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by Weston Farmer

Cockybird’s hull is simple to build, orthodox in construction below the sheer. Right up to that point she’s the same as any of the present day popular runabouts. Her deck is unusually husky for a boat like this, being of 3/4 inch stuff. If any people in the world take things more for granted than kids do I haven’t run across them. There’ll be leaps from six foot docks, there’ll be oil barrels (yes, on occasion) and maybe even rocks, for the crib of the dock, hauled around on her deck. And I don’t want that deck to measure short of expectations. There has been no attempt to make a very light boat in Cockybird. She is small enough so that an added eighth of an inch here, a quarter of an inch there on her scantlings will have no measurable effect in increasing her weight or decreasing her speed. The factor, adequacy, should in every case be considered first in a boat. So her deck is heavy and her clamp, which holds the deck to the hull and drinks up the deck loads, is heavy too. The hull itself leans toward fairish lightness, with enough frames provided for what I feel is a good distribution of stresses.

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