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10 Ideas for Cockpit Covers-Awnings etc. ...Canvas work for everybody!, 24pp, 2pl, --5637 
10' 3" Sectional Boat, A ...This unique sectional boat occupies little space when nested for stowing and can be easily carried by car., 12pp, 2pl, --5001 
10' 9" Car-Top Boat ...A portable, all-round utility boat for fishing and hunting or family use., 18pp, 1pl, --5015 
10' Sailing Skiff and How to Build It, A ...Very light and fast and easily beached., McLachlan, D.F.---, 24pp, --5648 
10-Foot Mark Boat, A ...A craft especially designed as a Mark Boat, also useful for many other purposes., 8pp, 2pl, --5440 
10-Ft. Geodetic Kayak, A ...Something new in kayak construction; the geodetic framework of this little craft gives an amazing strength-weight ratio., Mayer, Norman---, 7pp, 4pl, --5313 
10-Ft. Sailng Dinghy ...Enjoy year 'round sailing with a craft that's the equal of an expensive, professionally-built dinghy., Youngquist, N.A., Alvin M.---, 6pp, 4pl, --5322 
11 Ft 3 Inch Outboard ...The answer for all `round boating--a trim speedster that's a fishing, family and sports boat., Monk, Edwin---, 12pp, 6pl, --5131 
11 ft Camper's Boat ...This well-built craft is an ideal canvas-covered boat for camping, fishing and pleasure trips., 10pp, 3pl, --5005 
11' 6" Fisherman's Boat ...Here is a fisherman's outboard boat that has an exceptionally wide range of usefulness., 10pp, 4pl, --5007 
11' Rowboat Carried on Top of Car ...If you can use a saw, hammer and plane, you can easily master the construction of this simple car-top rowboat., 8pp, 1pl, --5251 
11-Ft. Catboat ...Every youngster deserves the chance to skipper his own vessel. This one is perfect for a junior sailing program., Schock, Edson I.---, 12pp, 2pl, --5730 
11.5-Foot Utility Outboard ...Lighness extends this utility's cruising range as far as an auto-top can take her. She handles motors to 20 HP., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5739 
12 foot Rowboat, A ...The hull is built bottom side u on a "building board", the top edge of which is shaped to conform to the keelson curvature., 2pp, --7800 
12 ft Sailing Skiff ...Easily built by anyone with a minimum of experience with tools., 12pp, 3pl, --5531 
12 ft Scow Sailboat ...Scows are the fastest of sailboats with the exception of catamarans., 12pp, 3pl, --5011 
12' 6" Outbard Runabout ...This runabout was designed for a general utility, fishing, or family boat. Her carrying capacity is large, and she is steady., Schock, Edson I.---, 4pp, 3pl, --5449 
12' Centreboard Dinghy and How to Build It, A ...This boat is a typical Clyde dinghy, with a standing lug., McLachlan, D.F.---, 28pp, --5652 
12' Skiff Specially Designed for an Outboard, A ...This boat is convenient and useful for rough work, or it may be used as a tender., 2pp, --7852 
12-Foot Bangabout, A ...For the man who already owns a summer cottage, a little boat of the Jingo type is just the craft., 4pp, 2pl, --5439 
13 Ft. 4 Inch Outboard ...A true sportsman's boat with good looks and top performance., Monk, Edwin---, 12pp, 7pl, --5132 
13 Ft. 9 Inch Punt ...This roomy fishing and duck boat has the flat-bottom stability needed for casting and shooting., Strickland, Frank E.---, 7pp, 5pl, --5133 
13 Ft. Sailing Skiff ...Young skippers with a knack for woodwork will have no difficulty building or handling this jaunty little skiff., Schock, Edson I.---, 13pp, 4pl, --5802 
13 ft Outboard Runabout ...It meets all requirements of the runabout racing class., 12pp, 6pl, --5102 
13' 4" Beginner's Sailboat ...Not only simple and inexpensive to construct, but easy to handle and speedy., 20pp, 3pl, --5016 
13' 6" Family Outboard Runabout ...Any one of four standard types of construction may be used., 16pp, 4pl, --5003 
13-Ft High-Speed Outboard Runabout ...This is an ideal design for the amateur builder who wants a modern family runabout at the lowest possible cost., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 12pp, 4pl, --5755 
