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Ice-House you can Build, An (Pub. No. 7942)

by John Ehlert

Don't build an ice house. Ice houses are what they stored ice in before refrigerators got born. Instead, build an ice fishing house—but you call it an ice house. Ice fishing is one of the hottest cold-weather sports to come along and an ice house is the place you use as a shelter to get out of the cold while you do your fishing. Not that you only fish in an ice house. Many ice houses are hardly ever fished in. Some, comfortably done-up with heaters, cots and tables, act simply as a winter retreat from the cares and woes of a man having to keep the money tree trimmed. Some are no more than plush pads for weekend-long poker parties. Others are after-work or weekend retreats where a man can get away with the wife and kids—or from them. In some areas, whole winter towns spring up on the local lake ice, with plowed roads and street signs. (It’s even rumored that friendly postmen make mail deliveries.) Judging from this kind of talk, ice houses could be the best thing to happen to winter since snowmobiles and ice boats.

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