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Yacht Club, The ...Another Optic classic. We can all root for the young boat builder., Optic, Oliver---, 240pp, , $19.95--0072 Order this Book
Yacht Cruising ...Worth's monumental work on yacht cruising., Worth, Claude---, 727pp, , $39.95--0186 Order this Book
Yacht Gear and Gadgets ...A collection of O'Brien's best home-made cruising devices., O'Brien, Conor---, 119pp, , $17.95--0196 Order this Book
Yacht Navigation and Voyaging ...Worth's well-known work on yacht navigation., Worth, Claude---, 293pp, , $22.95--0187 Order this Book
Yacht Sails ...This book is intended to deal with sailmaking from a professional viewpoint., North, Terence---, 168pp, , $17.95--0287 Order this Book
Yacht Voyage-- Letters from High Latitudes, A ...Being Some Account of a Voyage in the Schooner Yacht Foam to Iceland, Jan Mayen and Spitzbergen in 1856., Dufferin, Lord---, 406pp, , $29.95--0194 Order this Book
Yachting Wrinkles ...A Practical and Historical Handbook of Valuable Information for the Racing and Cruising Yachtsman., Kenealy, Capt. A.J.---, 308pp, , $24.95--0251 Order this Book
Yachting and Yachtsmen ...Traces the history and gradual development of Yachting from its modest beginnings in the reign of Charles II., Bowman, W. Dodgson---, 280pp, , $24.95--0223 Order this Book
Yachts Their Care and Handling ...America's answer to Cooke; an excellent volume for the traditional builder and sailor., Moore, Winthrop P.---, 395pp, , $24.95--0206 Order this Book
Yachts and Yachting ...The collected writings of E.Cooper: The best yachting writer of his day., Vanderdecken, ---, 394pp, , $65.00--0007 Order this Elephant Folio
Yachts by Herreshoff ...A large format reoprint of the beautiful collection of the Herreshoff boats, Herreshoff Manufacturing Co., ---, 54pp, , $45.00--0300 Order this Elephant Folio
Yachts of the Netherlands ...Unique, beautiful and comfortable--the yachts of the low countries, White, Gerald Taylor---, 20pp, 5pl, , $7.95--5712 Order this Booklet
Yachtsman's Guide, The ...A three-part text written especially for yachtsmen., Patterson, H.W.---, 174pp, , $17.95--0030 Order this Book
Yachtsman's Handy Book, The ...A complete knowledge of the intent and purpose of Practical Navigation in plain English., Rosser, W.H.---, 200pp, , $19.95--0224 Order this Book
Yawl Spray, The (Lines Only) ...Considering the unparalleled performance of this little boat, it is remarkable that no one has attempted an analysis of lines, Andrade, Jr., C.---, 2pp, , $1.50--7795 Order this Plansheet
Year in a Yawl, A ...A true tale of the adventures of four boys in a thirty-foot yawl., Doubleday, Russell---, 369pp, , $24.95--0031 Order this Book
Yo Ho!--A Plywood Cartopper ...Designed with easy bends in her planking, this boat is light enough to be tossed atop your car., Farmer, Weston---, 4pp, 3pl, , $4.95--5841 Order this Booklet
Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, The ...The first real seaman's manual., Lever, d Arcy---, 255pp, , $65.00--0057 Order this Elephant Folio
Young Ship-Builders of Elm Island, The ...Kellogg's great boat-building book and triumph of good over evil., Kellogg, Rev. Elijah---, 301pp, , $24.95--0073 Order this Book
Your Propeller ...An article which describes in the simplest terms the underlying princples of propellers, why they work, slip, etc., VanDusen, C.H.---, 2pp, , $1.00--7714 Order this Datasheet