13-Ft. Outboard Sports Utility, A ...Whether called on to serve the family fisherman or double as a water-ski boat, this handy craft is right at home., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5866 
14' Sailing Dinghy and How to Build It, A ...She will sail fast and tramp to windward like a one-rater., McLachlan, D.F.---, 23pp, --5647 
14' Sailing Sharpie and How to Build It, A ...For sailers, there is no type of craft more admirably suited for their purpose than the sailing sharpie., McLachlan, D.F.---, 20pp, --5650 
14-Foot Utility Skiff ...For use as an all-purpose rowboat, kicker boat, and practical knockabout, this boat will build easily., Schock, Edson I.---, 8pp, 2pl, --5838 
14-Ft Utility Skiff ...This skiff-type hull is a favourite of experienced fishermen., 13pp, 3pl, --5017 
15 Fiberglass Boats ...Complete plans of the most popular sizes, Bell, Charles---, 244pp, --0289 
15 Ft. Knockabout ...Generous freeboard and clean lines distinguish this simple, well-designed Knockabout., Monk, Edwin---, 12pp, 6pl, --5134 
15 Ft. Outboard Runabout ...Semiround-bottom design tends to bank this speedster into large oncoming waves not met head-on., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 18pp, 4pl, --5798 
15 ft Inboard Motor Boat ...Setting a new high in economy of operation, this 15-foot boat is designed for fishing and any general use., 16pp, 2pl, --5108 
15-Foot Keel Knockabout--Breeze, The ...A plywood fin-keel sloop suitable for day sailing and racing., MacGregor, Charles G.---, 4pp, --7054 
15-Ft. High-Speed Outboard Runabout ...At last--a hull designed for up-front operation. She's safer, with plenty of beam, and speeds up to 34 mph, Crandall, Bruce N.---, 16pp, 3pl, --5675 
15-Ft. High-Speed Outboard Utility ...Sheet plywood can more than hold its own when it comes to a design offering boat speed and load carrying ability., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 18pp, 4pl, --5771 
15-Ft. Outboard ...A big, open-water boat that will stand the gaff for a lifetime of boating pleasure., Strickland, Frank E.---, 14pp, 4pl, --5135 
15-Ft. Skiff ...This skiff was designed for use on lakes or rivers, to be rowed, or to be driven with a small outboard motor., Schock, Edson I.---, 12pp, 3pl, --5881 
16 Ft Kayak ...The kayak to be described is suited to open-water cruising for one man and outfit or for two men with light camping gear., 28pp, 3pl, --5100 
16' Utility Runabout ...This launch was designed for general all-around usefulness, Schock, Edson I.---, 8pp, 6pl, --5450 
16-Ft. Runabout ...This 16' sportster with its racy, thoroughbred lines is designed for speed and power., Beach, David---, 8pp, 6pl, --5136 
17 Ft Motor Cruiser ...Economy of operation, all-weather seaworthiness and superior handling qualities., 24pp, 4pl, --5009 
17 Ft. High-Speed Outboard ...Your teeth don't rattle and your bones don't jar when you throttle up this multi-purpose speedster with a soft-riding bottom., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 12pp, 6pl, --5809 
17-Foot Sloop, A ...An interesting design and specifications for a smart little sailing craft., Persson, Seth---, 4pp, 1pl, --5423 
17-Ft. High-Speed Outboard Cruiser ...Shopping for something in the 40 mph class that still offers big-boat comfort? This is for you!, Crandall, Bruce N.---, 14pp, 6pl, --5736 
17-Ft. Outboard Family Convertible ...This one has everything! She's small enough for trailering ye tlarge enough for big power., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 8pp, 5pl, --5733 
18 ft Cape Cod Dory ...Long a favorite with commercial fishermen who meet all kinds of weather far out at sea, the true dory is a practical boat., 6pp, 2pl, --5018 
18-Foot Knockabout, An ...She will make a pretty picture anywhere with wind in her sails and the sun low on the horizon., Schock, Edson I.---, 20pp, 4pl, --5862 
18-Ft. Bass Boat ...Here is a launch that will make a good all-round utility boat as well as an able fishing craft., Schock, Edson I.---, 14pp, 5pl, --5768 
