Build a Surf-Sail-Ice Boat

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by C. T. Allen

Without a doubt you can have a whale of a lot of fun with this little craft, using it as a sailboat, paddleboard, sunbathing raft, aquaplane and, yes, even as an Iceboat, The fact is, my family and I had so much fun with it on the lake last summer that we hated to lay it up for the winter. So that’s why I developed the extra iceboat frame structure shown, which turns this craft into an all-year-around fun boat. "Surf-Sail", as she is called, handles like any sailboat. It tacks nicely, comes about readily and points well into the wind. Of course, she’s no luxury cruiser, so either wear a pair of bathing trunks or expect to get your pants wet when you use it on the lake in the summertime. You’ll find that "Surf-Sail" is easy to build (it took me only 30 hours) and even with the iceboat frame and runners added, it should cost comparatively little, even if you add the iceboat conversion. The conversion unit will be a good investment, however, if you live in a northern clime.

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