Rapid Robert

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by Thomas B. Riley

"Rapid Robert" is a type known as a MacKenzie River boat, designed for those wild rivers with fast, rough currents. It is a raked, smooth-bottomed, sturdy rowboat, able to twist and turn on a dime, with a high, buoyant stern that will shoot through rapids which would sink the best of other craft. In fact, you are safer in rapids with "Rapid Robert" than you are in a canoe. This boat also performs satisfactorily as an ordinary rowboat, and, for cruising on more gentle waters, a removable section of the high transom may be slipped out to attach a 1 to 9 hp. outboard motor. You need no forms or molds for this boat. Planking and frames are simply cut, beveled, and assembled, thus giving the correct shape and form. Construction is of waterproof marine plywood; the 14 ft. length sheet is correct for this hull. No nails are used anywhere and all screws should have lead holes drilled before fastening.

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