18-Ft. Day Cruiser ...The clean, honest lines of this trim day cruiser will provide exciting new pleasures for the week-end skipper!, Monk, Edwin---, 8pp, 6pl, --5137 
18-Ft. Offshore Fisherman ...Easy-building plywood tailors "Tunny" to the blue-water angler., Beach, David D.---, 11pp, 4pl, --5741 
19 ft Cruising Sailboat ...This cabin sailboat is ideally suited either for day sailing or for extended cruising., 24pp, 5pl, --5101 
19-Foot Outboard Cruiser ...This is an all-purpose plywood cruiser designed for amateur construction for for the most popular-sized outboards., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 12pp, 6pl, --5860 
20 Ft. Steamer Launch ...Visualize carefully polished brass trim on the boat, boiler and engine, and hear the gentle whoosh as the engine turns over., Beach, David D.---, 12pp, 5pl, --5799 
20-Ft. Cabin Runabout ...Fishermen will be most interested in this design. She has an open cockpit, but enough cabin to be snug in bad weather., Schock, Edson I.---, 20pp, 5pl, --5757 
20-Ft. Waterline Sloop ...Salty and able, this little sailing craft is roomy enough for two on a cruise and easy to handle., Schock, Edson I.---, 18pp, 5pl, --5761 
21 Ft. Fishing Launch ...This sturdy, unadorned launch will power you and your fishing partner through the roughest water you care to explore., Schock, Edson I.---, 16pp, 4pl, --5800 
21-Ft. Outboard Cruiser ...An all-purpose plywood cruiser, designed for easy trailering and for all kinds of waterways., Crandall, Bruce N.---, 15pp, 6pl, --5765 
24-Foot Fisherman's Launch ...A good sea boat and a fishermans dream, she will also take your friends and family for a ride or a picnic., Schock, Edson I.---, 19pp, 2pl, --5856 
24-Ft. Auxiliary Sloop, A ...Seaworthy in rough water and comfortable enough for a small family, this well-planned craft is easy to build., Schock, Edson I.---, 20pp, 7pl, --5865 
24-Ft. Cruiser ...Seaworthy, economical, comfortable, this V-bottom power boat likes rough water and has good speed., Schock, Edson I.---, 20pp, 2pl, --5682 
24-Ft. Outboard River Cruiser ...Shore comfort afloat for you and your family is possible with this cruising houseboat., Beach, David D.---, 12pp, 5pl, --5737 
3-Section Rowboat Fits on Your Car ...When the three sections are taken apart and nested, this 12-ft. rowboat occupies a space only 61/2 ft. long and can car-top., 3pp, --7821 
5 Surfboards ...A 13 '9" Hollow Surfboard, Paddle Surfboard, Aquaplane, Laminated Surfboard, & Child's Surfboard., 8pp, 3pl, --5013 
6 Great Little Power Boats for the Kids ...Little Fellow, Bebop, Peanut, Lark, Jr., El Cid and Cockeybird., 58pp, --4903 
7' 4" Plywood Pram ...This boat was designed as a tender for a small yacht, where a larger tender would be too bulky or heavy to take aboard., Schock, Edson I.---, 22pp, 3pl, --5446 
75-Square Foot Ice Boat ...This small ice yacht was designed to fit the 75-square foot racing class., Schock, Edson I.---, 4pp, --7869 
8 foot Sailing Pram ...This little booat is easy to handle and safe for kids of all ages, Payne, Jack---, 4pp, 2pl, --5467 
874 Tried-and-True Boating Tips & Small Projects ...Two volumes of tips, hints and small projects on nearly every possible boating and small boat subject., 166pp, --4901 
9' 6" Plywood Outboard Skiff ...The first boat built from these plans was a father-and-son project, and the whole construction took only a weekend., Schock, Edson I.---, 4pp, 3pl, --5447 
9' 7" Plywood Sailing Dinghy ...Although extremely easy to construct, this lightweight portable boat is adapted to many uses., 12pp, 3pl, --5004 
9-Ft. Outboard Speedster ...Miniature runabout for small outboard motors. This is a boat which will set the pace!, Crandall, Bruce N.---, 15pp, 4pl, --5762 
94-Inch Featherweight Pram for Rowing or Towing ...Owners of small crusing boats will find this little 8-ft. plywood pram the answer to their ship-to-shore and towing problems., Cueva, Roland---, 8pp, 2pl, --5317