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5 Surfboards (Pub. No. 5013)

(For Surf, Paddle or Sail)
5 SURFBOARDS: A 13'9" Hollow Surfboard, A Paddle Surfboard, an Aquaplane, A Laminated Surfboard, and A Child's Surfboard
Designed for all-round use, the streamline hollow surfboard carries two persons easily and the other 4 designs provide a variety of other options.

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Surfboard/Wakeboard (Pub. No. 5461)

by Norman Phillips

Flabbergasted by the prices I they ask for high-quality surfboards? Well, labor accounts for up to three-fourths of the cost and it’s possible to save that much by building your own. It’s also possible to make a double-purpose board that can be used to ride the ocean surf or the wake behind a boat. The only difference between a wakeboard and a surfboard is that the wakeboard requires a little more buoyancy. Wake riding usually is done in fresh water, which has somewhat less buoyancy than salt. Also, the wake behind a boat has less turbulence than even a small ocean wave and therefore provides less support. In determining the finished size, then, a double-purpose board should be one size larger than that normally recommended for ocean surfing. Board size, of course, depends on the surfer’s weight. For example,a 9-ft., 6-in, board is the accepted standard for a man weighing 160 lbs. If a man of that weight wants a double-purpose board, he should go to a 9-ft., 8-in, size. One more tip about size: remember that you will grow. A teenager who has reached his full height will continue to put on weight and someone in his 30’s will gain quite a bit by the time he reaches 40. Probably the 9-ft. 8-in. and the 10-ft. board are the two most popular sizes and will have the best resale value .

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Build this Low-Cost Aquaplane (Pub. No. 7917)

Why not an aquaplane—a trailer to hitch behind your outboard boat?

If you think there’s sport in piloting a light composition racer over rippling water ahead of a kicking 2-cylinder job, you’ll get the real thrill of your life riding an aquaplane behind it. Everyone who has ridden both boat and aquaplane invariably chooses the latter when breath-taking fun is desired. A variation of the surfboard, the aquaplane is buoyant and, therefore, can be much more easily handled at low speeds without unexpectedly depositing its rider in the water. Due to the simplicity of the craft’s construction, the outlay for materials is trivial.

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