Boat Building and Design

Boat Building

YACHTS AND YACHTING ... The collected writings of E.Cooper: The best yachting writer of his day.
Vanderdecken,  394 pages,  Pub No. 0007

MANUAL OF YACHT AND BOAT SAILING ... The classic text; Kemp, what more is there to say!
Dixon Kemp,  648 pages,  Pub No. 0008

PRACTICAL BOAT BUILDING FOR AMATEURS ... Design and build Punts, Skiffs, Canoes, Row and Sailing Boats, etc.
Adrien Neison,  151 pages,  Pub No. 0109

SMALL BOAT BUILDING (MONK) ... Some really nice looking boats with complete building instructions.
Edwin Monk,  137 pages,  3 plate(s),  Pub No. 0119

CANOE AND BOAT BUILDING FOR THE AMATEUR ... Stephens' masterwork on small boat building.
W.P. Stephens,  241 pages,  Pub No. 0146

Lloyd s Register of Shipping,  124 pages,  Pub No. 0157

SMALL YACHTS--THEIR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION ... Kunhardt's massive work on early American Yachting.
C.P. Kunhardt,  393 pages,  Pub No. 0161

BUILDING OF THE BOAT-THE SNARK, THE ... Building the "Snark" in which London voyaged to the South Seas.
Jack London,   8 pages,  Pub No. 5510

AMATEUR BOAT BUILDING ... Another fine book by William F. Crosby on small boat building.
William F. Crosby,  237 pages,  1 plate(s),  Pub No. 0237

SIMPLE STEAM BOX FOR AMATEUR BUILDERS ... A simple steaming rig that will be very helfpul for all builders.
Hinman R. Root,   1 page(s),  Pub No. 7706

PLANKING FASTENINGS AND HOW TO CHOOSE THEM ... Understasnding manufacturing materials for small boat fastenings is important.   3 page(s),  Pub No. 7707

CASTING A LEAD KEEL AND OTHER CASTINGS ... How to cast a lead keel and some other small parts.   20 pages,  Pub No. 5641

CAULKING ... A good primer on how to caulk wooden boats properly.   36 pages,  Pub No. 5642

CANOES DINGHIES & SAILING PUNTS ... A fine collection of 11 traditional English small craft.
---,  229 pages,  Pub No. 0238

HINTS TIPS AND GADGETS ... Another great collection from Cooke.
Francis B. Cooke,  294 pages,  Pub No. 0240

BUILD YOUR BOAT RIGHT ... An excellent primer on traditional boat building.   40 pages,  1 plate(s),  Pub No. 5660

BUILDING BOATS WITH FIBERGLASS ... A basic text on using fiberglass to build one-off designs.   32 pages,  Pub No. 5055

BOAT BUILDING AND BOATING ... How to build everything from a log raft on up, with many camping tips.
D.C. Beard,  190 pages,  Pub No. 0245

DREAM SHIPS ... A large number of small yachts and their characteristis; many with lines.
Maurice Griffiths,  248 pages,  Pub No. 0247

BUILDING WITH ANNULAR RING NAILS ... The reasons for their superiority, and how to use them in your boat.
Independent Nail Co.,   33 pages,  Pub No. 5261

LOFTING--MAKING FULL-SIZE BOAT PLANS ... A simple explanation of lofting--which really isn't difficult!
William D. Jackson,   10 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5276

READING BOAT BLUEPRINTS ... Before starting to build any boat, you must understand the meaning of the drawings.   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7828

SETTING UP THE FRAME OF A SMALL BOAT ... After assembling the stem, frames and transom of a small boat, setting up is a problem.   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7829

SIMPLIFYING BOAT PLANS FOR AMATEUR BUILDERS ... How to better understand designers drawings prior to building.
Sam Rabl,   12 pages,  3 plate(s),  Pub No. 5657

HOW TO PLANK SMALL CRAFT ... A brief course on carvel planking.   8 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5658

FASTENINGS MAKE THE BOAT ... Functions of the many fastenings in a boat and how to choose them.
J.A. Emmett,   12 pages,  1 plate(s),  Pub No. 5659

SIMPLE BOAT BUILDING ... One of the best small boat building books with a particularly good section on design.
Geiffrey Prout,  134 pages,  Pub No. 0248

HOW TO BUILD BOATS ... A very fine basic book on boat building with many useful illustrations.
Widd Hauber,   90 pages,  Pub No. 4906

MOTOR BOAT BUILDING FOR THE AMATEUR ... Useful suggestions from laying down the lines full size to the correct fiberglass to use.
H.W. Patterson,  213 pages,  Pub No. 0091

BOAT BUILDING SIMPLIFIED ... A guide to the Ashcroft method of building, rowing, sailing and motor boats
Herbert J. Ashcroft,   61 pages,  Pub No. 5702

