Author Index 'A'

ABBOTT, Willis J.


American Merchant Ships and Sailors ...A Maritime History volume, 287 pp, --Pub# 0732

ADAMS, Joseph

Pudgy ...A convenient and useful outboard runabout., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5147 Add to Basket

Sea Glider ..."Sea Glider" is basically a scow or, if you prefer, a pram. She's truly an all-purpose boat., 8pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5236 Add to Basket

Snowboat--A Water/Snow/Ice/Air Boat ...Powered by a 125-hp aircraft engine, this convertible summer and winter craft traverses water, ice or snow., 20pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5278 Add to Basket


Build Plyak ...The name Plyak comes from the elision of the two words that describe it--plywood and kayak., 6pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5719 Add to Basket

ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey

Cruise of the Dolphin, The ...A great cruising story, 14 pp, --Pub# 0758

ALGER JR., Horatio

Charlie Codman's Cruise ...One of Alger's few nautical titles but every bit as good., 276 pp, --Pub# 0062


Build a Surf-Sail-Ice Boat ...Use it as a sailboat, paddleboard, sunbathing raft, aquaplane and even as an Iceboat,, 16pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5190 Add to Basket

Can't Sink ...Here's the sturdy, lightweight, fishing dinghy you've been looking for., 8pp, 4pl, --Pub# 5822 Add to Basket

Cresent--A 15.5 Ft. Centerboard Sailboat ...Crescent is the ideal sailboat for day sailing on a small lake, river, or protected waters of a bay., 23pp, 10pl, --Pub# 5827 Add to Basket

ALLEN, Grant

Cruise of the Albatross, The ...A story of the South Pacific., 129 pp, --Pub# 0242

ALLEN JR, Arthur S.

Under Sail to Greenland ...Being an Account of the Voyage of the Cutter "Direction" to Greenland in the Summer of 1929., 148 pp, --Pub# 0218


Water-Wagon--A 20-Ft. Outboard Houseboat ...She has all the features of a fishing cruiser, house trailer, hunting lodge, family picnic boat, and exploration vessel., 7pp, 5pl, --Pub# 5238 Add to Basket


Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca ...A Maritime History volume, 160 pp, --Pub# 0781

AMES, Azel

Mayflower and Her Log, The ...A Maritime History volume, 248 pp, --Pub# 0799

ANDERSON, Kenneth A.

How to Fish with a Sky Hook ...Kite fishing is an ancient Asian art that's catching on here. With kits you can 'cast' as far as you want if the wind's right, 2pp, --Pub# 7909 Add to Basket


The Rigging of Ships. . .Spritsail & Topsail ...An ideal reference for the rigging of period ship models, 274 pp, --Pub# 0356


Canoeing and Camping Adventures ...An Account of Three Cruises in Northern Waters, 192 pp, --Pub# 0342


Yawl Spray, The (Lines Only) ...Considering the unparalleled performance of this little boat, it is remarkable that no one has attempted an analysis of lines, 2pp, --Pub# 7795 Add to Basket

ANGAS (CEC) U.S.N., Captan W. Mack

Utility--An 18-Ft. Work Boat ...As handy and useful an eighteen foot work boat as could be desired for the multitudinous jobs of the boatyard crew., 5pp, 1pl, --Pub# 5390 Add to Basket

ANSON ESQ., George

Voyage Around the World, A ...Anson's extraordinary voyage around the world. The passages of rounding the Horn and the scurvy are absolutely amazing., 509 pp, --Pub# 0113


Zephyr--A 135-Cubic Inch Hydroplane 16-Ft. Overall ...These plans are made with the man in mind who is enthused with racing and prefers to build his own boat., 8pp, 2pl, --Pub# 5416 Add to Basket


Tom Swift and his Motor Boat ...The fabulous Tom Swift and his first motor boat. Robbers, thieves and the hero Tom!, 178 pp, --Pub# 0070

ARTHUR, Kitson

Life of Captain James Cook, The ...A Maritime History volume, 220 pp, --Pub# 0694


Motor Boat Boys--A River Chase, The ...Bank robbers; motor boats, a river chase. Great stuff!, 257 pp, --Pub# 0066

ASHCROFT, Herbert J.

Boat Building Simplified ...A guide to the Ashcroft method of building, rowing, sailing and motor boats, 76pp, --Pub# 5702 Add to Basket


Real Sailor Songs ...All the words to some of the most ancient "chantey's" together with a reproduction of a sailor's hand-bill., 100 pp, --Pub# 0047