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Rigging a Small Power Boat for Water Skiing (Pub. No. 7730)

The professional way to rig a ski boat is to install a deck pylon in the cockpit. Several kinds of pylons are available. Most have legs that mount on fittings to form a sturdy tripod. The pylon is quickly detachable and folds for stowage. So, if you use your boat as an all-purpose family craft, for picnicking and fishing as well as skiing, it makes the boat quickly convertible. The advantage of a ski pylon is that it adds stability to the boat by moving the center of effort forward to the center of the craft, keeps the tow line high and clear of the motor, and reduces sudden slack in the line when a skier is maneuvering back and forth. Here's how to do it!

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How to Build Water Skis (Pub. No. 7851)

by Hi Sibley

All steps for making the skis are shown on these two pages.

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