Maritime History & Exploration

Maritime History

BOOK OF OLD SHIPS, THE ... A superb collection delineating sailing ships from the Viking long ship to the "modern" five-masted barque.
Henry R. Culver,  272 pages,  Pub No. 0043

ENGLISH SEAMEN IN THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY ... Froude's exciting lectures of that most remarkable period of English maritime history.
James Anthony Froude,  250 pages,  Pub No. 0044

SEA WARFARE ... Kipling and his take on "modern" sea warfare.
Rudyard Kipling,  222 pages,  Pub No. 0045

SHIPS AND WAYS OF OTHER DAYS ... Chatterton's excellent history of sailing ships.
E. Keble Chatterton,  449 pages,  Pub No. 0046

MAST AND SAIL IN EUROPE AND ASIA (TWO VOLS) ... A vast coverage of the different types of sailing craft from England to China.
H. Warington Smyth,  549 pages,  Pub No. 0053

BRITISH FLEET, THE ... The Growth, Achievements and Duties of the Navy of the Empire.
Commandr Charles N. Robinson,  722 pages,  Pub No. 0081

HISTORY OF THE NAVY OF THE USA (TWO VOLUMES) ... Cooper's history of the Navy from 1607 to 1815.
James Fenimore Cooper,  837 pages,  Pub No. 0095

MODERN SHIPS OF WAR ... A magnificent history of the World's Navies at the end of the nineteenth century.
E.J. & E. Reed & Simpson,  499 pages,  Pub No. 0106

SHIPS AND SAILORS OF OLD SALEM, THE (TWO VOLS) ... An exciting history of the great seafaring city when the American Merchant Marine was great!
Ralph D. Paine,  507 pages,  Pub No. 0117

BOY LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES NAVY ... A good exposition of the life of boys in the Navy in the days of the Ironclads.
H.H. Clark U.S.N.,  369 pages,  Pub No. 0149

ELIZABETHAN SEA DOGS ... A Chronicle of Drake and his Companions.
William Wood,  245 pages,  Pub No. 0168

STORY OF THE AMERICAN SAILOR, THE ... --in Active Service on Merchant Vessel and Man-of-War.
Eldridge S. Brooks,  417 pages,  Pub No. 0171

SAILING SHIPS AND THEIR STORY ... An excellent ship reference for the days under sail.
E. Keble Chatterton,  556 pages,  Pub No. 0175

OLD MERCHANT MARINE, THE ... A Chronicle of American Ships and Sailors.
Ralph D. Paine,  204 pages,  Pub No. 0176

OUR SEA SAGA;THE WOOD WIND SHIPS ... Story of the Packets and Clippers, their Builders and Masters who Carried the Stars and Strips on Seven Seas.
Edmund Ogden Sawyer Jr.,  340 pages,  Pub No. 0197

VOYAGES OF THE ELIZABETHAN SEAMEN ... Select Narratives from the Principal Navigations of Hakluyt.
E.J. Payne,  410 pages,  Pub No. 0207

DOUBLE BOATS--EARLY CATAMARANS ... A history of the Catamaran.
Dixon Kemp,   9 pages,  1 plate(s),  Pub No. 5502

EARLY ICE BOATS ... A History of the Ice Boat
Dixon Kemp,   40 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5503

NATHANIEL BOWDITCH--AMERICA'S NAVIGATOR ... A brief biography of the most famous navigator.
Ralph D. Paine,   28 pages,  Pub No. 5507

CANOE YAWLS ... A history and several designs of the famous Mersey Canoe Yawls.
Dixon Kemp,   40 pages,  16 plate(s),  Pub No. 5537

YACHTING AND YACHTSMEN ... Traces the history and gradual development of Yachting from its modest beginnings in the reign of Charles II.
W. Dodgson Bowman,  280 pages,  Pub No. 0223

SEA WOLVES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN ... The rise of the Moslem corsairs of the Mediterranean and their eventual defeat.
E. Hamilton Currey,  361 pages,  Pub No. 0217

SAILOR TALK ... All the colloquilisms that inhabit our daily language and their derivation from sailor talk.
Bear Downing,   64 pages,  Pub No. 5542

LIGHT-HOUSES OF THE UNITED STATES, THE ... A nineteenth century view of the major light houses of the United States.
Charles Nordhoff,   32 pages,  Pub No. 5570

HUNTSMEN OF THE SEA ... A brief history of whaling.   30 pages,  Pub No. 5571

TRADITIONAL BOATS AND RIGS OF THE BALTIC, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of Baltic rig.
H. Warington Smyth,   24 pages,  Pub No. 5577

TRADITIONAL BOATS AND RIGS OF NORWAY, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of Norwegian Rig including the Colin Archer.
H. Warington Smyth,   20 pages,  1 plate(s),  Pub No. 5578

TRADITIONAL BOATS AND RIGS OF HOLLAND, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of the unique Dutch rig.
H. Warington Smyth,   32 pages,  Pub No. 5579

