Model Boats

BOY'S BOOK OF MODEL BOATS ... How to build a variety of model boats and even the steam engines which can power them.
Raymond F. Yates,  200 pages,  Pub No. 0060

BOY'S OWN BOOK OF BOATS, THE ... with Complete Instructions How to Make Sailing Models.
William H.G. Kingston,  334 pages,  Pub No. 0103

SHIP MODELS ... A folio of photographs of significant models.
E. Keble Chatterton,  0 pages,  77 plate(s),  Pub No. 0115

SHIP MODEL MAKING--CLIPPER-SOVEREIGN ... Detailed information on building this fabulous clipper.
E. Armitage McCann,  146 pages,  Pub No. 0129

SHIP MODEL MAKING--FRIG.-CONSTITUTION ... A detailed manual on building the most famous frigate of them all.
E. Armitage McCann,  202 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 0130

MINIATURE BOAT BUILDING ... The Construction of Working Models of Racing, Sail and Power Boats.
Albert C. Leitch,  267 pages,  1 plate(s),  Pub No. 0159

SHIP MODELER'S SCRAPBOOK, THE ... Many tips and hints for ship modelers; especially square rig.   32 pages,  Pub No. 5567

HOW TO GET "FINISH" ON SHIP MODELS ... The proper way of finshing a fine model.   8 pages,  Pub No. 5562

SHIP MODEL MAST MAKING ... Tips on how to make masts for model square riggers.   11 pages,  Pub No. 5563

SHIP MODEL BUILDING IN CARDBOARD ... How to make models of square rigged ships from common cardboard.
Ian MacDougall,   20 pages,  Pub No. 5564

POPEYE--A 36 INCH MODEL RACING SLOOP ... "Popeye" is a model racing sloop of moderate size, requiring no special skill to build.
Carry Eisinger,   8 pages,  4 plate(s),  Pub No. 5221

BUILDING MODEL BOATS ... including sailing and steam vessels
Paul N. Hasluck,  208 pages,  Pub No. 0256

MODEL HYDROPLANE SKIMS THE WATER ... Pusher prop spun by model-plane engine gives high performance. Construction is easy and fast.
Roy L. Clough, Jr.,   3 page(s),  Pub No. 7875

TAKING THE LINES FROM A MODEL ... A simple method for taking off lines should be of interest to many model builders.
Bertram S. Booth,   2 page(s),  Pub No. 7859

VAMOOSE II--A CRUISER FOR MODEL BUILDERS ... Complete design and instructions from which a smart forty-five-inch gasoline engined model cruiser can be built.
H.B. Pickering,   16 pages,  4 plate(s),  Pub No. 5411

SUBMARINE IN A BOTTLE, A ... Sure to stump your friends as to how it was done, this intriguing novelty makes a never-ending conversation piece.
Bill North,   8 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5475

BUILD THIS MODEL WALKING-BEAM ENGINE ... Actual working model requires no castings, features semi-rotary, glandless valve.
Rudy Kouhoupt,   11 pages,  1 plate(s),  Pub No. 5481

MODEL YACHT BUILDING ... An interesting historical overview of the hobby, including a rare insight into Benjamin Franklin's involvement.
Charles Z. Klauder,   12 pages,  Pub No. 5716

WHAT THE COUNTRY NEEDS: A GOOD 5C CHISEL ... You can make these lathe turning tools from cut nails and pieces of dowel.
Earl L. Pringle,   3 page(s),  Pub No. 7931

MODEL YACHTS AND BOATS ... Grosvenor's very complete and through explaination of how to design, build and sail a variety of model yachts
J. du V. Grosvenor,  261 pages,  Pub No. 0283

MODEL YOUR OWN DREAM BOAT ... Dreaming of that boat that you hope to build? This shows you how to make certain that you'll get the boat you want.
Weston Farmer,   8 pages,  2 plate(s),  Pub No. 5847

MODEL SAIL AND POWER BOATS ... A quite rare example of an excellent model boat building book.
Claude William Horst,  132 pages,  16 plate(s),  Pub No. 0301

MODEL SAILING BOATS ... One of the most complete volumes on this fascinating hobby that we have yet seen.
Edward W. Hobbs,  304 pages,  Pub No. 0315

MAKING DEADEYES AND LANYARDS... How to make model deadeys and lanyards for ship models.
,   4 page(s),  Pub No. 7944