Outboard Powered Runabouts, Launches  

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Mackerel--A 16-Foot Family Type Outboard Runabout (Pub. No. 7050)

Designed by Charles G. MacGregor

LOA 15 ft. 8 in., BEAM 4 ft. 3 in., DEPTH 1 ft. 11 in.

This is a design of a popular type of small family runabout, using any one of the small outboard motors from about 6 hp, up to 10 hp. This little craft will carry as many as eight passengers, and if not overloaded will attain speeds up to 15    m.p.h., depending on the power used. By making slight alterations to the hull-structure a small air-cooled inboard motor can be used. Waterproof plywood is used throughout where possible and feasible. Panels can be obtained -in 16' lengths without a splice or butt, and this is recommended. However, if these panels are not readily available in your locality, do not hesitate to use shorter lengths and make a butt.

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