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Moth Class Racing Skimmer (Pub. No. 7792)

Designed by William F. Crosby

This simple little skimmer is about as easy a boat to build as anyone could ask for. There is all straight work in her—with no steambending, or any severe twists to the planking or any other parts. The Moth boats are not one-design boats and the majority of them are rounded, or partly rounded, bottom construction. But no hull form is specified in the rules and this easy-to-build modified vee-bottom that you see here is acceptable and far easier to construct than any other.

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Meteor Class Knockabout (Pub. No. 7793)

Designed by Charles D. Mower

This is a fast sailer originally designed as a one-design class for a well-known eastern yacht club and a good many were built. It is a vee-bottomed boat suitable for two or three when racing and the same number when just knocking around. The boat is quite stiff and fast and handles nicely. It is a little wet when slogging to windward in a chop but any small boat is, more or less

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