Ice Boats 

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75-Square Foot Ice Boat (Pub. No. 7869)

by Edson I. Schock

This small ice yacht was designed to fit the 75 square-foot racing class. While the woodwork on her is very simple, there is quite a bit of machine work to be done, and the prospective builder should be able to do this, or have facilities available to do it for him.

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Silver Bird--A Speedy Icemobile (Pub. No. 7913)

by J. Julius Fanta

Silver Bird is a speedy motor iceboat racer that will give no end of safe pleasure and thrills. Neat and compact, the craft has two cockpits with seating capacity for three, including the pilot. The body of this icemobile is stream-lined and mounted on a frame supported by four runners. Double steering runners in front increase stability and maneuverability more than a single rudder. A notable feature of Silver Bird is its unique, quick-acting brake, which is easy to operate without physical exertion. The weight of Silver Bird is about 600 pounds, depending on the engine.

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