Katusha--A Classic Inboard Cruiser/Runabout

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by Weston Farmer

Here’s another design by Weston Farmer who has turned out a most interesting little tabloid cabin cruiser complete with full size bunk, stove, sink and icebox. One of the most successful of these small boats is shown elsewhere in this book. You may also have heard of her before. Her name is "Mayfay". She is an improvement on an older boat which was designed some four or five years ago as a “pot boiler” and which, surprisingly, turned out to be one of the best boats I have ever designed. "Mayfay" ran so beautifully and performed so well that she is remarked by all hands along the waterfront where boatwise men congregate. "For a long time I have wanted to take that perfect planing little hull, enlarge it just as a tailor lets out a vest ever so little so that it is “jest right” for a little more bulk, and put midget apartment accommodations aboard her. And by golly I finally got around to it. The finished job methinks is a sweetheart. So here she is—and her name is Russian "Katusha", which means “Sweetheart” in the Czar’s tonguesky. Consider "Katusha": Her length is 19 feet, with an inch or two over. Her breadth is 6’7”. She will build in any average sized garage. Out of experience with previous tabloids I have come to the conclusion that there is no need denying the crew a real, full-sized bunk. So you’ll find "Katusha" equipped with one".

12 pages, 2 plate(s)

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