Sea Mate--A Rugged Sea-worthy Skiff

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by William D. Jackson, Naval Architect

The design for this rugged seaworthy boat was taken from proven sea skiffs used by fishermen for generations. It has been brought up to date so that the backyard boat builder can use newer materials and still retain the durability and seaworthiness of original designs. "Sea Mate" was built with a plywood bottom and lapped plank sides; however, plywood may be used for the sides or board and batten construction may be used for the sides and bottom. This wide choice of building materials will enable you to make a faithful reproduction of this little boat with the materials at hand regardless of what part of the world you live in. It is powered with a Trollabout inboard marine engine. This small air-cooled engine utilizes the same efficient method of propulsion as ocean liners—namely, a 2 to 1 reduction gear that permits the engine to turn at higher efficient speeds while propeller speed is reduced by one-half. Integral gear box has lever controlled setting for forward, neutral and reverse.

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