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Smallboat Offshore Fishing Rigs (5351)

Offshore fishing for sailfish, marlin, tuna and amberjack once limited to larger sortfishing boats are fair game for small boats specially rigged for fishing.

If you own a sixteen- to twenty-six-foot outboard skiff or cabin cruiser, she can easily be rigged as a fishing boat. Basically, your choice of gear depends on the type angling you’ll be doing--chumming; offshore or inshore trolling; bottom dunking; skirting a rock headland or mangrove shoreline and casting plugs for any game species from striped bass off Massachusetts to snook on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

12 pages

Build Your Own Bass Boat (5458)

by Hal Kelly

Half the cost. Twice the fun!

Bass fishing is here to stay. But let's face it. With the high cost of buying a ready-built boat coupled to the rigors of a questionable stock-market, the only way a lot of us can afford a really top-flight bass boat these days is to build it ourself. Which is just what we did. She's a super bass boat that is not only fast, stable, uncluttered and unsinkable, but is loaded with all the bass boat worth wantiner . . . loads of storage space, bait boxes, fish wells, rod-holders, positioning motor, fighting chairs, side-console steering, depthfinder/fishfinder, etc. You name it, this boat has it!

10 pages, 2 plate(s)

Make your own Electronic Fish Sensor & catch more (5478)

by James G. Busse

Trout by Telemetry

You can go from a frustrated bobber-watcher to a space-age fisherman in only a few evenings. That’s all the time it takes to build this project. By next weekend you’ll be able to lure the fish to your line and detect even the feeblest nibble from trout, pike, pickerel, bass or other fish you’re after. Here’s how it works: Floating on the surface of the water is the main electronic unit called a “sonobuoy.” It contains a fish lure that generates a steady high-frequency electronic signal for about 10 seconds each time the sonobuoy is rocked by wind or a wave. This signal is then piped down to a saucer-shaped underwater hydrophone, suspended directly below the sonobuoy at the end of a length of speaker wire. The hydrophone’s speaker converts the signal into high-frequency sound waves, which travel through the water for a considerable distance in all directions to attract fish. At the same time, the line from your rod and reel runs through a swivel attached to the bottom of the hydrophone by means of a small magnet. When a fish strikes, a tiny mercury switch mounted inside the hydrophone is triggered by the movement, sending a signal up to the sonobuoy on the surface. It, in turn, relays the alarm in the form of “clicks” to the fisherman located in a boat or on shore by way of a transistorized radio transmitter inside the sonobuoy. By listening to a radio receiver near you, you know exactly when a fish is taking the bait. You also hear the random 10-second signals sent out by the sonobuoy’s electronic fish lure.

8 pages, 1 plate(s)

Building Trolling Centers (5633)

(Permanent and removeable gunwale and railing mounted and deck mounted)

Here's how to build and install several different types of trolling centers, both permanent and removeable.

22 pages

Building Rod-Holders (5634)

(Deck mount and side mount)

For those whose boats are not so equipped, here are some designs for both deck and side mount rod holders.

16 pages

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