Bouncer--A Fish Class Sailboat

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by Warren H. Miller

This is an improved version of the famous Annisquam "Fish” Class Marconi rigged catboat. Mr. Miller built his boat as pictured here, making even his own sail. All of this fine adventure in boatbuilding is here told with that fine frankness which characterizes the old salt from ‘way Down East in Massachusetts. The popular Fish class racing cat was built by a sole yard, Montgomery of Riverdale, Mass. About three hundred of them have been put out so far (1933), fast, light, seaworthy. The rig is Marconi, a twenty-five-foot mast. It is a picturesque little yard, a construction shed or two on a tiny salt creek flowing into Annisquam River, and maybe a dozen of the dainty little cats, being rigged and finished for shipment, in a row by the launching stage. Mr. Montgomery himself designed the lines of the original "Fish", another case of a native genius like Archie Fenton of Gloucester memory. He has had imitators. But nothing turned out could compete in a race with the true "Fish". As I wanted a boat that would be able in short, choppy seas on lakes and sounds of different behavior than the ocean seas around Annisquam, I took slight liberties with the Fish class forefoot. The true stem has a radius of not less than three feet and sweeps up in a long curve that gives finer entrance lines but less lift forward against short, steep seas. As may be noted by the drawings herewith, a two-foot radius was chosen for the stem, the lines being otherwise about those of the true "Fish."

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