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Pioneer (Pub. No. 7052)

Designed by Charles MacGregor

LOA 15 ft., 6 in., BEAM, 5 ft. 7 1/2 in., Draft 1 ft. 4 in.

The possibilities of the trailer-cruiser as a companion to the automobile in opening up more extensive cruising vistas to the man of average means will be more and more apparent as time goes on. The remarkably enthusiastic reception given to resin bonded plywood boats by the boating public in the last few years will go far toward making this possible. We can now build stronger, lighter and in many ways better boats than was possible by the old-fashioned conventional method. We have at hand new material and methods of building small boats, scorned by some old time builders but readily accepted and adopted by the more progressive and younger element of far-seeing builders. Further than this, the construction can be made so simple as to make it possible far the home builder to construct his own boat without any previous experience as a boat builder. It is possible for him to butld a small floating home, one that can be stored in a garage, hauled overland on a trailer to practically any part of the continent over our splendid system of highways; then from a chosen point launch this little cruiser and explore rivers, and-bays hitherto inaccessible. We will then have for such summer cruising the coast of Maine, the St. Lawrence River, the Thousand Islands, Georgian Bay Bay and its 30,000 islands (a cruising paradise) Muskoka Lakes, the Minnesota lakes, Mississippi River, Florida and the inland waterways route and the new huge man-made lakes formed by the dam projects in the west. It is with all this in mind that I have prepared this design. It is one that can be built by an owner-builder and that will he capable of carrying him safely on many happy and delightful cruises in unexplored territory. This boat which I have chosen to call Pioneer is built of waterproof plywood where practicable. As an open launch it is roomy, strong, yet light enough to be handled on a trailer. It will be very suitable for use as a fishing boat or for a party of about six persona for day cruising. The form is such that it can be easily and economically driven at speeds up to seven miles an hour with either a small outboard motor or one of the many air-cooled or water-cooled inboard motors now on the market at very moderate prices.

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