TRADITIONAL BOATS AND RIGS OF SCOTLAND, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of Scottish Rig including the famous Zulu.
H. Warington Smyth,   36 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5580

TRADITIONAL BOATS OF THE ENGLISH EAST COAST, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of the multifarious East Coast rig.
H. Warington Smyth,   54 pages,  Pub No. 5581

TRADITIONAL BOATS OF THE ENGLISH WEST COAST, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of the multifarious West Coast rig.
H. Warington Smyth,   54 pages,  Pub No. 5582

TRADITIONAL BOATS AND RIGS OF FRANCE, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of the French rig including the famous luggers.
H. Warington Smyth,   58 pages,  Pub No. 5583

TRADITIONAL BOATS & RIGS OF THE INDIAN OCEAN, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of the multifarious Indan rig.
H. Warington Smyth,   44 pages,  Pub No. 5584

TRADITIONAL BOATS & RIGS OF THE MALAY AREA, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of the Malayan Peninsula rig.
H. Warington Smyth,   28 pages,  Pub No. 5585

TRADITIONAL BOATS AND RIGS OF CHINA, THE ... An excellent overview of the history of the rigs of China.
H. Warington Smyth,   26 pages,  Pub No. 5587

ENGLISH VOYAGES OF ADVENTURE AND DISCOVERY ... Retold from Hakluyt: The core of America.
Edwin M. Bacon,  402 pages,  Pub No. 0230

BUILDING OF THE ESSEX, THE ... The story of the building of the famous "Essex", the U.S. Privateer from Salem
Ralph D. Paine,   28 pages,  Pub No. 5625

EVOLUTION OF THE AMERICAN FISHING SCHOONER ... The American fishing schooner from the early to the late nineteenth century.
Joseph William Collins,   24 pages,  Pub No. 5664

SAILING SHIPS AT A GLANCE ... A Pictorial Record of the Evolution of The Sailing Ship from the Earliest Times Until To-Day.
Edward W. Hobbs,  113 pages,  Pub No. 0162

AMERICAN CLYDE, THE ... The 1870's Scottish Clyde, the famous ship-building area and its American, arguably more inventive, counterpart.
Harpers Magazine,   24 pages,  Pub No. 5422

FARRAGUT AND OUR NAVAL COMMANDERS ... The early life and public services of the naval commanders who brought to a close the Civil War.
J.T. Headley,  609 pages,  Pub No. 0262

STORY OF ROPE, THE ... Everybody knows what rope is, but everybody does not know how rope is made or what kinds of fibres are used.   16 pages,  Pub No. 5708

AMERICAN CAT BOATS ... An interesting overview of that uniquely American design--the Cat Boat
Edwin J. Schoettle,   24 pages,  6 plate(s),  Pub No. 5710

BUGEYE OF THE CHESAPEAKE, THE ... A brief history of the extraordinary evolution of this fascinating craft
Peter C. Chambliss,   24 pages,  Pub No. 5711

YACHTS OF THE NETHERLANDS ... Unique, beautiful and comfortable--the yachts of the low countries
Gerald Taylor White,   28 pages,  Pub No. 5712

ATLANTIC CITY CATBOATS, THE ... A brief history of that other American cat boat--The AC cat boat.
William and Bennet C Wood and McNulty,   11 pages,  Pub No. 5717

WILLIAM DAMPIER ... Russell's fine biography of the famous Pirate, Zoologist, Botanist, Adventurer, Explorer and Navigator
W. Clark Russell,  243 pages,  Pub No. 0268

Exploration & Discovery

NEW VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD, A ... The first circumnavigator, though mostly by accident and maybe a little piracy thrown in.
William Dampier,  564 pages,  Pub No. 0058

LIFE & VOYAGES OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS(2 VOLS) ... A unique history from his birth to his death together with all of his voyages.
Washington Irving,  735 pages,  Pub No. 0085

VOYAGE AROUND THE WORLD, A ... Anson's extraordinary voyage around the world. The passages of rounding the Horn and the scurvy are absolutely amazing.
George Anson Esq.,  509 pages,  Pub No. 0113

VOYAGE OF THE U.S. EXPLORING SQUADRON ... Together with Explorations and Discoveries madbe by D'Urville, Ross and other Navigators and an expedition to the Dead Sea.
Captain Charles Wilkes,  517 pages,  Pub No. 0114

VOYAGE OF THE VEGA ROUND ASIA & EUROPE, THE ... A pioneering and highly successful scientific voyage to the high latitudes in the late 1800's. Stalin's later attempt failed.
A.E. Nordenskold,  447 pages,  Pub No. 0122

AROUND THE WORLD WITH THE GREAT VOYAGERS ... A Record of the Finding of All Lands and Descriptions of the First Visits made by Europeans to the Wild Races of the World.
J.M. Buel,  544 pages,  Pub No. 0156

VOYAGES ROUND THE WORLD--CAPT JAMES COOK ... A Narrative of the Voyages with an Account of his Life During the Previous and Intervening Periods.
A. Kippis,  487 pages,  Pub No. 0169