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Containing the Designs and Plans of Twelve Cat-Rigged Yachts
(Reprinted from "The Rudeer" 1903)

(From the Preface.) "The catboat is the most extensively employed small craft upon our Eastern coast, and a popular rig among yachting men in many localities.    It is not the favorite it once was for use as a pleasure boat, owing to the advent of the knockabout and raceabout, which rigs being better adapted for racing have supplanted the cat in many places. As a one-man boat, and for the purpose of fishing and sailing parties, the cat has no rival. It is roomy, easy to handle, and having no spar or gear forward of the stem can be brought up to a pier or dock without hindrance or trouble. The best boats of this type are those turned out by rule-of-thumb men; the trained designer generally fails when he tries to produce a cat boat.This is because he fines it down; drawing in the ends, sharpening the floor, and reducing the proportion of breadth. The cat to be a success must be as nearly a box as is possible to make it and have it a boat. The breadth must be carried clear aft, so that the boat being nearly as broad across the stern as amidships will bear on the quarter when sailing. The bottom should have as little deadrise as will allow of sufficient inside depth for the needed room. The ballast should be placed inside and be well spread over the bottom. Outside ballast will injure the sailing ability of a properly designed cat."
Designs include both the classic jib-less cat, and those with bowsprits and jibs. The designs included are:
Fifteen-foot Boat
Eighteen-Foot Hilda
Nineteen-foot Varuna
Twenty-foot Kittle
Twenty-foot Scat
Twenty-one-foot Racer
Twenty-two-foot Uarda
Twenty-three-foot Swananoa
Twenty-five-foot Step Lively
Twenty-five foot boat.
Twenty-seven-foot Camilla
Twenty-eight-foot Harbinger
(All boats are nominated on the water-line length.)

72 pages

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