Cat's Paw

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by David M. Swartout

White, sails, two hulls, and cat-quick speed with this 12-ft. catamaran sailer

Old-time, dyed-in-the-wool sailors sometimes look askance at sailing catamarans because of their unorthodox design. But these same sailors are usually looking ahead at them in a race because of the cats’ speed. For their length, catamarans can carry extra large sails aloft due to the wide, stable platform of the two hulls. More sail area to pick up the wind means more push, and any horsepower jockey knows that more push means more speed. But for the individual who just likes to spread white sails against blue water and isn’t worried about winning races, "Cat’s Paw" has other advantages. She’s easy to build because of the straight-sided hulls. The sheer line is flat and that simplifies building the form. Bow and stern are straight, so there’s no cockeyed bevel to fit and fuss with. "Cat’s Paw" is an ideal boat to learn or practice sailing in, because she will forgive so many mistakes. Operators of boys’ camps should consider building a fleet of these catamarans to add sailing to their water activities program. Boys will get a feeling of speed, learn the rudiments of sailing without worrying about capsizing if a gust of wind hits them at the wrong angle or if they mishandle her in a stiff breeze.

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