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Fisherman (Pub. No. 7003)

by Charles Bell

LOA 12', BEAM 5'

Fisherman was designed with one purpose in mind—fishing.

Although she has a planing type bottom, she is not intended for high-horsepower motors—10 to 15 will do nicely and some of you, undoubtedly, will use a 20. Only 12 feet in length but of good beam, she will be easy to get in and out of the water and will be comfortable to work a line in, in most sheltered lakes and rivers—no rapids, please; leave those to the professional stunt men and the boats designed for them.

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12' Skiff Specially Designed for an Outboard, A (Pub. No. 7852)

This boat is convenient and useful for rough work, or it may be used as a tender, while on account of its flat keelless bottom and almost straight run it can be easily driven by an outboard motor. It is a fine weather boat very suitable for shallow water and is light enough to be readily hauled up and down on beaches.

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Building a 13-Foot Skiff (Pub. No. 7853)

While this skiff will carry three persons easily and safely, it was primarily designed for the person who likes to go out alone and ride the waves when the ordinary has to stay in. The designer built one for himself, used it on Lake Michigan, and found it exceptionally satisfactory in every way. For her size she is extremely seaworthy, and a wonderful surf boat--she has repeatedly come in through the surf when boats twice her size would not tackle it.

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