SMALL SAILING CRAFT ... Written for the amateur and covering problems which arise on producing a boat of one's own.
John F. Sutton,  191 pages,  Pub No. 0259

PLANKING THE SMALL BOAT ... The basic principles and some good ideas.   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7915

SEA-BOAT, THE ... An excellent text devoted to Clench (Lapstreak) building, riggings and sailing.
Robert C. Leslie,  180 pages,  Pub No. 0270

15 FIBERGLASS BOATS ... Complete plans of most popular sizes
Charles Bell,  244 pages,  Pub No. 0289

INTRODUCTION TO PLYWOOD BOATBUILDING ... Basic rules for the building of a successful plywood boat.
,   28 pages,  Pub No. 5786

PLYWOOD HAS ITS PLACE ... Like any other good boatbuilding material, plywood must be understood to use it to the best advantage.
,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7020

LOFT BEFORE YOU BUILD ... For boatbuilding, don't think you can short-cut by not laying the lines down full size. It's not difficult and it pays off.
,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7024

TRICKS OF THE TRADE FOR HOME BOATBUILDERS ... Boatbuilding pros know how to keep gremlins at a safe distance and here are some of the ways they do it.
,   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7025

TIPS ON USING PLYWOOD ... A useful reference for building in plywood.
,   3 page(s),  Pub No. 7026

PLANKING A PLYWOOD HULL ... A useful v-bottom plywood boat.
,   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7027

BUILD HER ON A SOUND FOUNDATION ... If you want your boat to be a success, take just as much care in the setting up of roms as you do with the hull.
,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7030

BOATBUILDING PRINCIPLES ... Anything that you understand thoroughly is always fairly simple. This is true of boatbuilding.
Weston Farmer,   13 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5834

HOW TO UNDERSTAND A BOAT PLAN ... A man builds his own boat for two reasons; to save money and have fun dong it. Here's some help!
Weston Farmer,   9 pages,  5 plate(s),  Pub No. 5842

HOW TO USE WATERPROOF PLYWOOD IN BOAT CONSTRUCTION ... Only resin-bonded plywood should be used for boat building.
Charles G. MacGregor,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7048

MORE ABOUT "DEVELOPABLE" SURFACES ... Understanding stresses and curvatures of plywood in boat building.
Clarence E. Werback,   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7047

DEVELOPABLE SURFACES FOR PLYWOOD BOATS ... Laying out a hull so that the true surface of it can be readily determined.
Burgess Charles P.,   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7051

PLYWOOD INSTEAD OF DEADWOOD FOR KEELS ... The hollow fin keel construction described here was designed for ease of building, lightness and strength.
Robert M. Steward,   1 page(s),  Pub No. 7063

HOW TO BUILD FIBERGLASS BOATS ... A manual of Fiberglass boatbuilding techniques, with complete information on how to improve and repair any boat.
Charles Bell,  200 pages,  Pub No. 0295

SMALL BOAT PLANKING ... Durability, seaworthiness, and appearance depend more than you may realize on this vital step in boatbuilding.
Edson I. Schock,   8 pages,  5 plate(s),  Pub No. 5873

WOOD-MANUAL FOR ITS USE AS A SHIPBUILDING MATERIAL ... A veritable encyclopedia of the characteristics of wood in ship and boat building.
U.S. Dept. of the Navy,  405 pages,  Pub No. 0296

Boat Design

CHART FOR SELECTING SIZE OF PIPE DAVITS ... How to size pipe to build davits.
Robert M. Steward,   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7704

NOTES ON BUILDING CENTER-BOARDS & RUDDERS ... Detailed design information for designing and building centerboards and rudders   3 page(s),  Pub No. 7711

GENERAL CONCEPTS OF BALLASTING ... How much ballast to use and where.   16 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5638

SMALL BOATS FOR BIG WATER ... What kinds of power boats to use in what kinds of waters.
John L. Benjamin,   20 pages,  Pub No. 5680

HOW MUCH DOES SHE WEIGH ... Plotted curves for weights of average boats without engines or equipment.
George L. Cary,   1 page(s),  Pub No. 7857

NAVAL ARCHITECTURE SIMPLIFIED ... A text-book of small power boat design
Charles Desmond,  300 pages,  Pub No. 0267

DESIGNING FOR CONSTRUCTION IN PLYWOOD ... The results of a year's research ib plywood development for boats.
,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7021

DEVELOPING A PLYWOOD DESIGN ... Moulded plywood has greatly affected the production-boat field.
,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7022

DESIGNING A SAILBOAT TO USE PLYWOOD ... Planking with plywood has opened a new field of marine design.
,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7023

DEVELOPABLE-SURFACE BOATS ... When using sheet plywood for planking, you'll save labor if you plan on this type of hull.
Edson I. Schock,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7035