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10' 3" Sectional Boat, A (Pub. No. 5001)

This unique sectional boat occupies little space when nested for stowing and can be easily carried by car. The boat presented here fulfills all requirements for each transportation by auto, trailer or cruiser, and when assembled is 10 feet 3 inches long, having the capacity of a large rowboat and carrying three or four passengers safely. Readily jointed in a few minutes, it is light in weight (90 pounds), stable and seaworthy, rows easily, and propels well with outboard motors up to 6 horsepower. Construction is simple and economical while a feature of this trouble-free sport craft is the use of canvas-covered plywood, which means not only sturdy lightweight construction but also permanent leakproof qualities.

12 pages, 2 plate(s)

Tiny Craft Folds into a Compact Bundle (Pub. No. 5026)

by Chester Sullivan

No outboard speedster is more versatile than this one. In a jiffy, it can be folded up into a bundle for transportation atop a car, or it can be conveniently carried under the arm. When folded the boat measures only 9 feet long and 15 inches thick. Unlike the usual collapsible craft, this unique boat employs no delicate stretched canvas covering which would be easily torn should it strike some underwater object. Instead, construction is confined entirely to plywood, with canvas serving only to render water-tight, the hinged sections of the sides and bottom.

8 pages, 3 plate(s)

Houdini--A Take-Apart Skiff (Pub. No. 5326)

by Edwin Monk, N. A.

This 111/2-ff. skiff can be taken apart and stacked to fit into a compact station wagon. Like the lady in the vaudeville act, this boat goes on living after she's sawed in half.

This boat, which is essentially a skiff, requires no jig or setup stringers. Only a small amount of material--the form used temporarily about the middle of the after section--does not become a part of the finished product. Even this can be omitted if care is taken to maintain the width dimension at this point on the hull. The photographs are of the completed boat, except for painting. The boat is not cut in half until everything else has been completed.

8 pages, 4 plate(s)

Barnacle--An 11-Ft. Rowboat or Outboard (Pub. No. 5344)

Rides in your car trunk . . . qickly assembles to form an 11 ft. rowboat or outboard.

If you're looking for a boat for fishing or camping trips on some lake or river within driving range, without having your car look like a moving van to do it, then Barnacle’s the boat for you. She’s a permanent leakproof craft that doesn’t require any car-top gear for carrying or time spent in assembling a collection of frames and canvas covering. Unlike most “portable” boats, Barnacle has only three plywood sections that nest together and stow in the trunk of your car. When you arrive at the lake, they come out in a jiffy and go together as fast and easily as hanging the screens on your back porch. And once assembled and locked, you needn’t worry about the sections coming apart in the middle of the lake, for they’ll stay together just as tight as the barnacles on a ship’s hull. After the “big ones” of the finny tribe have been caught, a few minutes’ work taking the sections apart and Barnacle is back in the trunk and you’re on your way home. A quick check of the drawings will convince you that the construction is equally simple. The only difference between this boat and a regular flatbottom one are the two pairs of bulkheads which divide her into three separate sections. However, this difference makes it possible to build Barnacle in your basement and get her out without tearing down the wall. The reason for this is that you build the boat complete and then literally saw her into three sections, each of which is leak-proof and capable of floating by itself.

9 pages, 4 plate(s)

Handy Andy--A 10' Folding Boat (Pub. No. 5524)

Outdoor sportsmen encounter numerous waterways or adverse conditions where it is impossible to use the ordinary rigid boat or where its use is restricted, making it more of a liability than a convenience on a trip. The portable folding boat is not meant to dispense completely with the rigid boat, but to supplement its uses and to offer a ready means of water transportation where conventional type boats are excluded. Weighing only 80 lbs., simple and easy to construct, easily rowed or propelled with small outboard motors from 1 to 5 hp., this portable folding boat provides a lifetime of usage, under conditions unapproachable by conventional craft. The hull may be folded or unfolded in one minute’s time. It will stow away inside any auto, airplane, house trailer, or it may be packed under the arm and carried easily.

12 pages, 2 plate(s)

How to Build a Fold Boat (Pub. No. 5700)

by George O. Bauwens

Among the more modern kinds of sports that have come to the front, the use of the so-called Fold Boat has gained unusual headway, and especially for the travel on rivers, the touring of lakes and lagoons, this special type has gained immense favor. A boat constructed along the lines given here is safe and its firm but flexible construction lets it survive where any other rigidly built boat would draw a leak or break. It is quickly assembled or taken apart, it can be stored in any automobile compartment out of sight. This type of fold boat will carry two persons and has ample place for storing camping equipment and supplies.

28 pages, 2 plate(s)

Jump'n-Jack--The Jack-Knife Trailer Boat (Pub. No. 5830)

by Berthel Madsen


Fishermen-Campers! Here is your boat and trailer combined into one easy-to-build project.

As a boat, you can use oars or outboard motor up to 51/2 hp. Simply folding it over like a knife changes it into a one-wheel trailer for carrying your fishing or camping gear. But that’s not all—-slipping the wheel into the keel makes it easy to portage the whole unit right down to the water’s edge, using the oars as handles. As a trailer, there’s 40 cu. ft. of storage for fishing and camping gear, food and clothing. Not only is this boat functional, it’s easy to build. There’s no form necessary, and you build the boat in one section, sawing it in two when complete. All in all, it’s an ideal boat to build.

11 pages, 3 plate(s)

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