Tar Baby--A Midget Dinghy

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by Walter E. Stewart

Here’s a V-bottom dinghy which you can build in two weeks’ spare time. Seven feet long, she can seat four people and can be used as a sailboat, rowboat, or with an outboard motor. She’s simple to build and no special tools are required.

You can build this fine little V-bottom dinghy in two weeks’ spare time, at home, with a few ordinary tools, and at a cost about one-fourth that which would be charged by a professional builder. "Tar Baby" is first of all seaworthy and safe, she will keep you dry in choppy waters, she rows easily, sails like a witch, and will step along with an outboard motor. She is a lap-strake, V-bottom design seven feet long, and 42 inches beam. She will seat and carry three people comfortably, and four can be crowded in with safety. All frames are straight pieces, require no bending, and the planking can all be bent by hand without steaming. An amateur with average knowledge of tools can build her from the accompanying plans, and when finished she will have all the earmarks of a professional job. "Tar Baby" is normally a yacht or motorboat tender, and in this service will do as well, and look as good as a great many stock boats costing four or five times as much. But she is more than a tender, the addition of a centerboard and sail converts her into a fast and able sailing dinghy which will more than hold her own in the increasingly popular dinghy races.

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