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15-Foot Keel Knockabout--Breeze, The (Pub. No. 7054)

Designed by Charles G. MacGregor

LOA 15 ft. 8 in., BEAM 5 ft., DRAFT 2 ft. 6 in., SAIL AREA 111 sq. ft.

Here is presented the design of a plywood fin keel sloop.

This boat is intended for the more ambitious builder in plywood. She is suitable for day sailing and racing; can be easily transported by trailer, and if necessary the fin keel may be removed in a few minutes by backing out the keel bolts. The material specified is intended for salt water use, and substitutions are not recommended without competent advice. The form of the hull is such that no difficulty will be experienced in bending the "planking." The twist at the forefoot of the usual vee bottom form has been eliminated by adopting the skiff form of bow adapted to the conical stem. This conical stem not only adds to the appearance of the boat but permits a certain amount of flare and eliminates the necessity of twisting the forward end of the topside planking into a vertical plane which occurs when the ordinary stem is used. The bottom is slightly vee form. It had been suggested that an arc bottom be used similar to the Star class hull. This would be excellent but it is practical only within certain definite limitations of panel length and width. For instance a 3/8" panel 42" wide and 25' long may be given a transverse arc of 21/2" and a longitudinal arc or upsweep of about 5" at each end. Beyond this point the plywood will crimp along the edges. The arc form is therefore impractical in a boat of the size and type of Breeze. The vee bottom was adopted in preference to a flat bottom. It is a little more difficult to build but its advantages in this type of boat are well worth the extra trouble.

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