bottom 14-ft Rowboat ...Easily built from readily-available lumber., 7pp, 2pl, --5037 
Wanderer ...This 23-footer is an experienced world traveler., Smith, Donald H.---, 4pp, 3pl, --5178 
Wanigan, The ...A Garvey design. These shoal-draft work horses combine super-simplicity with rugged carrying ability., Farmer, Weston---, 9pp, 3pl, --5740 
Warrier A 15-Ft. Ouboard Runabout ..."Warrier" is a high-performing runabout of the popular walk-through deck, two-seat type., Futrell, William---, 16pp, 2pl, --5684 
Water Babies, The ...A Fairy Story for a Land Baby., Kinglsey, Charles---, 313pp, --0089 
Water-Wagon--A 20-Ft. Outboard Houseboat ...She has all the features of a fishing cruiser, house trailer, hunting lodge, family picnic boat, and exploration vessel., Allyn, Rube---, 7pp, 5pl, --5238 
Water-Witch--or The Skimmer of the Seas, The ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Cooper, James Fenimore---, 363pp, --0677 
Waterman--A 19-Ft. Heavy-Duty Outboard Cruiser ...No playboy, this cruiser can be utilized for fishing, lobstering, etc., Chapelle, Howard I.---, 16pp, 4pl, --5247 
Waterwing ...Here is 141/2 ft. of easy riding, fast moving economical comfort., Edmonds, Gene---, 8pp, 2pl, --5146 
Ways to Repair or Replace Rigging ...Many different fittings have been devised to attach wire rope to a turnbuckle., 12pp, --5892 
Wee Nip, an 11' 6" Class Sailing Dinghy ...This boat has proved very popular, both as a racing dinghy and for afternoon sailing., Schock, Edson I.---, 16pp, 4pl, --5453 
Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, A ...A Canoeing story, Thoreau, Henry David---, 270pp, --0671 
Week-end Yachting ...Yet another comprehensive and pertinent collection of tips, hints and cogent advice from one of our favorite cruisers., Cooke, Francis B.---, 275pp, 6pl, --0314 
Wendy Third ...A further development of her predecessors, Wendy and Wendy Two. (Fiberglass), Bell, Charles---, 4pp, --7002 
Wendy Two--A Featherweight Class 10' Sailing Dingh ...An application of the drape mold method of fiberglass construction., Bell, Charles---, 8pp, 3pl, --5779 
Wendy--A Fiberglass Sailing Dinghy ...Here's how to build a dinghy in fiberglass., Bell, Charles---, 22pp, 3pl, --5748 
Westward Ho! ...One of the 100 best books on the American Sailor! (Eldridge). The beginnings!, Kingsley, Charles---, 415pp, --0039 
Whale-Tail Hunting Boat ...The novel method of propulsion enables this craft to glide silently through the hunting grounds., Sibley, Hi---, 2pp, --7064 
Whaleboat (Lines Only) ...The New Bedford Whaleboat, launched on all the oceans of the world, was the maximum in small boats propelled by oars or sail., Hand, Jr., William H.---, 1pp, --7805 
What the Country Needs: A Good 5c Chisel ...You can make these lathe turning tools from cut nails and pieces of dowel., Pringle, Earl L.---, 3pp, --7931 
When the Auto Engine Goes to Sea ...Save several hundred dollars by doing your own engine conversion., Holcomb, Hank---, 11pp, --5352 
Whistler ...Light enough to go on a trailer with ease, her simple-to-build strip construction makes Whistler fast and inexpensive., Farmer, Weston---, 7pp, 6pl, --5724 
Whistler--A 10 ft. Duckboat ...A kissin' cousin of the Barnegat Sneakbox and a whole lot easier to build., Megargee, Henry P.---, 10pp, 3pl, --5803 
White Duck--A 14' Skiff ...The flat-bottom skiff is one of the most versatile small craft that can be made., 8pp, 1pl, --5519 
White Jacket ...One of the great nautical stories by this well known author, Herman, Melville---, 326pp, --0682 
Whiz--A 16-Ft. Outboard Speedster ...A design for an exceptionally fast boat designed to be driven by six to ten horsepower outboard engines., 4pp, 2pl, --5388 
Whizz--A 21-Ft. Inboard Cabin Cruiser ...Sleeping accomodation for two ensures that this boat won't grow at its moorings., Jackson, William D.---, 10pp, 2pl, --5356 
Whizz--A fast Class-E Ice Yacht ...Easy to build and very fast., 8pp, 6pl, --5072 
Whizzer--A Hydroglider ...Here's the air-drive speeder which our shoal draft boat bugs have been looking for., Farmer, Weston---, 4pp, 2pl, --5122 
Whoosh--A Fast Runabout ...Performance-wise, this snappy little speedster is everything that her name implies., Ungerbuehler, Charles M.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5231 
Wide Courses ...A volume of nautical fiction., Connolly, James Brendan---, 195pp, --0720 
Widgeon--A Plywood Sneakbox ...The greatest little boat ever designed for hunting and fishing inland waterways., Megargee, H.P.---, 15pp, 2pl, --5758 
Widgett ...Try this beamy utility boat. You'll like its simplified construction., Jackson, William D.---, 7pp, 1pl, --5186 
William Dampier ...Russell's fine biography of the famous Pirate, Zoologist, Botanist, Adventurer, Explorer and Navigator, Russell, W. Clark---, 243pp, --0268 
Wimpy--A paddle Wheel Duck Boat ...With the paddle-wheel complete housed, the boat will move as silently as a light canoe., 3pp, --7813 
Windjammers and Sea Tramps ...A Maritime History volume, Runciman, Walter---, 104pp, --0741 
Windmill--A 151/2 Ft. One-Design ...One of the hottest of the one-design sailing classes., McMillen, Winton P.---, 8pp, 3pl, --5694 
Windmills and Waterways ...The Log of a Summer Cruise Through Holland., Irving, Laurence---, 343pp, --0177 
Wing-and-Wing, The ...A thrilling and entralling novel of adventure, romance, buccaneering and the Napoleonic wars by the great Cooper., Cooper, James Fenimore---, 400pp, --0265 
Wings--A 13' Sailing Scow ...Extremely fast, safe, and able on smooth water., 16pp, 2pl, --5526 
Winter Cocoon for Your Boat, A ...Unlike a cumbersome tarpaulin or huge plastic cover, this cover can be put on and removed in seconds., Smith, R.P.---, 2pp, --7890 
Winterize Your Outboard ...Planning to use your motor this winter? Here's how to set it up for cold-weather operation., Notrom, Henry R.---, 3pp, --7905 
Wire Rope Splicing ...A clear understanding of how it is done is half the battle., 3pp, --7787 
Within the Deep ...A volume of nautical fiction., Smith, R. Cadwallader---, 39pp, --0762 
Wolves of the Sea ...A volume of nautical fiction., Parrish, Randall---, 215pp, --0789 
Wood-Manual for its use as a shipbuilding material ...A veritable encyclopedia of the characteristics of wood in ship and boat building., Dept. of the Navy, U.S.---, 405pp, --0296 
World of Waters, The ...A volume of nautical fiction., Osbourne, Mrs David---, 220pp, --0693 
World's Deadliest Lures, The ...There is one that oufishes them all--the spinner., 2pp, --7935