Whizzer--A Hydroglider

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by Weston Farmer

At last! Here’s the long looked for air-drive speeder which our shoal draft boat bugs have been looking for. Souped-up motorcycle conversions will furnish good speeds if weight is watched.

There are two things which remained unanswered in the general lexicon of published wisdom on things boatwise. One unanswered question is, will a converted motorcycle or auto engine drive a boat with an air prop?” The second unanswered question is “How can I get reasonable speed on a boat that will float on a morning dew?” Whizzer is the answer to all of this. She’s little, and light, and easy to build in the bargain. And inexpensive. Further, she will go reasonably fast with a light converted motorcycle engine which has enough intestines to produce 25 h. p. on a weight of around 85 lbs. About 22-23 m.p.h. And she draws as little water as is reasonable. I’d like to leave that rudder off, so that there would be nothing on the bottom but paint, but I can’t perpetrate anything on the public that won’t work, so I’m telling you that air rudders are lousy-—a bane on the stern end, if you get what I mean. Not only are they affected by every cross wind that blows, but they haven’t any turning power at low speeds. On airplanes they are 0. K. as there is enough wind to make them effective. On a boat to do the same work they have to be as big as a barn. So water rudder we have, with its effectiveness and draft.

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